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Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 5
April 20, 2013

Human Design transmission

- Be Quiet and Listen
- Sale: Human Design Revealed Update
- Preview: Gates in Centers
- Imprint + Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness


Be Quiet and Listen

Meanwhile, revolutionary and evolutionary Uranus has moved from gate 17, where it was harmonic to my three activations of gate 62 and helped me formulize and express my thoughts, to Heart center gate 21, where it is harmonic to my three activations of gate 45 and provides me with a reliable design to do for the next few months. I'm really curious what this will bring, particularly since it is once-in-a-lifetime Uranus giving my definition access to the Throat, but also a bit apprehensive, as I'm usually not all that fond of those times when transits give me a long-term design to do. We'll see what happens and if you're curious for yourself, you may want to get the Pocket Ephemeris 2013 if it isn't one of your daily Human Design staples yet.

Ra's conditioning fieldIn the last issue 20.04 I defended what in Jovianism is called the “not-self,” arguing that the white parts of the body graph are an integral, dominant part of who you are and you are therefore well advised to explore, honor and accept conditioning instead of rejecting and fighting it. Uranus and all the other bodies out there are conditioning you, too, all the time, along with everybody who comes in contact with you. With its acceptance, conditioning immediately stops being a bad thing and life becomes much nicer and easier!

In the early years of Human Design, Ra and I often travelled together and/or lived in close quarters and I often was witness to his readings for clients. One thing that always made me uncomfortable was that he never would let clients say anything about themselves. He sometimes would literally tell them to shut up and listen, or something close, and proceeded to describe to them the colored parts of their body graphs. After a few years he had that art down to 10 to 15 minutes and this was all a client would get for several hundred dollars.

Chaitanyo's conditioning fieldThe thing is, the colored parts of the body graph are generally less than a third of someone's design and ignoring the other two thirds simply doesn't do a person justice. If you're getting your chart read you need to be not only allowed to talk about your experience, but be sensibly quizzed about it. Otherwise it's quite impossible to come to a correct assessment of your design and the issues you're confronted with. With Ra's method it's of course possible to attach a set of prefabricated labels to you, but this is just not the same as actually understanding you and being of optimal assistance in your quest.

When I got my reading from Ra twenty years ago, I did not feel understood all that well, although learning about the mechanics of Human Design was a revelation. Ra had a design to do and therefore by definition was unable to ever experience and understand the world from the perspective of a design to wait. His only option would have been to ask and let his clients tell him.

Zeno's conditioning fieldAnd yet, compared to today, those early years were the golden years of a Human Design that was still relatively close to its original and still recognized the importance of the body graph, even if rejecting conditioning. Clients of most of today's "analysts" get a much worse deal with a more deteriorated version of Human Design that puts the emphasis on an esoteric detail with catchy labels called the "Profile" (chapter 9 of Human Design Revealed) with accompanying "strategies" that are really just an elaborate program to avoid understanding and accepting conditioning. But that's material for a lengthy future article I trust existence will allow me to write someday soon.

When I suggested to Zeno recently that we try to sell a few of her readings to help her make ends meet, she didn't seem particularly enthusiastic and I quickly realized that's because it's really hard for her to talk these days. (?) And then we joked that she's one of the few Human Design practitioners who's actually listening to her clients' concerns and so she doesn't need to talk that much. These kinds of jokes are rather bittersweet, given the circumstances, but illustrate that in a consultation with Zeno you'll get your turn, your cooperation is needed, your concerns are addressed, whether that's a personal problem, a relationship, a child, or an unusual temporay situation. This will give you the practical value you probably came for in the first place. To just pick up your package of labels — sorry, you need to go elsewhere.
It's possible that Zeno will also only talk for 10 to 15 minutes out of the hour she spends with you (I'm just kidding, that's really unlikely), but those minutes will be imbued by the understanding that comes to her by listening to your description of your conditioning field and therefore her words will be that much more true and helpful to you.

ZenoGiven that Zeno, with her right-on analysis based on twenty years of experience and passionate full-time research, still charges consultation fees that are well below those of lots of "analysts" who don't even know how to read a body graph, I had the idea to offer you a kind of reverse sale. Instead of making her readings less costly for a limited time to entice you to take advantage, we'll offer you her precious understanding and her precious voice additionally at a higher price so that you can support her if you can afford it and get real, compassionate, practical and applicable information in return. The old base price is also still available and, as always, reasonable appeals for terms or charity will also find open ears.

You can use a consultation for anything that interests you: as a first-time initiation to your design, to understand a crisis, to reveal dynamics in relationships, solve parenting trouble, even to have a private lesson with the teacher.

Book a reading with Zeno
Listen, but don't shut up!



Sale: Human Design Revealed Update

Human design Revealed, Zen Human DesignWhile we wait for a new batch to arrive from the printer, we're offering you this definitive manual of the Human Design System at a pre-order price of just $39, plus shipping.

The bad news for those who already took us up on this offer and wait for their books to ship: It will take a few days longer. We'll put them in the mail next Wednesday and send you a confirmation notice.

The good news for those who didn't take advantage so far: You still can. The sale is going to continue through Tuesday, April 23. Do take advantage!

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Preview: Gates in Centers

Gates in Centers, Zen Human DesignWhile Zeno dedicates her current Saturday classes to a large group of Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness students, we're working on a class schedule to systematically cover all chapters of Human Design Revealed (sale).

Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness is chapter 2 of Human Design Revealed and, as the title says, it covers how centers are conditioned or conditioning. Next up is chapter 3, Gates in Centers. This will be another journey through all the centers, but this time Zeno will go a level deeper and integrate the gates in those centers. This builds and relies on the knowledge learned in chapter 2 and will prepare optimally for chapter 4, the Channels, the connections between the gates. So we'll continue to learn to read the body graph with her.

Gates in Centers

Saturdays, June 8—July 27, 2013
11:00–12:30 MDT . 17:00–18:30 GMT

Live webinar, 8 weekly 90-minute lessons
• corresponds with chapter 3 (pages 32-38) of Human Design Revealed
• Start late or miss live lessons. Lessons are recorded and can be revisited later
• Plus you also get access to the Course 2.1 lessons on the Gates, a 90-minute overview of the material to accompany or prepare for the live class with Zeno.

Stay tuned for sign up.

If you're considering participating in this class and haven't yet taken the Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness class, please check out the offer below and prepare yourself optimally.


Imprint + Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness

Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness, Zen Human DesignThe live class is in full swing, but it is still possible for you to start now if you missed the beginning few lessons. You can catch up with the replays or tune into them later.

Go for it now and receive pricing at three contribution levels of your choice, plus we'll give you free access to Imprint, a class that covers chapter 1 of Human Design Revealed, which will prepare you optimally for the CCC class. If you want to be able to read the body graph, this combo is simply not to be missed as a crucial foundation.

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Here are some actual comments from participants in the current class:

"... and so beautifully, the class feels like a living system!"

"Meant to tell you how much the last class stimulated and added to my understanding as always in ways that seem to embody and bring to life the information."

"This course has given me hope for the future and at last i can see a light to head towards!"

"Thank you! Great class. You are beautiful :)"

"... the past two lessons have been a breath of fresh air, and some veils are parting. Mostly about understanding other people's charts from this perspective."

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