Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 12
September 13, 2012

Human Design transmission

- Composites class Saturday
- Facebook Discussion
- 2013 Pocket Ephemeris
- Human Design Revealed
- New Q & A session on Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness


Composites class Saturday

This Saturday, September 15, I begin a series of three classes focusing on composites; how we connect to others and how to identify patterns in yourself. This class gives you an ideal opportunity to have your charts used as a lesson or just tune in to see how the mechanics affect us.

Just $149
includes three previously recorded ephemeris lessons

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Facebook DiscussionAmmachi's Design without definition

I started a discussion on Facebook about the label Reflector; how it's a fraud or a lie to yourself and others if you are reactive (not reflective)  or so starved for attention that you don't listen to others. Its name is No Definition, one of five possible results of a calculation; "Reflector" is an interpretation.

For the wisdom path, or path of mastery, these No Definition people are potentially coming into their true power and essence by becoming so still as to not interrupt. Just watch the movie. Be in the center of the cyclone.

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2013 Pocket Ephemeris2013 Pocket Ephemnneris for the Human Design System

Since the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, you might want to have our reliable new calendar for next year instead, the Pocket Ephemeris 2013. See what the planets are up to and how you are going to be influenced, all with an easy printed monthly overview. True oldtimers would not ever want to be without it and if you are new to it, you'll not want to miss it either, once you realize how practical and effective it is.

booklet, 32 pages
$12, plus shippping
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Human Design RevealedHuman Design Revealed by Zen Human Design

In the early years we spent many, many hours bombarding our guest Ra with questions about the revelation of the Human Design System. Thus privileged, we have always been in the unique position to distinguish between the actual revelation and what Ra added or changed later on.

Truth is, the original Human Design is far less complicated than it has become in recent years and it is possible to understand and apply it directly, for yourself, and without intermediaries.

Human Design Revealed is the latest incarnation of what during the Nineties was the official teaching material of the Human Design School that after our split from Ra evolved into The Course in Human Design. By now all traces of Ra's interpretation have been eliminated and what's left is the clean, clear, elegant language of the revelation itself. Understand this and Human Design is revealed (pun intended).

Human Design Revealed is the only presentation of the Human Design System anywhere that adheres to the original revelation. This is a beautiful, gorgeously illustrated treasure.

Large softcover, 8.75x11", 144 pages, color throughout
Only $59, plus shipping.
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New Q & A session on Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness, September 19

Ready to begin your own journey?

The class, Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness, is where you need to start your journey by fully exploring the nine centers.

How we are conditioned and condition others is the entirety of understanding the Human Design System.

Recently, I've been looking at conditioning gates to tell us what we seek in its harmonic. We don't really pay attention to our own gate but rather, because we only experience it through conditioning, we identify with the conditioning energy that we may resist or get uncomfortable with, or we may like it and try to have the other person alter it (unsuccessfully).

Join me for a new Q & A session for students. It is open to all students of this class.

Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness class
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