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Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 7
May 6, 2012

Human Design transmission



- Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness Class Starting June 2
- Get Your Questions Answered, Free
- Oil Sample of the Month



Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness

Through the observation of how people learn and the experience of teaching, I am convinced that the only means by which you will get a solid grasp of Human Design is by knowing how centers feel and are experienced in yourself by conditioning. Central to an understanding of yourself comes from a deep grounding into the mechanics of centers being defined and undefined.

Are you new to Human Design or does your current approach leave you mystified and stuck in someone else's view? If you are ready to explore this wondrous and effective approach to really dig down and identify the areas in your life that disturb or thrill you, recognizing how the mechanics of Human Design will give you a life-long adventure in celebrating your life and who you came here to be.

Starting June 2, a new 10 week class will provide the ground of your study of you, your chart and those people in your life. This teleseminar format will be quite interactive. The structure of the class is that each center will be the topic for one lesson. Lecture is approximately 40 minutes, then a 10 minute break that gives you time to submit questions for the following answer segment. You can also call in and ask your questions directly and participate in discussions.

We will follow the structure of the included ebook to develop an understanding of centers and channels. Each week, we will build from the previous week's center to end up with a holistic and integrated body graph, where the magic and ongoing unfolding takes place. The ebook journal aids you in keeping track of your own progress and will assist you to email your questions which will start our next week's discussion.

When you have completed this series of teleseminars, you will have a solid background to examine and look at any chart.

Save $100 through May 8 (while the Sun is in gate 2): only $299 (afterwards $399).

Book Now to get an early start with the ebook. More info and sign-up here:

Get Your Questions Answered, Free

For the next three Saturdays -- May 12, May 19 and May 26 -- I will offer free q & a teleclasses that will also be recorded for later replay. These classes will be at 11 MT and are your opportunity to ask anything you want. If you want me to use your chart, please send the question along with the birth info at least by Friday noon.

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doTerra Citrus Bliss
Oil Sample of the Month: Citrus Bliss

Invigorating Blend while calming and centering

You can dilute a few drops in water to clean countertops for a nice, clean fragrance. Put a few drops on a cotton ball to diffuse in the air. Beer coasters work well too.

I spend hours just breathing in the smell of this month's sample oil, Citrus Bliss. Aroma Therapy is about the aroma, after all. I feel as though I am tuning into this ancient medicine.

If you would like a sample of this invigorating and fragrant blend, contact me. I don't mind if you've already requested samples in the past. You can still ask for this sample. I love these oils and hope you do too!

About Citrus Bliss on doTerrra's website.
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