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Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 13
July 28, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Archive Recordings of Ra’s Original Human Design Classes
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- Health and Hydration
- Report of Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness class (CCC)

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Archive Recordings of Ra’s Original Human Design Classes

Many of you know that Chaitanyo and I were Ra Uru Hu’s representatives in America through the 1990s, responsible for making the Human Design System known and creating the Human Design School.

What may not be so well known is an agreement we had with Ra that from 1993 to 2000 he would present his entire knowledge of the Human Design System in classes that would be recorded by Chaitanyo and then made available to the public.Archive Reccordings of Ra's Original Classes

When the recordings were done after seven years, Ra moved on to new agents. We sold the collection with a contractual clause that it needed to be published within the next seven years or the rights would revert to Chaitanyo. Nothing was ever published and by 2009 the rights reverted.

With Ra’s death in March of this year, we re-examined the commitment we made and after long consideration decided to make the entire archive finally available to the public for purchase on CDs. That's 33 different titles on a total of 359 CDs.

Though we’re not particularly fond of Ra’s interpretation of Human Design, it is how we learned Human Design. Also, we were able to follow early on and up-close how he gradually departed from the original revelation to ultimately drown the original underneath a heap of keywords and interpretations that in our observation simply had less to do with Human Design, but more with Ra’s particular character and worldview.

Yet it is the original archive. These recordings were recorded at a time when the revelation was considerably closer than it was in later years and thus represent the least convoluted version of Human Design ever offered by Ra. If you listen to the entire series, you’ll notice how Ra departs gradually ever further from the original as the years pass, adding terms like types and authority and strategy and more later on that were not part of the early classes. For people interested in the history, as well as for Ra’s devotees and fans, this archive is a treasure trove. The collection also includes the three recordings Ra insisted may only be published after his death, such as the often requested Gray Course, the Six Mystical Ways and a story about the Uru Ra offered privately to us one evening in 1997 in our home.

Check out the collection here:

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Astrology News

I very much appreciate Anne Beversdorf's fun and clear newsletter on all subjects "astro." Here is her latest with a great segment on "influence" that is just brilliant!

And don't forget to read the August is Heating Up! Timely!

Facebook Fan Page

I posted a pretty fun Casey Anthony story in the discussion area on my Facebook fan page, so check out the fan page and Like It.


Health and Hydration

After drinking Kangen water for two years, I am ready to begin sharing this valuable upgrade on our drinking water habit. My friend, Annata Black, just finished a short intro into the basic principle behind hydrating well and with alkaline water. I posted this on my website to share it with you.

As I gradually shift gears out of Human Design as my sole (soul) means of support, I will share the vast wealth of tools for optimizing health I've collected, beginning with the Enagic Kangen water generator that I love.  This is a great 12 minute intro.


Report of Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness class (CCC)

It was very gratifying to have the participation of some very dedicated students, one of whom is in the Professional Certificate Program and who touched and amazed me when he shared that he is completing ISAR's competency program (CAP - Certified Professional Astrologer) that is the program on which I modeled HDP's certification.

I think Hal Bahr (chart) is a great candidate for bringing my work to a larger audience, designed for it really.

I've asked him to host calls with me. When we talked following the last day of class, his insights and experience with client interaction encouraged me to want to use our chart reading example and to follow up with discussing how to start. When you're interested in joining a class on reading skills, tune in Saturday, 11 am MDT here:

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