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Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 11
August 9, 2012

Human Design transmission

- What is an attractor?
- Conditioning - New Intermediate Live Online Class
- 2013 Pocket Ephemeris
- New Pages And A New Name for the old Course Manual


What is an attractor?

It was a hot start to summer that is now the cooling monsoon season, the wettest time of the year in New Mexico. Clouds filter the sun and the gardens are happy. I prefer the temperature being moderate. I'm not a big fan of too hot or too cold.

Monsoon Clouds over Taos Mountains; Chaitanyo 2012

It's the seasonal beginning for a new school year and a traditional time to start new ventures. I had just a great time to give the beginning class, Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness to some dedicated students. It was requested that we go on and with the agreement of co-host Hal Bahr, I'm continuing the Saturday morning 11 MT classes with an intermediate level of lessons (see below).

To answer the title question: For a while now, I've been looking at conditioning gates as telling us what we seek in its harmonic. We don't really pay attention to our own gate but rather, because we only experience it through conditioning, we identify with the conditioning energy that we may resist or get uncomfortable with, so our association with it may be one of unpleasantness. In this way, we can create a sourness in our lives. To understand that we're designed to be attracted to that other and when we meet it, it's smart to receive the conditioning as love. This beautifies your life.

So that's why I consider it an attractor, like a blossom for a honeybee or hummingbird. See my article on attractors in my Facebook page or in the blog.

Conditioning - New Intermediate Live Online Class

After spending 10 weeks to really concentrate on centers in the Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness class, we came to a perfect Practice lesson. I use this word in the context of meditation or of truly learning how conditioning works and how any given lesson looks.

We had three class charts with the same outer planet conditioning pattern; so significant that I felt inspired to give another class to review this. It never fails to astonish me that for all the hoopla around learning design, that people don't know how to use an ephemeris! ~ Anyhow, that first class was on centers and now we can proceed with the next layer up in unpacking some clues of centers by looking more closely at hexagrams.

During the Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness class, each center was explored in terms of how that quality or characteristic is known. It's very hard to not get swept up by details of gates or planets but once a solid grasp of centers lays a foundation, you can begin by adding hexagrams to hexagrams that form a basis for channels and therefore definitions.

Once we are in the intermediate level, we can get our first look at planets in the presentation by learning how to use the ephemeris and followed by Composite connections.

Six weekly 90-minute lessons
Saturdays, August 18 - September 29 (Sept. 1 off for Labor Day weekend)
11am Mountain Time (16:00 GMT)

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Free class on Saturday! Intermediate level.
As an introduction to everyone who feels inspired to take an intermediate lesson on Conditioning by the planets, this free lesson covers the major outer planet conditioning. Uses the 2012 Pocket Ephemeris, now on sale.
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2013 Pocket Ephemeris2013 Pocket Ephemeris

Maybe the world ends on Winter Solstice this year, but in case it doesn't, here's next year's edition of the old and trusted Pocket Ephemeris.

Keep track of what the planets bring to you.
Check the pattern of the Nodes.
See when the Sun and Earth bring you important conditioning.
Have it on hand when you get upset!
This is my theory: we have energy to study the ephemeris when something or someone disturbs us!

Just as handy and practical as ever.

$12 for one
$10 each for two or more
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2012 Pocket Ephemeris on sale for $6 (while supplies last).
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New Pages and a New Name For The Old Course ManualHuman Design Revealed

I was originally pretty minimalist about acknowledging the subtle changes in the new Human Design Revealed that replaced the old course manual, but now I think they're  significant enough that I make these pages available as a reference.

The most recent evolution of this manual began with the deleting of Types which was simply tacked on in Version 2 as an acknowledgement of this very popular way of looking at charts. By 2.1, I had to admit that this was Ra's and not original to the revelation, therefore, since he asked that people belong to his club and pay for the right to use, I deleted it. Much to my surprise, this was very illuminating to me to realize how much was hidden by this seeming short cut and how distorting one's view of the Sacral center became!

Because the Revelation mechanics were never claimed as his (nor could they ever be by legal definition of a revelation), the restructuring of the education to something that works and was available to humanity was a passion and a complete commitment against all odds, really. I knew that the training originally developed by Ra and us didn't work and when I informed him, I was so naive that I thought he would praise me!

It would take me many years before I finally understood how critical it was for Ra to distance himself from all of us who realized that he put on a show and his interpretation didn't really work for everyone. Catchy, yes, and powerful, but not easy to figure out the mistakes (which are/were numerous).

The revised title Human Design Revealed presents what was originally ascribed to the revelation as reported by Ra in 1993.

This book gives you fantastic graphics and is easy to find your way to using the mechanism for yourself.

For those of you with a previous edition, you can get just these two changed pages as a reference download. Click here.

And if you haven't yet gotten your copy, order now:
Human Design Revealed just $59.

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