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Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 13
November 4, 2012

Human Design transmission

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- Zeno’s Spirit
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- Zeno: Why We Need Her
- Zeno's Friend Chaitanyo
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This newsletter was written by Chaitanyo.


Zeno’s Body

About a month ago, Zeno broke her left elbow and needed surgery and the following convalescence time. She will be back home and in her office in a couple of weeks.

Now, bad and painful as it is, a broken elbow alone doesn’t usually put someone out as it happened to Zeno. There’s more to the story and, since Zeno is usually too modest to talk about her failing body, but gave me permission, I’m going to explain here briefly what the matter is.

2009: Zeno with Chaitanyo
In 2009 Zeno was still able to walk with a cane, but appreciated a little help from a friend.

In hindsight it is clear that the first signs were already showing almost fifteen years ago, but only in 2002 it became obvious that something was seriously out of whack in that body of hers. Neither pharmaceutical medicine nor any of the traditional (today mostly called “alternative”) medicines had any valid solutions or even cures to offer and over the years just piled on the diagnoses: Myasthenia Gravis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s, Osteoporosis, etc.

We don’t think that Zeno has all of these diseases, they are just names for an array of symptoms that even today nobody really knows how and why they arise, let alone how to successfully treat and cure. It appears that something in her circumstances made her immune system turn against her own body and, with some periods of stagnation, it is in steady decline ever since. Her left side, especially her leg, started to become paralyzed and at first required a cane, then a walker and this last spring it became obvious that she needed an electric wheelchair because to operate a walker you need two strong arms and hands and the strength was just no longer there.

The cogs of the US health care system can turn extremely slowly when it’s reluctant and so she still didn’t have that wheelchair when she wasn’t able to hold herself upright with the walker on October 5 and fell and broke her elbow, the latest in a long series of broken bones she accumulated over the years. And now-- what was she going to do with just one arm and one leg? She needed more help than her friends could provide and that’s how come she has such a long absence from her office.

After my initial message canceling her classes, we received dozens of emails with good wishes, curious inquiries for more details and advice for cures. It is regrettable that neither I nor Zeno could answer more than a few, but we thank everybody for their concern and support. Surely all these wishes had the combined effect to speed up the recovery.


Zeno’s Spirit

“… the vehicle that carries my spirit seems to be wearing down.”

Zeno, April 2012

Knowing Zeno means knowing her exuberant and positive spirit. There's always a bright side to her view of the world, always the certainty that everything is alright or will improve. Over the years she has tried and done almost everything coming her way that carried the promise of relief or healing and if something didn't work, well, make the best of it and move on. Maybe the next thing will work.

Despite the cruel decline of her body, or perhaps because of it, her spirit grew stronger and wiser, more accepting, more forgiving, more light and bright and clear. Her passion for Human Design, her determination and unwavering commitment to truth, combined with deep knowledge, love and wisdom, make her a unique and precious gift for anyone seeking to understand the true value of the Human Design System.


Zeno’s Classes

Zeno’s version of Human Design is exceptional because it is original. It is the only Human Design that is true to the original revelation. Other Human Design teachers, including Ra early on, have veered off that kind of purity and made up their own “truths,” for money, for power, for ego, perhaps with good intentions, for whatever reason. The results look ridiculously like a religion with a competitive hierarchy of priests as guardians and facilitators of salvation and a flock of believers trying to conform to a catecism of rules for a successful life.

I had actually already given up on Human Design, despaired at the useless but dangerous plaything it had become, thought that Zeno’s voice of sanity might never be heard through the din of confused “officialness.” But in recent months I’ve had to cautiously revise my judgment as I observed ever better feedback and an increasing number of students coming to Zeno with the expressed desire to leave the “Jovian” (and all the other) nonsense behind or avoid it altogether right from the start. There’s hope for Human Design, after all!

It seems like a tragic joke that this comes at a time when Zeno’s body is deteriorating so rapidly. Although she enjoys teaching enormously, it is hard work for her, with her shaky hands and her failing voice and all the myriad of life complications her body forces on her. Her ability to teach is limited and what remains of her time is very precious.

