Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 10
May 6, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Clarification on Truth be Told
- Free Webinar - Revelation Story Part 2
- May Special Sale on Course in Human Design 2.1
- Early Bird Price for Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness
- Weekly I Ching seminars

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Clarification on Truth be Told

The response from the last transmission was so beautiful, especially the concern about healing the body and mortgage solutions. Thank you!

It did make me feel that I misrepresented myself somewhat, however, so I want to take a moment to say, my life has been wonderful. I used that easy lending to finance the decade it took me to complete the work of the Course (on sale this month!). I moved debts around, keeping the wheels turning, leveraging myself with open eyes. I lived very comfortably in fact, and that was such a great joke for me. I would sometimes have the best laughs for how comfortably one can live in poverty so luxuriously. It was hilarious to me sometimes.

I always recognized the risk I was taking and knew that I may not come out of this entire financial meltdown scott free, but also, I had such a certainty that I had to do the work; I was the only one who could do it that I was pretty relaxed about leveraging myself to the max. That said, I also always thought it would work; that when the Course and its manual were complete, they would sell and all would be well. Or that the house would sell. Or that some land would sell. I never took this money thing overly seriously. It's so obvious that it is a complete game that I could play, which I did. It was entertaining at the least!

It's still not clear how this will all turn out. Now I shift gears and begin exploring very creative solutions, so the play has at least one more act before the final curtain, and I don't know how it's going to play out.

As for my health, the thing that seems the most troubling for people in being concerned for me is a picture of suffering. Chaitanyo quoted someone to me yesterday that pain is inevitable, but suffering is not. Buddha is teaching that the path of meditation can end the life of suffering. I don't have pain, I guess the path of meditation and being a disciple of Osho gives me a head start, since the entire breakdown of the body for me was that I got to really learn about the centers of the body graph and most especially, the undefined Sacral center. It just grew and grew in illumination as I began to recognize how I had pushed myself since ever, and then, the body just said "no, this doesn't work."

So my life is very comfortable, the ease of waiting is relaxing. Instead of feeling I have to do everything, I get to appreciate help from others. It is so very loving how my friends help me. I would suppose the biggest thing one has to let go of is to accept that one is not independent but rather, dependent….. that's pretty counter to our culture.

As Ram Dass said after he "was stroked," it's just the tip of the boomers iceberg and hopefully it's not a titanic crash for us, that we see why we need to meditate and to be grateful about our lives, no matter what the body limitations might be. Someone complimented me a few days ago about my noble attitude. I dismiss this, though maybe I should credit my years on the path, but really, I think if this were your lesson, it wouldn't take you too long to realize that you're not dead. Life is the gift. We should not miss it.



Free Webinar - Revelation Story Part 2

The Saturday free webinar series will continue today, May 7th, 11 am MT using the charts of Prince William and his bride, Kate, to show how the true Human Design, absent all that ego-interpretation nonsense, is completely contained in the revelation which cannot be owned or copyrighted.

Join me tomorrow! May 7th, 11 am MT

If you have Skype, use joinconference and the 9dot keypad icon to type in the event ID. That allows you to be on the phone to ask any questions you might have. Otherwise, just click the link  above. You can always submit questions on the webcast.
In case you missed it, here's the link to Part 1.


May Special Sale on Course in Human Design 2.1THe Course in Human Design 2.1

The price is lowered for this flagship course that will teach you how to use Human Design for your spiritual awakening. More than 20 hours of recorded lectures takes you deep into the mystery school of Zen Human Design.

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Early Bird Price for Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness

In Person Workshop with Zeno in Beautiful Taos, New Mexico
Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness

June 25, 26, 27, from 10am to 5pm

Zeno is offering an in person workshop of three full days with the perfect class for newcomers and for those who want to teach newcomers. Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness helps you build a solid foundation for reading charts. Included with the training are the beautiful and clear journal pages for your own journey of discovery with Zen Human Design (value $30).

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend three days with Zeno and learn directly from her 17 years of intense study. This personal time with Zeno will deepen your self knowledge and get you on your way harmonizing your relationships. You will be on your way to becoming aware of responsibility for the energy in your own chart and to deepening your path of truth.

Please call Zeno at (575) 758–2909 with your questions or send her an email.

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Weekly I Ching seminars

The Human Design System synthesizes four esoteric studies that include the ancient wisdom teaching of the I Ching. Human Design uses the I Ching as the interpretative basis. Astrological degrees and minutes get indexed into hexagrams (and lines) and the planetary positions then activate locations within the body graph. Hexagrams (gates) within the nine centers of the body graph show the planetary activations. These positions determine gate, channel and center definitions.hexagram 5

Understanding how to read the I Ching and then how to synthesize the I Ching interpretation into your Human Design understanding is an advanced application of what the Human Design chart reveals.

Each hexagram (called gates when within the body graph) is connected to a center, a channel and a harmonic gate that requires synthesizing. It is a study that takes you into the depth of the chart and allows you to integrate the path of virtue into the guidance you receive through the chart.

This class follows the Course in Human Design 2.1 Lesson 3 on gates.
Uses the Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth by Hua-Ching Ni and Brian Brown-Walker's I Ching or Book of Changes.
The class  consists of weekly calls (Wednesday mornings, 11:00 am MT) in which Zeno will present a lesson on two hexagrams. The previously recorded hexagrams are available as replays.

Subscription  just $49/month.
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