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Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 19
December 29, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- The Year Ahead
- Zen Human Design Can Help You Reach Your Goals in 2012
- The Coaching Model
- Now available again: The Tao Oracle
- New Weekly Classes
- Antonia's Father, Hitler and the 39-55
- Be Prepared With The 2012 Pocket Ephemeris

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The Year Ahead

I am a big fan of looking at astrological newsletters as a gentle means for keeping my finger on the pulse of all things planetary. The advent of 2012 brings loads of predictions. The YouTube link below is a fun one that starts by saying 2012 is not the end of the world!

While speaking with a few people whose charts I've read, my recent ephemeris study of their charts leads me to a very different forecast specific to Human Design.Neptune by Voyager 2 in 1989

I still think the Uranus, Pluto, Saturn hard aspects are very influential, but what strikes me with a pressing evolutionary sense is Neptune's transit through the Solar Plexus and most especially its entrance into gate 55.

Have you got the 39?

Here is a very fun video sent to me by Uriel Light about 2012.
Enjoy in this time of Joyousness!


Zen Human Design Can Help You Reach Your Goals in 2012

As you make your New Year’s resolutions, add a resolution to make 2012 a year of success by using Human Design to achieve your goals. 

Your unique chart contains clues to guide you in making the changes you want in your life. This is the perfect time to use Human Design as you set your focus for the New Year. 

I’m offering special sessions during January called Resolutions Solutions for just $499.  Send me your most important resolution or mantra for the coming year, and we’ll schedule three 45-minute phone appointments that will focus on how your personality traits and center conditioning can be relied on to achieve the success you deserve. 

Experts say that the most successful New Year’s resolutions are those where a person regularly practices a new behavior to achieve an important goal.  We can also schedule regular sessions to help you use your knowledge of Human Design to stay focused on your goals.

What could be a more important resolution than to make your life better and more fulfilling?

3 x 45 minutes
Now, just $499 good through January 21,2012 (with mp3 downloads) 

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The Coaching Model

Here is a traditional assessment tool useful for all of us to get a snapshot of where we are at this moment and where there is room for improvement. For 2012, I will use this evaluation to help focus our understanding of how centers work in your chart.

Don't hesitate to let me know your insights. This is new for me and I think to applying Human Design in a coaching model.

Thanks to my coach, Shanti, for sending this pdf.

Now available again: The Tao OracleTao Oracle

This beautiful deck of hexagram images with Padma's very useable and readable text is now available again, just $24 plus shipping.

Truly a treasure that natually allows you a meditative perspective. One of my favorites.

64 cards and 1 book, 320 pages, $24


Tao Oracle cards


New Weekly Classes

I am continuing the series on gates through early Pisces and gates 64 and 63. Then I will proceed with the 36 channels. If you missed the free webinar for Winter Solstice and want a good idea what these classes are, here's the replay link:

To listen to the replay, click this link:

Also in the blog, I offer a class on the 39-55 because of Antonia's question. What question can I answer for you? I will resume my free classes in the Chinese New Year to answer any questions on any level of study. How's Saturday at 11 MT for you? Let me know!

Chinese New Year, year of the Water Dragon, begins on January 23, 2012.

Sign up here for the free teleseminar to stay informed!


Antonia's Father, Hitler and the 39-55

This was a very special correspondence with Antonia Sachtleben and so important to discuss that I gave a class on the channel 39-55. I also felt so good that I finally could really understand it that I gave myself the go-ahead that when I finish the gates part, I finally feel clear that I can speak meaningfully about the channels.
It's kind of backwards, but all there, so scroll down.

See the five part blog on this discussion and join me for the Gates and Channels class. Only $49/month!



This email from Chef Jem truly touched me. This is a guy on a budget, so he is not in my pro program, yet he is unusually attentive and gets very subtle points.

I comment here because the concept he mentions, "embracing the shadow" is one of the greatest discoveries you can make when you understand it is your own resistance that's the issue.

Dear Zeno!

Just listened to the first half of this webinar and wanted to send you my gratitude for not only the access to the replay but for the priceless content! I made special note of what you shared regarding "application" and the opportunity to "embrace the shadow", coming into the integration of the Tao and thereby adding to one's overall understanding of Human Design / their own Design! That is a true bulls-eye and perfect example for me and my intention to share HD with others!

I am now fully inspired to take up the I Ching and allow that to be my "interpretive base of wisdom".

… Chef Jem

Osho Zen Tarot


Be Prepared With the 2012 Pocket Ephemeris2012 Pocket Ephemeris

If you want to use your chart intelligently and optimally, there is simply no replacement for understanding how to use the ephemeris.

The pocket ephemeris keeps you on track with the pattern and allows you to revisit "days gone by" when you finally see how any given day or month affects you. If it is the Sun's transit, realize this is an annual pattern.

This issue's giveaway with your order of the 2012 Ephemeris

A free 2011 Ephemeris plus the screencast lesson How to use the Pocket Ephemeris. Yeah! A value of $25.

When you order the 2012 ephemeris, add to the cart the lesson found here at the bottom of the page:

Then, when checking out, use the coupon  HappyNewYear. It will credit you back the price. You can also use this coupon code if you've already bought the ephemeris!

2012 Pocket Ephemeris January

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