Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 6
May 6, 2013

Human Design transmission

- Step by Step
- Gates in Centers
- Imprint + Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness
- Moonrise in Taos


Step by Step

Zeno talks about the genesis of Zen Human Design education
and the upcoming Gates in Centers class

Zeno on Zen Human Design education


Gates in Centers

Gates in Centers -Zen Human Design Live WebinarCenters exchange information and energy through the channels connecting them. The gates in the centers on either side of a channel are the valves controlling this exchange. Each gate is associated with a hexagram of the I Ching, which means that each channel has the particular flavor of the combination and interaction of two specific hexagrams, which in turn nuances the centers.

A fascinating and instructive introduction to the hexagrams as they are associated to centers and channels. The logical next step after the Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness class to add another dimension to your understanding of the centers.

advanced Coming up live!

Saturdays, June 8–July 27, 2013
11:00–12:30 MDT – 17:00–18:30 GMT
Live webinar, 8 weekly 90-minute lessons
• corresponds with chapter 3 (pages 32–38) of Human Design Revealed

• with reference cards
#07 and #08
Plus you also get access to the:
• Course 2.1 edition of this class (1-hour-45-minutes overview of the material)
• You can start late or miss live lessons. Lessons are recorded and can be revisited anytime

$320, regular
$240, low
$160, lowest
At checkout you may choose between regular, low or lowest price.

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Imprint + Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness

Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness, Zen Human DesignThe live CCC webinar is in full swing, but you can start anytime and catch up with the replays.

Go for it now and receive pricing at three contribution levels of your choice, plus we'll give you free access to Imprint, a class that covers chapter 1 of Human Design Revealed, which will prepare you optimally for the CCC class. If you want to be able to read the body graph, this combo is simply not to be missed as a crucial foundation.

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Moonrise in Taos by Chaitanyo, 2013
Moonrise in Taos, New Mexico, March 26, 2013.
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