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Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 9
April 18, 2011

Human Design transmission

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Truth Be Told

Dear friend,

The moon was full yesterday at 19:46 MT, or 02:46 GMT this morning. So beautiful to wake up to that very large orb hanging in the southwest sky. The Sun in Aries means the moon is full in Libra, in this case in gate 50, while the Sun in gate 3 is the subject for the next I Ching Wednesday morning teleseminar.

Mercury is still retrograding, as it has been all month, turning direct April 23 in the gate 21, which means for me, it's a natal return to my retrograde Mercury in the 21. This is an interesting moment for me when I give up the assumption that I am supposed to be faithful to my obligations which I have been for many years.

At this juncture, I cannot offset the greed that plagues many businesses around the world. I can't keep up, though until February of this year, I managed with a resourcefulness that impressed everyone. I never worried about myself, as I felt that I was given a mandate to start over again with the revelation and rescue it from the ill-conceived, one-way; the only way bias that is the dominant form of Human Design on the planet.

I knew it didn't work after five full-time devotional years, and like others who realized the truth that it was just a great con job, there was almost nothing to be accomplished by having this understanding, so while I was this lone voice in the wilderness, I completely trusted that it was essential that I complete this job.

For years, I promised Chaitanyo reward for his stellar graphic work to complete the course manual, and then when I managed to record the 42 screencasts that comprise the Course in Human Design 2.1 and had some students, it still didn't support me or in any way create an income stream that supported anyone else either.

Now is the moment of reckoning. My very cool house with 320° views of the horizon, mountains framing the vista, lets go of me. There's no money for mortgage payments, so while I agree with the theory that this death pledge I shall pay, and the property tax, gee, sorry. I can't.

Zeno's house in Taos.

At an earlier point in my life, this would have been an incredibly stressful, guilt-ridden emotional roller coaster, but not now. I cannot control how people perceive me or my work. It's not up to me, and so here's a waiting game. I'm not a To Do person. This is simply a condition that millions of people around the world are facing. Why take it personally?

I don't default with intention to harm. I do my best and am honest. How can I possibly begrudge the failure of my business? It is what it is. What is truly spectacular is seeing the enormous love and support I get from my friends. It is such a blessing to be seen by them. So generous and caring that I have the help needed to get by.

Someone read a message I sent out that I will stop my Human Design business by the end of 2012. She asked do I really mean it? Truth be told, I hope I can finish what I now try to do, but I don't know what the future holds.

I hope I get the I Ching of Human Design together. That's the last piece of the structural framework anyone needs to integrate design. But here's a bit more of my story.

I can only type a few hours before my left hand doesn't articulate well enough. My body is failing and while I think it's important to stay open to healing, I also don't know what the future will bring. I have three autoimmune disorders that have sort of stabilized with diet, exercise and supplements, but I still walk with the security and help from a walker.

My brain is aided by neurofeedback, so thank god I can maybe learn enough to manage doing the free teleseminars. My mother died of early onset alzheimers, and while I imagine myself upright and dancing into my eighties, I no longer count on my ability to determine my outcome.

The goal in my life is enlightenment and the goal of my work is to help people understand their resistance to what life brings is the error.

I still have a few pieces left to accomplish.



Earliest Bird Special on June class

The upcoming live class, Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness  June 25-27 is the ideal class for starting out on your own journey into the revelation that Human Design is. It took me an extremely long time to get to the starting point of learning design. It was presented in such a convoluted manner and while the shortcuts were good for a while, realizing what got hidden by starting in the middle with results took me another few years to clean that up.

This class is what anyone who ever wants to teach design should offer and therefore, this is the class to take if you want to teach. Please understand that I will not keep teaching this workshop until there is an audience for it, but will teach it one last time and make the e-book that accompanies this three-day workshop available for those who would like to offer the workshop thereafter.

To answer another question, will I make a recording available thereafter? And yes, this is a key piece to understand, so I will figure out how to make the recording available.
This class will be held in my lovely abode, so I can enjoy this house while the opportunity still exists. Lunch will be served, and your registration fee also includes NM tax. (The shopping cart decides who should be taxed by where one lives, but the state of NM says you have to pay tax by where you buy goods. It's impossible to tell the software this.)

Regular Price $599. Here is the earliest bird special, through end of April, 12 days left. $399


Free Teleseminar Series

Since a few months, I've been trying to figure out how I can just give away the basic knowledge, put it out in a way to balance out the ego-driven one-view of design. I thought people would just love to take the I Ching class, and I hope more people decide to sign up and ask me questions. Only $1 for the first month!

In the meantime, I will continue my Saturday morning teleseminars on any subject that comes up over the week. The service has a very cool replay feature, so if you're interested in the subject On Waiting, here's the replay link to the subject.The Human Design System Synthesis Index

Sign up on the home page. This makes it easier for me to notify you by autoresponder and you will always have the replay link too. It's my solution for being able to answer your questions. I have been learning many technologies to provide the best possible interface to communicate with you. Though I wear down in the physical, the simplest is for me to talk on the phone and record. For the people who sign up this weekend only, I will send you Definition Type and Modes, a $49 value, absolutely free!

And here's something truly great: Chaitanyo gave me the pdf of the12-page Human Design Synthesis Index. Find it here on my blog, for free.


Donation Prices - you decide

I have priced things, always experimenting with a variation based on value, what my time is worth, what value I offer. I've been taking internet marketing classes for two years now, while my business is not growing. So the ol' "it's not up to me" adage comes to mind, and I now am open to accepting whatever it is that you would like to pay for my services. Just use for a Paypal payment and then let me know what it's for!

Love and peaceful days to you.
© 2011 Zeno

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