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Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 11
October 17, 2013

Human Design transmission

- Beginner's Crisis
- 2014 Pocket Ephemeris
- Sun, Earth & Moon
- The Planets Class
- Chiron in Human Design
- Using Chiron In Your Practice?


Beginner's Crisis

Newcomers who jump head-on into the Human Design System often experience a period of doubt and rebellion a few weeks in, as the scope of what they're encountering and learning begins to sink in and rattles the foundations of their beliefs.

I remember well a day in December 1993 when I was sitting in my studio and looked at a Human Design Ephemeris that was propped up against a wall with its pages open to the current month. The book had a horizontal layout and on the two pages were 31 hand-drawn body graphs, one for each day of the month, with the activations of the planetary transits drawn in. I could hear Ra talk with Zeno in a neighboring room. He was our guest for several weeks in our very modest and cold adobe abode in Taos, New Mexico, here to teach the very first Human Design classes in America. Of course, having the man in our house, we picked his brains whenever we could, in addition to going to class with him, and so we were very deeply immersed.

1993 Rave Ephemeris

As I was looking at these 31 body graphs, mulling how I could make a fitting transparent overlay with my own design so that it would be easier to see how the transits were affecting me (this was before a Human Design computer program existed), the full meaning of what I was looking at suddenly hit me like a hammer. My heart pounded and blood drained from my brain. - No! No! I'm not just a victim of the planetary forces! I'm my own person and I have free will! I hate this mechanistic system! It doesn't do me justice at all! I'm much more than this! And I have free will! – And so on.

There were other aspects of Human Design I stumbled over in the same way and I know from my privileged look-out over two decades that many new students sooner or later encounter the same or similar issues. A favorite is the Design-to-do versus Design-to-wait thing. – What do you mean, I have a Design to wait and I have to be conditioned so that I can do?! I do all the time! I go to the toilet on my own and any time I want, I brush my teeth, I go to work, I shop groceries…

Another one is the awareness story. – What? I'm supposed to have no mental awareness? Then how come I think? How come I'm smart? Or How dare you speak of awareness in such materialistic and mechanistic terms! Awareness is holy; it's what happens when you meditate!

Yet all along, there's that still suspicious certainty that it is actually all true, that you have indeed a Design to wait and can't rely on your mental awareness and that you are emotionally volatile, or whatever your case may be.

In my case, I realized quite quickly that I had known most of these things on my own and all along, but just wasn't quite sure. I had used different terminology, different reasoning, different explanations, and different excuses. I knew that I'm one of those people who can tremendously enjoy doing absolutely nothing for extended periods of time and that solutions to problems come to me while I wait and yield, not push, but I know of others for whom the same would be torture and who curse their need for sleep. I knew that my mind wanders easily and has a hard time to come to conclusions or certainties, that it prefers meandering association to straight logic. I also knew that by the long-known laws of cause and effect, and even by the latest scientific research, I probably had far less free will than I thought I had or would have liked to have.

It's just that before Human Design I judged myself at least partially according to social norms and therefore valued some of my characteristics negatively, felt a degree of guilt for having them and made efforts to change. The initial encounter with Human Design then contradicted some of the judgments about myself I had labored so hard to accept and made those efforts to change moot, even ridiculous, if not outright dangerous. And I thought I was so good! No wonder it hit me hard.

It takes time for some of these bits to seep in, to sort through them, to admit to them, to integrate them into what you know about yourself already, to make corrections in your perception and to adjust your terminology. You need to take the time to simply observe what Human Design says about you, to take it as a hypothesis and be open to the possibility that it's the truth. Or not.

And that attitude will also enable you to separate the chaff from the grain in the wild and dangerous world of Human Design where "chaff" is far too often too much of a compliment. That said, it is time for my usual disclaimer that the Human Design we are talking about in this newsletter and is offered on is based on the originally reported mechanics, before it all got clogged up and hidden away by all these interpretative keynotes, phrases and subjective opinions found in other versions of Human Design.

Zen Human Design is the simplest, purest and closest to the original Human Design System you'll be able to find. Do yourself the favor and bypass presumption and indoctrination. Get your charts, your readings and your education from Zen Human Design!



2014 Pocket Ephemeris2014 Pocket Ephemeris for the Human Design System

The new Pocket Ephemeris for the coming year is available now!

With an easy printed monthly overview, see what the planets are up to and how you are going to be influenced. This is a handy, practical and effective tool, beloved by many since twenty years!

booklet, 32 pages

$12, plus shipping
$2 off each when buying more than one

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Sun, Earth & Moon

Of all the activating forces, Sun, Earth and Moon are the most potent. In this 90 minute lesson, an excerpt from the current live class The Planets, guest teacher Bettina Gribben provides simple and practical clues for how she interprets these positions for her clients. She gives easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance.

Online video class, 90 minutes
• corresponds with parts of chapter 5 (pages 52–54) of Human Design Revealed
• replay of a 2013 live webinar


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The Planets ClassThe Planets by Zen Human Design

The above Sun, Earth & Moon class is lesson two of the Planets class, but you might have an appetite for the entire, delicious, eight-course meal.

Every Saturday, Zeno hosts another astrologer or Human Design professional who shares her or his knowledge about the various planets, as all the forces activating gates in a body graph are conveniently called.

Five of the live lessons, covering the range from the Sun to Jupiter, are past, but you can still sign up und access their recordings and join the upcoming live lessons on Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and how to intergrate all this into your Human Design practice.

Saturdays, September 14–November 2, 2013
11:00–12:30 MDT – 17:00–18:30 GMT
Live webinar, 8 weekly 90-minute lessons
• corresponds with parts of chapter 5 (pages 49–63) of Human Design Revealed and parts of chapter 10 (pages 131-140).
includes Course 2.1 edition of this class (1-hour-45-minutes overview of the material)
• with reference card

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Feedback from a participant:
"The planets are truly starting to come alive in the Human Design body graph because they are fleshed out by real astrologers talking with such passions and enthusiasm -- then you and Hal are bringing it all together and placing it into the body graph. You bring the energy of Human Design so strongly, the guest astrologer brings the strong astrological perspective and Hal is a perfect ambassador of both to unite the two. I say Bravo!"


Chiron in Human Design

Chiron is a mix between an asteroid and a comet, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. It's named after a centaur of Greek mythology, a cross between a horse and a human, the result of a one night stand the god Chronos (Saturn) had with a nymph. Rejected by his mother, Chiron was adopted by Apollo who schooled him well. Chiron grew to be a wise healer and teacher, a bridge between humans and gods. As an astrological archetype, Chiron is said to embody healing, transformation, service, spiritual growth and the process of becoming aware.

Although Chiron doesn't activate gates in a Human Design chart, many Human Design practitioners, along with astrologers, find meaning in the natal position of Chiron and its transits along a life trajectory, particularly its return at about 50.7 years of age.

Join Zeno and Hal for this class to explore what we can learn from Chiron in the context of Human Design.

Coming up live!

Saturday, November 9, 2013
11:00–12:30 MST – 18:00–19:30 GMT
Live webinar, 90-minute lesson


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Chiron Ephemeris The Chiron Ephemeris 1921-2050


Are You Using Chiron in Your Human Design Practice?

If so, Zeno would like to hear from you. Please contact her as soon as possible. Thank you.

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