Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 11
May 21, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Sun enters Gemini
- Free Teleseminars with Zeno for all your Human Design questions
- More on Waiting
- Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness - Webcast!!
- Professional Certification Program Special
- The I Ching of Human Design

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Sun enters Gemini

The weatherman talks of winter storms passing through New Mexico and it's a strange sight to see the snow falling on all the freshly budding trees! Everywhere is strange weather. Global climate change as a result of humankind's addiction to burning coal and oil? Maybe it has something to do with the shifting of the poles. Shirley Maclaine attributes this to the magnetic pull of the Winter Solstice 2012 alignment with the Galactic Center, a reasonable theory in that 29° Sagittarius is right at the densest part of the Milky Way.

Snow in May in Taos.

It's certainly a very exciting time and dance we're in. We are smart to get where we want to be and connected with the important people in our lives. It feels like assuming that there's plenty of time to get around our lives is the past; that there's no time to waste. Be grateful for the life, body, family, friends, work that is your own personal Now.

The Sun enters Gemini just at the end of its transit through hexagram 8, Fellowship, in the last 7'30" of line 6. Line 6 challenges us to stay connected with the Sage (Brian Walker). It leads to the first line in hexagram 20, Contemplation, or point of view. One thing about studying the lines as they unfold is that you can recognize the ebb and flow of good moments followed by bumps. It is our navigating the rough patches by remaining quiet rather than reactive that is truly useful for the practice of meditation. Join me in exploring the lines of the I Ching (see below).


Free Teleseminars with Zeno for all your Human Design questions

Saturday mornings, at 11 am MT, I schedule free teleseminars. I like the instant teleseminar format in that allows an easy way to present powerpoint lessons that replay automatically in case you miss the live class. You can submit your questions, including about charts. If you have a Zen Human Design chart and want me to use it as an example, let me know that I should upload it. (That part is a bit funky that seminar software won't accept pdfs.) This Saturday, May 21st, the topic is Examples Using Zen Human Design charts for Lessons 1 & 2.

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More on Waiting

One of the most beneficial aspects of having a design to Wait is that it is also Permission Not to Have to Do.


Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness - Webcast!!

The class in person is now cancelled. Much easier to get to a webcast for both of us! This class is very important, so I will now offer it as webcasts conducted over two weekends, June 25 and 26, 11-2 MT, then July 23 and 24, 11-2.

This class is a journaling, hands-on guided journey into the nine centers to identify for yourself how conditioning works in your life.

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Professional Certification Program Special

What a joy to provide this program for devoted students of Zen Human Design and to see what huge strides they can make! It takes awhile before you understand that you can really change the energy through your awareness of your own center definitions and more importantly, you can learn new responses instead habitual responses in those undefined centers.

I am so thrilled with how much progress the people in this program are making!
For the rest of May, I will once again offer a half-price special for just six students. So if you always wanted to offer intelligent and effective Human Design, now's the time to learn how to do it! Book before the spaces are gone!
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The I Ching of Human Designhexagram 5

This is a very satisfying class for me to offer on Wednesday mornings at 11 am MT. The next class will be hexagrams 11 and 12 (all previous hexagram recordings are available). If you feel inspired to share Human Design with others, this class teaches you how to read and comprehend the lines and hexagrams.
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