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Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 12
June 15, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Lunar Eclipse
- Summer Solstice
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Lunar Eclipse

Today's big news is that the full moon at 20:16 GMT, 14:16 Mountain Daylight Time, conjuncts the Galactic Center in gate 11, heralding the upcoming much anticipated Winter Solstice 2012.

You'd have to be bedridden probably not to notice the sense of immediacy and speeding up that just seems to intensify day by day.

Lunar Eclipse, March 3, 2007

From Lynda Hill's newsletter: (she's always fun)

June's Sagittarius full Moon is a total lunar eclipse. Occurring on June 15 in the United States and June 16 in Australia, this is a relatively rare central eclipse, with the total eclipse lasting a long duration of around 100 minutes.

The full duration of totality is visible from south west Africa, Madagascar, the Middle East, central Asia, India, Sri Lanka, eastern China, Bangladesh, western Myanmar, western Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, western Indonesia, Antarctica, and western edge of western Australia. More information can be found here.

For Australian readers, you may want to watch this YouTube video which describes what times you can catch the eclipse, depending on where you are. People in Western Australia are going to have the best viewing. Of course, we need clear skies in order to see it at all, and, for the east coast, we have rain forecast for the rest of the week, and in order to see the eclipse, you'd have to be up very early in the morning.

It's instructive and interesting that this eclipse falls over the Middle East, with so much uprising going on there, especially as this eclipse is very much about freedom; freedom to do and be who one wants to be.


Summer Solstice

The last of lower trigram Earth finishes its transit with hexagram 12 that is followed by a new lower trigram group Mountain. Its first hexagram is 15, Modesty. I did a class on this and now give you the link to check out what the I Ching of Human Design class is.


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