Zeno loves her teaching activities just as much as her dedicated students do. So, at this time it looks like she will continue with her Saturday classes, but only for people who have gone through her two online beginner’s classes “Imprint” and “Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness” (see below). She’s also willing to take on a limited number of students for her Professional Certification Program, which provides for plentiful and specific one-on-one time.

To prepare yourself optimally for live online class with Zeno, it is recommended that you take the following two recorded beginners classes online and purchase Human Design Revealed as your definitive course manual.

1. Imprint

The body graph is the core of a Human Design chart. How its basic mechanics work is the foundation of your entire knowledge of Human Design. Make it a strong foundation!

beginner Online video class. 30 minutes
with two reference cards

More info and ordering

2. Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness

At the very foundation of your understanding of a Human Design chart is the central image, the body graph with its centers. A center is either colored or white, defined or undefined, conditioning or conditioned. How centers connect with each other or not determines whether you are designed to do or designed to wait.

• learn to identify the basic strengths and vulnerabilities in a chart by understanding how the centers operate
• see where conditioning likely causes defenses and malfunctions
• discover that consciousness determines how agitations experienced through conditioning are handled

This class is so very powerful that forever more you will be able to look at any chart and understand the underlying forces in a person’s life.

beginner Online video class. approx. 15 hours
with e-book plus access to Zeno's live classes

More info and ordering

3. Human Design RevealedHuman Design Revealed by Zen Human Design

Human Design Revealed is the latest incarnation of what during the Nineties was the official teaching material of the Human Design School that after our split from Ra evolved into The Course in Human Design. By now all traces of Ra's interpretation have been eliminated and what's left is the clean, clear, elegant language of the revelation itself. Understand this and Human Design is revealed.

Human Design Revealed is the only presentation of the Human Design System anywhere that adheres to the original revelation. This is a beautiful, gorgeously illustrated treasure. It serves as the training materials for all of Zeno's classes.

beginner beginner beginner beginner
Large softcover
, 8.75x11", 144 pages, color throughout

$59, plus shipping.
Order here


Zeno: Why We Need Her

This is from an "Jovian" Human Designer with years of experience there:

"We need her, the world needs her, especially the Human Design community which - the more I discover, the bigger the disappointment in me.

Zeno so far is the only person who I feel is totally open and honest without any hidden agenda and I want to learn from her and let go of mindless repetition of things which are simply not true and just spread to create fear in order to create money. 

... I love her and I admire her for her dedication and strength to keep going, she kept her integrity, I was on the path of losing mine and Zeno had a great part in my finding myself again, seeing and learning what is really important from her and she changed my view and perception completely."

And this is feedback from Lisa who recently got a reading from Zeno:

"The reading is just wonderful, thank you. I have had 2 other readings, one a personal one, and one a "relationship" one for me and my husband, both by Jovian analysts, and found both quite frustrating. Because of Type, and the unnecessary complexity in how relationships were presented to me. So your reading, and your Imprint video, made me so happy. This is the way it should be, how these charts can be brought to life!"

This from a class participant:

"Just finished listening again to last week's class and [am] so appreciative of your insights and your ability to field questions. It seems you are creating with us a laboratory in which we can learn through our own experience while you provide a framework and insights that guide and with the flexibility that encourages the growth of a great synergism. What a joy! Thank you."

What will your feedback be once you've made the jump into Zen Human Design and left the swampy netherworld behind? Don't wait too long!


Zeno's Friend ChaitanyoChaitanyo

If you came to the Human Design theater later than the Nineties, you might not know who I am and so here is a little introduction:

I fell in love with Zeno more than two decades ago. This led to an evolving and enduring relationship lasting to this day. At first we were lovers, then husband and wife, then divorcees and by now we are best friends and collaborators.

For most of our history together, Human Design was a central theme. In the nineties, we were both full-time engaged with creating and maintaining the Human Design School with Ra. In the two thousands, after our split from Ra, I kind of dropped out from what I saw as the deterioration of HD into a cult and pursued my other interests while still supporting Zeno in her efforts to clean up and clarify the mess. I edit her writings, create and maintain her website and help and support wherever I can. Human Design (the original and true variety) has remained in my blood and is an integral part of my perception.


Zeno's Blog

And last, but not least, for those who have waited for a personal word from Zeno in the past few weeks, there's a new entry from her on her blog, typed with one hand...

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