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Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 4
February 25, 2012

Human Design transmission



- Course Sale Thru Leap Year Day!
- Stunning weather map on our rising temperatures
- Neptune considered
- Whitney Houston: the life and death
- 2012 Pocket Ephemeris - Free Shipping!
- On Politics
- A Link to Oprah's lifeclass
- doTerra oil samples



Course Sale Thru Leap Year Day!The Course in Human Design 2.1

Though who knows what will really happen, I feel ever-more strongly that this is my last year of teaching. I also feel that coaching students is the most effective means of confirming a solid working knowledge of the mechanics.

I have been giving free readings to people because I want to find those students who want to study with me. It's also why I put the Course in Human Design 2.1 on sale through February 29.

As a special incentive, anyone who signs up now will get three 60-minute coaching calls too, a $672 value. This almost pays for the class! A special price just through this month!

Sale $797!

If you are interested in working with people together with their Human Design charts, this class is for you! Don't miss this special opportunity!


Stunning weather map on our rising temperatures


Neptune consideredNeptune

Recently, I read an astrology newsletter I found timely and inspiring (see below) in this Water Dragon year. It reminded me of a text I read in Liz Green's seminal book Neptune and the Quest for Redemption.  As a Jungian, she tells rich mythological stories that put the gods and the mystical within our perception.

Early in the book, she writes of Neptune in its early days as a female goddess, Leviathan, and this consuming Kali-like deity brings the image if the Water Dragon to mind. The text from Mahala Gayle continues this theme:

more information about the Dragon and how it fits into our history …. Anyway, we have a very interesting and exciting year ahead of us. As long as we think with our hearts we will be able to weather the many changes that will happen this year. And don’t forget that we are in the year of magic and miracles. So Be It!
I love all of you! ***** Mahala Gayle *****

And then this article speaks of Liz Greene's book too


Whitney Houston: the life and deathWhitney Houston

What a gorgeous voice she had and what a sad end to be swallowed by drugs and her bathtub. One thing this reminds me of is my recent class in which I suggested that the 27-50 transit was giving the sense to act impulsively and make bad decisions from deluding oneself because of feeling good (see her death chart defining her Spleen with indulgent lines).

She was known for colossal insecurity about her looks and popularity, so we can all use this lesson in an approach with undefined Spleen, Heart, Solar Plexus and Root.

Here is a long astrology class using her chart:

Momentous transits  

I always think the charts for that moment of the exit are worth looking at, though I wouldn't say that I know what it means. I just find it of value to look at what I see.

May she rest in peace.

2012 Pocket Ephemeris - Free Shipping!2012 Pocket Ephemeris

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On Politics

Bill Moyers' guest, Bruce Bartlett, architect of the Reagan tax policy, unexpectedly engaged me long enough to hear this book title: Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy 

As a dyed-in-the-wool blue gal, I never think Republicans are tuned in, but this guy must be one of the most thoughtful commentators on the issue of tax I've ever heard, (I like Robert Reich too.)


A Link to Oprah's lifeclass


doTerra oil samples

Please let me know if you would like me to send you a sample of Breathe or Balance or On-Guard. I love them!

doTerra oils

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