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Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 3
February 7, 2012

Human Design transmission



- First Graduate of Professional Certification Program
- Special Class this Wednesday: I Ching Basics
- Discontinuing the free Teleseminars
- Neptune in Pisces; entering gate 55
- Super Bowl Halftime



First Graduate of Professional Certification Program

It is with tremendous joy and satisfaction to certify the first of the Professional Certification Program participants, sally Foster of Buffalo Creek, Colorado. I would like to share with you why I felt she successfully completed this one year program.

Sally Foster's certificate

As many of you know, my work with Human Design evolved out of the realization that Ra's training we developed under his guidance did not work. People couldn't read the body graph and had no way of seeing exceptions to the rule. This was so disappointing to me and confessing this realization to Ra essentially paved the way for an even weirder approach that simply became a litany of a very problem-centric/problem-solved by means of learning your type, strategy, authority etc.

While that horse was full steam ahead in the market, I, and others who shared my sympathies created a not-for-profit called HDP, the acronym for the Association of Human Design Practitioners with a board that agreed it should create a certification standard.

When one very smart, creative Norwegian member asked whether he would qualify to be HDP certified even though he uses the Rave I Ching, I faced my own hypocrisy that though HDP was independent, and each person must find his or her own way, there was no way that I could agree that the use of the Rave I Ching was certifiable. So with that and other issues, the board agreed to disband the organization.

After a few years, I realized that the need in the market, indeed, in the world, was still there. Realizing I could only speak for myself, I created this program that meant if someone could demonstrate to me a solid, non-dogmatic education and could identify the key elements of the mechanic itself, I could certify that they know something useful.

Ra used to say "It's all in the picture. Look at the body graph." But of course everyone was mesmerized by channel names, gate keynotes and planets fixing lines and could  say some phrase or another, borrowed directly from a Ra class, but without any true understanding as to the stresses in the life. Ra also told how we were lucky; that when he started, there were no lines or channel names; that all one had to do was read out of the book (he wrote).

So at that juncture of my ex-communication (which would take me years to fully comprehend), I started over as I would have done with Ra, but instead, on my own without him.

My first goal was to answer to myself could I improve my own, very dysfunctional relationship with Chaitanyo. Could Human Design be used to make the world a better place? Could it be used to bring consciousness into a more evolved state? The road to find my way until I eliminated the last of Ra's work took a decade, after which, I offered the Certification program that involved one-on-one chart sessions for a year.
I am a stickler that you have to start with Lesson 1, Definition Types and the two modes, doing and waiting. From this, you can go on with the centers and Lesson 2. It's actually very hard for advanced students not to go on with specific details like planets or lines, but rather to stay with sharing just the picture.

Sally was no exception. She loves the I Ching. Month by month, I would remind her not to start with the detail but to get a solid understanding of how the centers interacted. The breakthrough came when she met some clients but didn't have her I Ching so she couldn't start with any details but only the picture. It was so powerful and meaningful that it was her door in.

When we discussed what her exam would be, I suggested what she had told me was hard, to speak meaningfully with her sister. Her report was just outstanding. She used Lesson 1 to address the chart to wait being conditioned the whole life to do. She also communicated effectively how the sister conditioned her husband and how she judged others based on what she herself found easy but was a shortfall in him. This was Lesson 2.

It was a thrill for me to validate my theory that the first session should impart a solid grasp of Lesson 1 and 2 and conditioning.

So thank you, Sally, for being a great first graduate!

Special Class this Wednesday: I Ching Basics

A special introduction to the fundamental structure of the I Ching. This is one of my favorite classes to give! You will learn the core development of this important symbolic language.

A short class, given live February 8, 2012 or listen to the replay! Just $19!


Discontinuing the free Teleseminars

You can send me your questions along with your birth info and I can answer you directly as a video for my library.


Neptune in Pisces; entering gate 55

From Astrologer Brenda Black (

"Neptune will stay in Pisces through 2026.  Astrologer Michele Finey wrote an article on Neptune in the December/January 2012 issue of The Mountain Astrologer. She says, “Trying to encapsulate, in words, the essence of Neptune in Pisces is like trying to siphon a vast ocean one glass at a time.” The themes of this energy can be easily accessed more with images and music than actual words.

Neptune as an outer planet, consists mostly of helium, hydrogen, ammonia and methane and has no solid surface. The fastest winds in the solar system are found here, measured at twice the speed of sound. Neptune has 13 moons and spends this same number of years in each sign of the zodiac. It orbits the Sun at a distance of around four light hours and completes its orbit in about 165 years.

Quoting Michele Finey, “As Neptune dives into the oceanic sign of Pisces, it challenges us with the paradoxes of maintaining our individuality while being part of the collective and facing serious issues that threaten our future while we yearn to escape. When we are immersed in the waters of Neptune and Pisces, we can quickly become swamped and lose our individuality.”  All of us in the next 13-14 years will be conscious and involved with global environmental issues with this energy. Along with Pluto in Capricorn, who tears down structures, Neptune in Pisces will dissolve
them.  I feel we will need to stay as grounded in reality as possible but also tend to our spiritual growth and like the fish, swim in the direction where the “flow” seems to be going."


For Human Designers, I feel that to note Neptune's transit into 55, today, February 7, from the last minutes of hexagram 30 line 6 when it entered Pisces is a call out to the world to evolve emotionally; to bring awareness into the Solar Plexus and to finally collectively identify energy from awareness.

It is a huge mandate on those of us who are emotionally defined to recognize the influence we carry in our individual worlds. This is the call to heal the planetary disturbance that we can do one person at a time.

If you are not emotionally defined but have the 39, here is the opportunity to watch yourself as you feel tossed around and sacrificed on the altar of love.

Super Bowl Halftime

The first time I ever watched the Super Bowl. Well, you gotta see it once! Very amazing how spiritual many segments were. Here is Madonna with one song from her half time show. Unfortunately this is not from that stellar performance, but it does play the music:

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Christine Sherwood wrote a beautiful book of poetry releasing the impact of cancer and its treatment. You can see an excerpt of her work here and at her own website.

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