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Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 5
March 11, 2012

Human Design transmission



- Spring almost Here
- Coaching in 2012
- DoTerra samples



Spring almost Here

Daylight savings time is! Watching the Moon grow and then wane reminds me of how fast this is all going.

Moonset in Taos, NM, by Chaitanyo


Coaching in 2012

In this past week, one of my Professional students asked to drop out of the commitment she'd made to a year-long program. It's natural to need time to integrate. Digest. It is a joy to teach such a smart and conscientious student and I feel complimented that she now knows enough to learn on her own. She worked with me for just a half of a year. This effectively corrected the detour of Types.

She wrote "I don't want to study the I Ching or planets. I'm now solid with just Lesson 1 and 2" (paraphrased). This is a great accomplishment. After a few years of studying various other teachers who promote Types as the only Human Design, she still didn't get design. She found me and I took her back to the first two lessons.

Maybe she doesn't realize but I do that the five private lessons were enough to correct her deep misunderstandings created by starting with Types. Now and forever more, the system will teach her. She will continue to learn directly from people and their charts. The earlier distortion of skipping the first two lessons has been corrected.

This is actually fast for someone to realize the ongoing lesson that one has once they return to the beginning. This is how you really begin unfolding in the ongoing lesson of learning how to behave: not acting out of rejecting conditioning, rather, the moral imperative to take responsibility for one's own actions and learn to see the nature of conditioning in yourself as it reflects back to you.

Here's the link to Lesson 1 & 2 for you to go down this road too!

Special! 6 free charts!

I will continue to offer this 2012 coaching special of monthly coaching calls for just $199/month. I am glad to take you as a student when you are willing to enter into your own self-examination. We'll use parents, siblings, current partner or spouse data to see the primary family influence and slant that you came into this life having. This offer is only good through this year.


doTerra Deep Blue
DoTerra samples

I had an amazing experience last night. After listening to a talk about Deep Blue, an analgesic oil blend, I tried it out on my stiff-from-sitting knee. Wow! Upon waking, my leg worked much better and the stiffness was completely gone!

Here is the link to this video:

I am happy to send you a sample of the oil and the rub (even if you've received others). Just send me a message.

© 2012 Zeno

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