Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 14
December 2, 2012

Human Design transmission

- Zeno Resumes Teaching
- Charts in Review
- The Channels
- Are You Prepared?


Zeno Resumes Teaching

In the past few weeks Zeno was home again from her stay in the hospital (see story in last Transmission) and needed to adjust to a bunch of changes. Her elbow is in a cast and she says it "still feels strange," but meanwhile her electric wheelchair arrived and it makes getting around the house with a broken elbow and a lame foot possible again after the fiasco with the walker. She has a little joystick on the armrest to drive and direct the thing and after a few initial bumps and unintentional moving of furniture, she's earned her drivers license and is glad for the help in getting around.


She now also has hired help to move things to within her diminished reach, to clean, do dishes and laundry. There's also a cook who comes once a week for a day to prepare easy to heat, nutritious meals for the week ahead. But of course she doesn't like being dependent all that well and so she wrote in an attempt to contribute to this newsletter: "I am grateful to all who have assisted me but I confess, it's not nothing to be such a basket case. I try to keep my mood clear and am mostly successful but typing is a bitch and while I long to share my experience with you, the thoughts leave my brain and I don't find them again."

Despite all the help, her life is a challenge, every little task a chore and she's usually exhausted by noon. The fact that she's already scheduled her live Saturday classes again illustrates her love of teaching sanity in the world of Human Design. I hope you recognize, appreciate and take advantage.



Charts in ReviewZeno's Zen Human Design chart

December Saturday Webinar

Students bring charts they're interested in and Zeno will discuss their important aspects. Nothing beats this learning experience. See what she looks for in a chart to arrive at her accurate and helpful conclusions (which, by the way, have nothing to do with all those labels many believe are Human Design).

Zeno will also continue to guide your use of the e-book journal that comes with the Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness class or is available separately.

It is more fun for Zeno to teach people who have at least some basic Zen Human Design education and you will gain much more for yourself, so please come to these classes optimally prepared by taking the foundational classes Imprint and Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness and buy the manual Human Design Revealed.

Saturdays, December 8, 15, 22.
11:00-12:30 MST, 18:00-19:30 GMT
lessons are recorded and can be revisited later

$150, full
$100, medium
$50, low *

Here's what Zeno says about this pricing: "Because I have been cash-strapped much of my life, I want to honor anyone's desire to study Human Design with me affordably, so I offer three prices and you can decide what you can afford. Please understand that I am always glad to have your support if you can pay full, but less is also support and fantastic."

Sign up here


The Channels

January Saturday Webinar

Giving names and keynotes to the channels was one of the first things Ra did when he departed from the original. These labels are a distraction from the true nature of the channels. In this class in four parts, Zeno will show you what really matters and how this changes your ability to understand a chart.

Saturdays, January 5, 12, 19, 26
11:00-12:30 MST, 18:00-19:30 GMT
lessons are recorded and can be revisited later

$200, full
$125, medium
$50, low *

You must be a student of the Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness class to benefit from the Channels class. Take the jump now!
Eligible students will receive a private invitation to sign up.


Are You Prepared?

2013 Pocket Ephemeris for the Human Design System

booklet, 32 pages
$12, plus shipping
Order here.

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