Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 15
August 29, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Why You Should Take the Course in Human Design 2.1
- Professional Certification Program Half Price Sale Ends Soon!

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Why You Should Take the Course in Human Design 2.1

To recognize the value of Human Design on your path of healing your relationships, get clarity of your own life dynamics, to understand your peers and family and to gain perspective into the built-in differences in people, Zen Human Design is the only truly effective use of Human Design in the market. I stand behind this training and make myself available for your questions and with chart assistance. Just two more days, until August 31st, it's 30% off! A great deal. Don't miss this. Click here to get it right now:

Now 30% off through August 31… Just $489! What a Bargain!

Add to CartThe Course in Human Design 2.1

11 lessons. One for each of the 10 chapters from the Course 2.1 and chapter 0, the Revelation Story. This is a definitive, comprehensive training that teaches you the four elements of the synthesis as a deep way to penetrate into how Human Design actually works, enabling you to understand exceptions to the rules and an ongoing expansion of the principles. Exciting and compelling!

In this training, you build your own knowledge base so that you speak with authenticity and will be able to help anyone see the path that was written in the birth imprint.

These lessons are high quality recorded screencasts using the newly revised version of the fully illustrated course manual to accompany the course. This is a jewel of a reference, containing all the Revelation mechanics as the chart. You will be able to penetrate the essence of anyone’s chart to perceive the underlying foundation of the life mechanic.

Now 30% off through August 31… Just $489! What a Bargain!

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Payment Plan option – Just through August
$129 down, then just 3 monthly payments of $129

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Optional: Course Manual (the training uses the course manual pages in the screencasts, but the book is a very nice addition)

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Professional Certification Program Half Price Sale Ends Soon!

Zen Human Design offers a 12-month certification program designed and customized just for you. Zen Human Design is an original and direct interpretation of the revelation itself; the only authentic Human Design in the market. Zen Human Design liberates students and practitioners to enter directly into the knowledge and recognizes the essential requirement of starting with yourself—your own chart and life. The Certificate program is based on The Course in Human Design 2.1. Your study will start with an extensive exploration of your own chart and your chart study set of up to six significant conditioning people in your life. Based on a comprehensive interview, we will identify the key lessons in your own life.Zeno

Every month, you will have a 60-minute personal call with me, Zeno, the creator of Zen Human Design. Prior to our monthly time together, I will determine specific lessons for you to explore and prepare your answers that will establish your solid understanding of the mechanic. Included with each call is a personal mp3 of the session.

In our year-long coaching program, we will review Course lessons and apply them specifically to you, address any questions about charts, and discuss your family conditioning. You will practice transforming residual disturbances about any center in your chart. We will identify relationship issues to give you individualized lessons on how to experiment energetically altering the dynamic through observation of any dysfunctional triggers in your own most important relationships. We will discuss basic counseling skills and practice with actual charts. You’ll get protocols to experiment making changes in the conditioning field and meditation techniques. I will encourage a correct use of terminology. In addition, you can look forward to unlimited email support from me for our year together and help for chart reviews as needed.

This Certification Program in Zen Human Design offers my 18 of years of intense study. This is a training that works. You will learn how to effectively communicate using clear, simple language to introduce someone to the Zen Human Design chart. You will have my personal attention and guidance as you develop your own practice of witnessing and breathing in uncomfortable conditioning situations to have a solid, personal grasp on how conditioning, habits and charts actually work. This will teach you how to effectively help others do the same.

All the lessons in the Course in Human Design 2.1 will be reviewed using your own chart set. Each month we will confirm your solid grasp of the revelation mechanics of Human Design as presented in the Course. Being client-centered is the only true way to learn how the charts and conditioning work. This style of Human Design practice is relaxing and fulfilling, a tool that truly helps people to become more conscious.

Zen Human Design is original Human Design, an interpretation that encourages client participation that will increase your experiential self-knowledge and develop the inner confidence that comes from knowing what you’re talking about. By the end of this program, you will be well on your way to harmonizing all your relationships and to understand the deeper meaning that world harmony begins with each of us. We create our worlds, and being conscious of responsibility for the energy in our own charts is our contribution that makes the world a better, more loving place. At the end of this program, you will receive a certificate verifying your satisfactory completion.

Professional Certification Program
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Half Price: $2249. Thru August 31st

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Questions? Give me a call at 575 758-2909!

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