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Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 10
July 27, 2012

Human Design transmission

- Leo Sun
- Dark Knight Massacre
- Blogging Update
- Human Design Revealed
- Website Update


Leo Sun

Just before the Sun entered Leo on July 22, the moon was new in cusp gate 56 on Thursday, July 19 at 12:26 MT in Colorado.

The transits that have been influencing us include Mercury retrograde, stationing in gate 33 (Retreat), soon going direct on August 8; the long Pluto transit (now retrograde) in gate 58 that briefly formed a channel with Mars square to it in gate 18 through Friday, the 21st, very significant for the event discussion (see chart below).

Now Mars forms a channel with Jupiter transiting gate 16 (Spleen 48 - Throat 16). Pluto has been influential to many people as it forms a square to Uranus in Aries Ajna gate 17.

The planet heats up; there is political turmoil in the Middle East and here in the US. Time to wake up!

Dark Knight Massacre

How can anyone not feel compassion for the victims, their families and the movie-goers who undoubtedly were traumatized by this unthinkable event?

Aurora massacre transit

Aurora massacre transit

James Holmes individual chart

James Holmes chart

Aurora massacre transit composite with Holmes

Transit composite chart


Yet here we are looking at this perpetrator's chart, and how can you overlook his dire loneliness and maladjusted nature without thinking "Pity no one opened his posted journal to hear his call for help." Reports indicate that he was a sex addict, paying prostitutes, having no friends he spoke with. I think it's worth noting that he wasn't seen or heard and though the victims' families don't want his name used or go down in infamy, of course that's inevitable.

The chart gives a little more advanced study of the planets as the channel forming a definition of his Sun in 26.5 involves Pluto conjunct Mars, a very volatile combo for violence. There is a Jupiter in the Heart center gate 51 in definition with the North Node in 25. If he lives long enough, perhaps he will come to realize those victims were innocent (name of gate 25).

But what we all should see has to be the 34-20 making him and everyone a doer. The transit of Venus to 35 undoubtedly played a role as well, as it brought his unconscious Earth 36, emotional instability, into action.

I have a theory that the design Earth represents a motivation for being alive, and in a way, I'm sure that he fulfilled his screaming out in pain to say "no one loves me and I want you all to die." I also think that we should take a moment to acknowledge the guardian angel on duty for the downstairs neighbor who did not open the booby-trapped door to the apartment. It could have been much worse!

This guy took on the archetype of the Joker. What tarot card is this? The Tower? If you have an opinion on the Tarot and Human Design, join the current discussion on my blog (see below).


Blogging Update

A very interesting conversation started of Tarot and Human Design. The Hanged Man in 52? My theory is that all these myths and archetypes can be seen in our lives and charts.

Check it out here.


Human Design RevealedHuman Design Revealed

This is the new title for the Course in Human Design with other small edits. A reprint of this "definitive manual and reference for the Human Design System based on the original revelation" is on its way here.

Just $59!
For anyone who orders it by the end of July, I'll send a free 2013 Pocket Ephemeris when they're available!

More info and order here.


Website Update

In recent months, the Zen Human Design website received an overhaul and now looks pretty and clean. Have a look!

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