Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 8
May 28, 2012

Human Design transmission



- The Foundation Class: Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness
- Spring into action with the Nodes
- doTERRA Oil Sample for the Month



The Foundation Class:
Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness

Several years ago I had a fight with a friend who argued that the class we designed that started with the "Types" didn't work.

It was going to take me a while to agree with this premise and then another while to wean myself off that starting point, but once I began exploring what it meant, I was shocked to realize how the "types" limit understanding and keep Human Design at just the surface and the superficial.

I know there are people who are happy to accept generalizations that seem true at first but unfortunately hide way too much of the underlying mechanism so they have no idea what else is visible in a Human Design chart. But I remain committed to helping you to build a solid foundation on which to grow your understanding. That foundation is my Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness class. It is so potent a class that I see people who took it being able to read Human Design charts with more accuracy and impact than others who studied the "Jovian" line for years.

Starting next Saturday, June 2, you can participate in this class comfortably from home when I present it live and online in interactive 90-minute sessions over ten consecutive Saturdays.

You might live in a time zone where 11 MDT is inconvenient. Don't worry. You can ask your questions at any time during the week for them to be answered in the following class.

In preparation for the Centers workshop, I prepared a pre-class called The Imprint, the Gestalt of the Body Graph. I am so pleased with this that I'm giving it away for free! This $29 value is available only until Friday, June 1, so take advantage now!

It is with my greatest devotion to the world that I offer this much-needed course-correction in how we can learn and use the remarkable and powerful Human Design System. Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness class is for everyone who has ever wanted to take class with me. After so many years of looking for a solution to help people get the experiential part, I am very glad to make this class available to you. Scholarships are available. Just ask!

Book now to get started with The Imprint and the included Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness ebook! More info


2012 Pocket Ephemeris
Spring into action with the Nodes

The Nodes are now activating the 34 and 20, one of three channels formed by an opposition and one of four Action channels, bringing Sacral energy to the surface for everyone. If you have a design to wait, maybe you can take advantage of this season, but note that the lines are retrograding!

Watch the rest of the year with Zen Human Design's handy Pocket Ephemeris for 2012. An easy-to-use reference that keeps you informed.

Now half price while supplies last.
$6 + shipping. Shop here.

doTERRA Oil Sample for the Month

These magical oils continue to inspire me enormously. I just got eucalyptus which is fun to breathe in through the nose to the brain and getting what Aroma Therapy actually means!
The "therapy" part is in the breathing!!! Oh my god, how obvious!

This time, I will send you a sample of Eucalyptus when you send me a request. Its properties include
Openness of breathing, dispels melancholy, revives the spirit, and enhances a positive outlook.

From doTERRA: Eucalyptus Radiata:  Analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-catarrhal, anti-infectious,  anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antiviral, decongestant and expectorant. 

Great for acne recovery, endometriosis, flu, hay fever, sinusitis and vaginitis; can prevent asthma attacks and stimulates the regeneration of lung tissue.

The germicidal action of Eucalyptus Oil extends to the genitor-urinary system, where it is indicated for cystitis and leucorrhoea.  Its value in such conditions is enhanced by its ability to clear the dampness or congestive terrain where unfriendly microbes (bacterial and viral) love to multiply and grow unhealthy conditions.  Eucalyptus clears out sticky areas so that regular oxygenation can go on and healthy cell reproduction is enhanced.

Boosts the immune system by providing ongoing clearing of many bacteria that cause compromise. 

Write me for a sample.

© 2012 Zeno

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