Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 16
October 25, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Scorpio New Moon
- Gates and Channels - Ongoing Weekly Class
- New Class on Centers
- 2012 Ephemeris
- Free Consultation Offer
- On Body Privacy and Intimate subjects

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Scorpio New Moon

One thing Taos is famous for is the glorious light, spectacular sunrises and sunsets plus just a great light show of planets and stars once the full moon fades to an old waning crescent that only shows up in the wee hours of the morning like now. No exception during this almost new moon in October as the trees turn yellow to rust and brown, then fall, leaving the structure of the tree bare of cover.

It is raining today to encourage the leaves to fall.  I have a magnificent weeping crabapple that has little red apples suitable as winter forage for birds that is in its last days or color. Now I can see the western horizon through the tree from the kitchen window as it releases the last of its leaves.

Jupiter rises at sunset now. It's in Taurus and the old moon is about to start its cycle yet again as the Moon enters Scorpio and joins the Sun in gate 28, line 2 at 19:58 GMT (-6 for MDT).

Scorpio is associated with sex and hidden things, like death, debt and loss. I've also been informed that there is another end of the Mayan calendar October 28, that you should stay alert to and watch.

As many of you know, I'm a fan of Eric Francis. Here's an excerpt from his email of this morning:

We take for granted that our emotional bonds with others are going to include control and jealousy (especially where sex is concerned). More than viewing this as something appropriate or useful, we tend to simply expect or even stoke these emotions, which so far as I can tell are responsible for more human misery than the next 10 factors combined. Of course, if we worked through this stuff, that would eliminate the themes of most movies, songs, artwork and poetry. Whatever would humanity do with its precious few drops of time on the planet? What would we do with our newfound freedom? That is the question that emotional drama prevents us from asking.

This year's bountiful farm share winter squash


Gates and Channels - Ongoing Weekly Class

Your study of the Human Design System ideally starts with a solid understanding of the Body Graph, Definition Type and Mode (Lesson 1) and then proceeds optimally by having a few months of observing centers and conditioning (Lesson 2).

Thereafter, it might be time to start looking at the specifics for how definition happens. Learning the location of the 64 gates can happen organically just by learning a few of the key ones in your own chart or other significant charts.

This weekly hour spent on observing the hexagrams as sequenced on the wheel gives you an invaluable means to slowly integrate gates and channels into your own observation.

This class starts on November 9th with gate 1 in mid-Scorpio and the yang half of the wheel.

Uses the Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth by Hua-Ching Ni.
The class will consist of weekly calls in which Zeno will prepare a lesson on one to two hexagrams a week.

Subscription. just $49/month.

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New Class on Centers

Once you've been bitten by the Human Design bug, you're a likely candidate for taking classes to delve deeper into this magnificent system.

The starting point is Definition Type and Mode (Lesson 1 -- it is included when you sign up). Lesson 2 (Centers) takes you into the most direct meaning that comes from the experiential knowledge of how centers and conditioning work.

Join me as I review each center in detail, how conditioning might feel and what it means if the center is defined. Take the opportunity to go into yourself on a journey of self-reflection and observation to come to authentic knowledge of how you know yourself and your own energies displayed in the body graph.

$99 (includes E-book and Lesson 1 -- Perfect for Newcomers)
Saturday, December 10, 2011, 1 pm Mountain Time (12 PT, 3 ET, 2 CT, 7pm GMT)

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2012 Ephemeris2012 Pocket Ephemeris

If you think you're really dedicated to your Human Design study, this handy pocket ephemeris is something you need! It keeps you informed as to the planetary transits and how the planets are conditioning us. Looking up the planets is just far easier in a booklet and all-at-a-glance than in any computer program.

It's now published and available for you to buy! Since 2011 is just about done, the 2011 ephemeris is just half off! Buy both 2012 and 2011 and get the How To Use the Pocket Ephemeris Free!!

Free Consultation Offer

If you want to share Human Design, there is absolutely no better way to reach someone else than when you are speaking from your own knowledge and experience. Students of Zen Human Design have shown a remarkable ability to read a Human Design chart themselves after only very brief education.

Our education program ranges from your first steps to potential mastery.

- Free Consultation Offer - Act now - Limited Number

Are you interested in finding out what Zen Human Design can offer you? Do you want to consider including Zen Human Design into your professional life? Or instead, is it time to finally heal your most important relationships?

With this free consultation, we will explore how I can help you access the answers that are written into your chart.

Contact me with an email that includes your birth information, a question and the best times for an appointment.

"I have been struggling to make peace with my son's father for almost a decade with little progress.  I've tried forgiveness exercises, affirmations and visualizations, writing angry letters then burning them and nothing created any sustainable change.  I wanted to restore our former friendship and create a supportive co-parenting relationship, but no matter how much I meditated, almost every phone call would degrade into an angry yelling match.  In my session with Zeno, I felt sadness and so much compassion for him.  I realized how much my own anger and resentment had prevented me from hearing what he was trying to say. For the first time in years, we had a great conversation and I felt the former warmth of our initial friendship. Thank you Zeno!  Your words and insights healed 10 years of anger and resentment and I feel so light and free." Ije Ude


On Body Privacy and Intimate subjects

This text was deleted in the interest of not offending anyone. It is a call for replacing your dependence on toilet paper with a more ecological solution. It is also more on gate 18 and other body acceptance themes.

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