Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 14
August 1, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Sale through August!
- The Course in Human Design 2.1
- Professional Certification Program
- Manual
- 2012 Ephemeris
- I Ching for Human Design

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Sale through August!

The Sun is in gate 33, time of retreat, and Mercury stationed grinding to the reversal of its motion (appearance of), going retrograde for most of August (until August 27). So, here's just a short email to say, the Course is on sale, including a multi-pay option, the Professional Certification program is now half off, and the gorgeous Course manual is also at a special price!


The Course in Human Design 2.1

This Course takes you into the revelation mechanics in an easy and structured manner that allows you to build a solid framework that will give you your own direct knowledge of how Human Design charts work. This is a comprehensive course that takes you from your first steps of being a beginner to providing you with an excellent presentation of the synthesis elements, enabling you to go into any one of them in depth.

My study took me into a profound exploration of most especially the I Ching (I give a weekly class on this subject). Your study might take you into the mysticism of the Kabbalah or the anatomy of the chakras. Or you might be someone who practices non-violent communication. Any field that looks to improve human interaction is benefited by the study and practice of Zen Human Design.

Sale Price 30% off, now only $489 or 4 easy monthly payments of $129. Click here.

Professional Certification Program

This program is designed for people who want to work with charts. I have room for three more students. Now at half price through August 31. Payment plan also available at half price!

Are you ready for the one on one personal coaching intensive to begin with your own chart and the childhood conditioning?

Candidates for this program must have a solid foundation.
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This manual represents my magnum opus. It is a beautiful full color presentation of my work. I price it at $99 because it is truly an enormous reference and study for all Human Designers. In keeping with the August sale, I've created a coupon for you to get $20 off! Coupon code AUGUST.


2012 Ephemeris

The 2012 ephemeris is ready to publish, though for 2011, I was overly optimistic and ordered too many. You can still get as many of the 2011 ephemerides as you want (just pay shipping). That coupon code is happy2011.

I am interested to know if you will want the 2012, and will simply take orders through August for the next year, and print only for those that are ordered.

I Ching for Human Design

The Human Design System synthesizes four esoteric studies that include the ancient wisdom teaching of the I Ching. Human Design uses the I Ching as the interpretative basis. Astrological degrees and minutes are indexed into hexagrams (and lines) and the planetary positions then activate locations within the body graph. Hexagrams (gates) within the nine centers of the body graph show the planetary activations. These positions determine gate, channel and center definitions.

Understanding how to read the I Ching and then how to synthesize the I Ching interpretation into your Human Design understanding is an advanced application of what the Human Design charts reveals.

Each hexagram (called gates when within the body graph) is connected to a center, a channel and a harmonic gate that requires synthesizing. It is a study that takes you into the depth of the chart and allows you to integrate the path of virtue into the guidance you receive through the chart.

This class follows the Course in Human Design 2.1 Lesson 3 on gates.
Uses the Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth by Hua-Ching Ni.
The class will consist of weekly calls in which Zeno will prepare a lesson on one to two hexagrams a week.

Subscription just $49/month.
Sign up now!

The library of recordings for the past four months will be available to anyone who signs up now for this weekly exploration into integrating your I Ching study into its application in Human Design.

Wednesday's class will be a special double two-hour class and complete the Leo hexagrams, resuming with Virgo hexagrams thereafter.

Don't miss out on the special double class this Wedneady, August 3rd. Sign up now!

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