Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 9
June 29, 2012

Human Design transmission

- Update
- One day sale for Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness
- Call to action
- Heat rising and the old stories



Dear friends,Zeno, June 2012

This is a short message about what's significant for me these days. I scheduled a "mobility assessment" to see about getting a wheelchair… yes, I know that sounds bad, but at this point, it looks easier to me than my walker.

First, after a very hopeful course with colloidal silver, I still can't walk and now I begin with vitamin therapy that is my latest and greatest. I have Usana multis that I've begun again and do feel better with it.

I am now convinced that the bowels have to work well, especially after four weeks into the silver, all things stopped. A very unwholesome environment for detoxing!

Bettina is giving me distant Reiki, Karin has sent the Rife machine, Shanti is funding acupuncture, daughter Divo supports the expense of therapies, Sheryl continues to encourage the Ayurvedic approach to food and takes me to exercise, Gael and Daniel provide fantastic local produce, Chaitanyo does my shopping and is on call for everything, so as you must see from this extensive list, there are many friends who support my healing mission. It's obvious to me as I get weaker, one can't just give up. There's no way but through. That's the only exit. Well, death is another and I do feel gratified that death is an ultimate relaxation from the effort of mortality, but it's a bit early yet!


One day sale for Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness

Ends tomorrow, June 30.

I just created this sale price for someone and so offer it to you!

I love this class and am very certain, more so every day, that until you know your own mechanism of centers defined and undefined, you will be a little (or more) lost.

Right now, we are at the half way mark. The previous lessons are recorded and available for you to catch up. There's just a wonderful group of participating people. Hal Bahr is co-hosting.

Take advantage now to get all your questions answered!
$100 a month for 3 months, $99 off the full price.

Book now, don't miss.


Call to action

This call to Awakening and Action from Eric Francis is long but wow, what a great read!

Heat rising and the old stories

It's going so fast!

We need to love our friends and families. Chaitanyo and I talked about the early predictions we heard from Ra that starting in the 2020's, we will see the beginnings of a massive population decrease. I just want to add, Who Knows? Yet here in this rising heat, terrible environmental catastrophic and irresponsible activities, we have ourselves to take into the picture: Here we are in the Summer of 2012 with record heat as never before experienced by humans. Below map from US government agencies shows the expected temperatures for this coming weekend. (For those not familiar with Fahrenheit, lots of the US currently has heat around 40 degrees Celsius and parts of the Carolinas will see temperatures close to 50 degrees this weekend!)

June 2012 heat wave US

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