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Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 10
August 25, 2013

Human Design transmission

- Planets Class: Astrologers to the Rescue!
- Chiron in Human Design
- Completion of Gates in Centers Class
- New Chart Style
- Why Zen Human Design? Q&A


Planets Class: Astrologers to the Rescue!

I haven't come across many Human Designers who actually know much about the planets, let alone how to integrate them into Human Design. To most, they're just there to fix the lines of the "Rave I'Ching."

That's a pity and kind of inexcusable, because you can see so much more in the body graph when you know what it actually is that activates a gate or defines a channel, what particular flavor and archetype gives a specific activation its unique spin.

Mars and Venus in a fresco in Pompeii
Mars seems to harass Venus in this fresco in Pompeii, pulling off her sari. Venus doesn't look all too pleased and even the cupids, if that's what they are, seem somewhat embarrassed. Ares, the Greek version of Mars, was quite the womanizer and rapist, apparently. He fathered dozens of children with at least 30 consorts, and that's just those women he turned into mothers.


From Zen Human Design's viewpoint, the "Rave I'Ching" is entirely inadequate as a tool to understand the planetary activations, as well as an I Ching, and most certainly as a guide for a conscious life. It is an ignorant concoction, bafflingly perverting the Book of Changes into a Book of Fixations, thereby turning the lives of those who believe in it into purgatory, condemning them to life-long standstill without parole, without possibility for growth, change or wisdom. It is astonishing that anybody actually takes this book seriously, because all of life's evidence points to the opposite of what it proposes. Even its author rejected responsibility for it by declaring it "automatic writing."

If you really want to learn about planets, who better to ask than a good astrologer? Astrologers have thousands of years of experience with the planetary archetypes, after all. If Human Design is a synthesis of four esoteric elements, one of which is astrology, then we should hear what it is that astrology has to contribute to the synthesis, right?

So, we've asked a bunch of today's best, most skilled and highly respected astrologers to present their precious knowledge in Zen Human Design's next upcoming class The Planets. For eight consecutive Saturday lessons, starting September 14, Zeno, with co-host Hal Bahr, will present seven astrologers and one Human Design practitioner who will explore and explain all the planetary archetypes relevant in Human Design. Click here for details with a list of all the teachers and their subjects.

This is a one-of-a-kind event and any self-respecting and serious Human Design practitioner ought to participate in it to finally have the appropriate knowledge for a complete understanding of the gate activations. The class starts off with an introduction to astrology and then continues to present all the entities we for convenience's sake summarize as the "planets." The last lesson will then integrate the acquired knowledge into Human Design. More details here.

Until August 31, at midnight EDT, you can get access to this class at a 20% discount! That's more than a $100 off. But you need to hurry. That deadline is almost here.

Sign up now! and use coupon EARLY at checkout.


The Planets by Zen Human DesignThe Planets

intermediate Coming up live!

Saturdays, September 14–November 2, 2013
11:00–12:30 MDT – 17:00–18:30 GMT
Live webinar, 8 weekly 90-minute lessons
• corresponds with parts of chapter 5 (pages 49–63) of Human Design Revealed and parts of chapter 10 (pages 131-140).
includes Course 2.1 edition of this class (1-hour-45-minutes overview of the material)
• with reference card
• You can start late or miss live lessons. Lessons are recorded and can be revisited anytime

$399 Early Bird through August, use coupon EARLY

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More info and sign up here.


Chiron in Human Design

Chiron is a mix between an asteroid and a comet, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. It's named after a centaur of Greek mythology, a cross between a horse and a human, the result of a one night stand the god Chronos (Saturn) had with a nymph. Rejected by his mother, Chiron was adopted by Apollo who schooled him well. Chiron grew to be a wise healer and teacher, a bridge between humans and gods. As an astrological archetype, Chiron is said to embody healing, transformation, service, spiritual growth and the process of becoming aware.

Although Chiron doesn't activate gates in a Human Design chart, many Human Design practitioners, along with astrologers, find meaning in the natal position of Chiron and its transits along a life trajectory, particularly its return at about 50.7 years of age.

Join Zeno for this class to explore what we can learn from Chiron in the context of Human Design.

intermediate Coming up live!

Saturday, September 7, 2013
11:00–12:30 MDT – 17:00–18:30 GMT
Live webinar, 90-minute lesson


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Chiron Ephemeris The Chiron Ephemeris 1921-2050


Completion of Gates in Centers Class

Because of recording difficulties during the recent live Gates in Centers class, Zeno and Hal re-recorded numerous times to try to end up with content that would provide a sensible replay. "We had a lot of fun. We both learned so much by repeating over and over again how these gate activations relate to the hexagrams and it helps to establish the pattern of the lower trigram to the upper trigram, the lower line pair to the quarters in Human Design as you would know them."

The resulting online class also includes a sequential pattern of links so that you can easily find and listen to the recording of each of the 64 hexagram individually! That's very helpful when reading a chart or preparing for a reading.

advanced Online video class
• corresponds with chapter 3 (pages 32–38) of Human Design Revealed
• with reference cards
#07 and #08
includes Course 2.1 edition of this class (1-hour-45-minutes overview of the material)

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Hua-Ching Ni's I Ching Zen Human Design uses Hua-ching Ni's I Ching.


New Chart Styleclick for full size

Chaitanyo started to design Human Design charts in 1993, right after we got to see our first, hand-drawn individual charts.

In the beginning, his designs were incorporated into the early releases of the first computer program, but later on so much superfluous information was added to the computer charts that we simply couldn't continue to go along. And because we could never afford to pay a programmer enough to get the computer charts to look like we wanted, Zen Human Design charts are still made "by hand," although today they are based on some computer output.

Over the years our charts have continued to improve and meanwhile really just deliver the relevant information, without any of the misleading and irrelevant interpretative information that just distracts from actually reading the body graph, like "theme," "strategy," "authority" and the like. Zen Human Design charts are designed to set you free from this kind of bias.

We are glad to have a few old and new students who agree with us and wouldn't want to look at a design in any other way than through our charts, or pass on this precious information to their clients with all that convoluted "official" interpretation on them. Since Zen Human Design charts are not instant and cost three dollars each, that's not a matter of course and these clients deserve our thanks for making it possible to continue to evolve these charts: Thanks!

Please support our efforts to promote an unbiased Human Design and buy your charts here. Once accustomed to their clean and relevant design, you'll never want to go back to the concoctions available in the "official" programs. And who knows, maybe your support will one day allow us to get our own software together.

Zen Human Design chart service


Why Zen Human Design?

Next Saturday you have the opportunity to tune into a free introductory class with Zeno who will answer questions of newcomers and beginners.

advanced Coming up live!

Saturday, August 31, 2013
11:00–12:30 MDT – 17:00–18:30 GMT
Live webinar, 90-minutes


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