Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 18
December 18, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Almost Gone! The Last 2001-2020 Ephemeris
- Celebrating Solstice with Free Readings and Classes
- 2012 Pocket Ephemeris
- New for 2012

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Almost Gone! The Last 2001-2020 Ephemeris

This past week, I filled an order for the second-to-last 20 year ephemeris for our current decade and thought, Smart Order. It inspired me to write this newsletter!

If you're someone who always wanted this professional reference, time is at hand. Buy now! These were custom-printed by Chaitanyo, so there's NO guarantee that they'll ever be reprinted. The other volumes do each have a few copies, so don't miss!

Celebrating Solstice with Free Readings and Classes

This year for Solstice, I will be giving a free class on the Solstice activations. We'll look at gate 10 and its special relation to the three gates on its matrix (15, 25, 46) and the three harmonic gates and centers it can connect with it. Join me this Wednesday at 11 am MT for an engrossing hour looking at this annual pattern of the Sun.

EVENT: Winter Solstice 2011
DATE & TIME: Wednesday, December 21st at 11:00am Mountain
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)

Here is my Solstice Gift for anyone who signs up on December 21, a free 60 minute reading (value $249)! Wow, don't miss this one-day chance! So if you want to sign up for a free reading, put the 60 minute reading in your cart and then use SolsticeGift in the coupon code field.


2012 Pocket Ephemeris2012 Pocket Ephemeris

Here's my view: Unless you know how to use an ephemeris, you don't really know Human Design. They're going fast this year, so don't wait too long. I ordered less than half of my usual order, so there are not too many left!
Only $12 + shipping.

The upcoming year is full of meaning and portends. Here is an offering I like and maybe you do too (sent to me by Hal Bahr):

From Christopher Emmer:
"Just in time for the Christmas and the New Year, I am happy to present the 2012 Calendar for Mystical Alignment. This calendar is designed to assist you in tuning into the galactic energies streaming to Earth. Use it as a guide into the innermost sanctuary of yourself. It allows for easy alignment with the templates of the so called "Mayan Calendar", which predate the Mayan culture and is more expansive than a calendar if used properly. It can help you move into divine timing and beyond time, the breath of consciousness itself and the accelerated evolutionary processes leading us toward the year 2013."


New for 2012

The Professional Certification Program has room for another two or three qualified students. If you want to solidify your understanding of the body graph, this one-on-one customized approach has proved to be very effective.

In answer to a question I got from Chef Jem, the Year 2 will be divided into individual modules and open to all students.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming notices on 2012's new classes that will begin on Chinese New Year's Year of the Dragon (my year).

I will offer a free weekly class open to everyone followed by a question and answer class as my weekly subscription class.

See if you qualify for the Zen Human Design Professional Certification Program. I will be offering exciting one-day discount coupons for this class in January.

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