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Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 1
January 9, 2012

Human Design transmission



- The Spirit of Giving
- The bells of meditation
- On what the Professional requirements ought to be
- The Healing Oils



The Spirit of Giving

Though the season has passed, when I heard a magical story of 8-year old Marlen's thrill and fantastic appreciation for Santa Claus that her mother helped keep alive with imagination, it reminded me of the story sent me as an email of being an official Santa's helper.

In this time of transformation and evolution, the story of a different 8-year old from a half a century ago made me feel a deep appreciation for a grandmother's wisdom and the spirit of giving. I posted this story in my blog. May it touch you too.


The bells of meditation

My friend, Rupa, sent me this link and the only good descriptor is Beautiful. Well, there might be other good words, like touching or inspiring or awesome. It's good for your soul and worth the 8 minutes.

On what the Professional requirements ought to be

The Professional training I offered for the first time last year was such a joy for me to be in the company of the many students who noticeably appreciated Zen Human Design, who recognized the limitations of the current dominate approach and expressed gratitude for my work and dedication to arrive at a form of Human Design that works.

That class, the Professional Certification Program, is designed to assure that there is a solid understanding of Human Design and to start with Lesson 1, Definition Types and Modes. In the common parlance, this essential first piece has been eclipsed in favor of shortcuts, justified because it works to give a person just their Type. It works sort of, but what you don't realize is what is being lost.

My approach to the Professional training then has been to assure that the student understands how to read the body graph as the starting point. Confirming a solid understanding of the mechanics of the revelation was my goal. If I certify someone, it means they can definitely interpret the body graph.

If you're interested in this program for calendar year 2012, I have room to take on a few more students and I would be happy to work with you. If you need some kind of scholarship or payment plan, ask me. Find out more here:

Now I want to complete this education by adding some other modules, like Ethics, Counseling Skills, Coaching, Parenting Basics and feel like this concept of what it means to be certified as a responsible practitioner is a question bigger than just me.

Therefore, I am hosting a forum to address this question and have invited several very talented people to show up and discuss this. If you would like to tune in, please send me an email to let me know and I'll forward you the link. It doesn't matter what your training has been. If you are working professionally with Human Design, it would be fantastic to have you there.

This will be next Saturday, January 14th at 1pm MT, 8pm GMT.
Maybe see you there!

The Healing Oils

Sometimes it happens that something strikes me with a certainty that this is mine to do. Case in point, Human Design. Now as it is one full nodal cycle since I met Human Design, and I feel the change is upon me, I want to shift into other parts of my nature.

I was an early ecologist, recycler, made household cleaners using various oils since the seventies but didn't have too much drive to specialize in that education until I met doTerra's incredible certified pure therapeutic grade quality. Fantastic!  Now as I approach my 60th birthday, my hair is long and I like the image of the wise healer. I reawaken my old hippie roots and now want to learn this ancient art of using these oils for healing with 21st century knowledge. (The do-Terra book is just wonderful!) In the woo-woo part of my inner life, I know myself as an ancient seer. Working with oils is part of the healing and mystical path that for me connects with the Tarot.

I use Osho Zen Tarot cards now. This is part of my evolving project to synthesize Tarot with HD channels.

When I came back from my San Francisco visit last August, after two days was fully infected  by some flu or bug. When I spoke with Juliana Coles about this, she sent me an oil called On Guard plus the greatest cough drops EVER.

Well, long story short, I'm in love and you might be too. I am so ready now to learn how these oils work. The potency is amazing and since I don't breathe very deeply, it's great to just inhale! Wow, Wonderful! If you're interested in finding out more, I'll send you a little intro pack.

This is brand new, and I haven't got the shop ready, so contact me to order these new products:
- Cough drops: $14.50 plus postage
- Osho Zen Tarot cards: $27 plus shipping

>> Here is Oil Tip 1 (for the insomniacs): Rub lavender oil on the bottom of your feet at bedtime.

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