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Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 12
November 28, 2013

Human Design transmission

- The Gods Play
- The 2014 Pocket Ephemeris
- Planets Class 50% off, Thanksgiving weekend only


The Gods Play

For the past week or so I have been feeling beside myself, so to speak. It’s almost like I’m possessed by an alien entity, something that runs on parallel tracks to mine, at the same speed, in the same direction, but with quite different and mysterious objectives. I feel an urgent need to do something, but have no idea what. As a result, I sometimes just sit there, doing nothing, feeling I should do something. I mean, my day-to-day routines all go as they should and as I’m used to and I have no trouble at all following them, but there’s this secondary alien thing in me that seems to demand action but leaves me in the dark what that action should be. It’s quite odd and uncomfortable and even a bit paralyzing.

Well, unlike most people, but just like you, I have a magnificent tool at my disposal that might be able to illuminate what’s going on and so I grab my trusted Pocket Ephemeris and check what’s going on. Indeed, the Sun and the Earth have moved into gates 34 and 20 by last Friday and made me a split definition, with one definition being my old little born-with channel 44—26 und the temporary to-do channel 34—20. Oh, that’s why I felt so uncomfortably spurred, in a way that felt so unrelated to me! The ephemeris also shows me that as I write this on the day before Thanksgiving, the Sun and Earth are about to move on to the next pair of gates. I’m glad. Being conditioned by the energy of that channel only feels good to me if it ties into my single definition, not if it’s split off.

Uranus, 2004, Keck TelescopeRemember when I told you in spring (Transmission 20.05) that I was curious what slow moving Uranus would do to me when it would active gate 21 for the coming months? Gate 21 is the missing link, the bridge for my single definition (44—26) to get to the Throat through my three 45s and be able to express itself. Well, I can tell you that was really quite a trip and my initial apprehension was validated by a turbulent ride, but along the way something began to emerge very much in Uranian fashion, unexpected, surprising, changing the way I view myself, possibly rearranging my priorities.

I won’t tell you right now what it was, as I’m still not sure whether this will remain with me, because barely ten days after Uranus retrograded out of gate 21 back into 17, an arrangement made in relation to my discoveries came crashing down in quite spectacular fashion. Uranus will turn direct again mid-December and then re-enter gate 21 by February 2, 2014, for another few months. This will provide the opportunity to revisit what emerged this past summer and see whether it was just a temporary fluke or something that can unfold in a creative, joyful and productive manner.

The conditioning by the planets is the only conditioning we have absolutely no choice about. There is no escape, unlike with people from whom you usually can retreat. It is therefore very much advisable that you know what the planets do, where, when and how.

The “where” and “when” is answered in an ephemeris, such as Zen Human Design’s annual Pocket Ephemeris. I not only design and produce it; I also use it on a daily basis since twenty years and have trouble imagining myself without. It makes it easy to see me in context with the cosmic conditioning field, where and when the archetypal gods have a fun time playing with me. If you don’t yet know their play with you, do yourself the favor and start educating yourself by using the ephemeris.

“How” the gods play just got a lot easier to learn for Human Designers with the completion of Zeno’s latest class, The Planets. It is now available as an online class you can take by yourself at your convenience. It assembles an illustrious roster of astrological talent, bringing the planetary archetypes to life, interspersed with generous stretches of Zeno and co-host Hal showing how to integrate the knowledge with Human Design. Nothing like this has ever before been available. To show our appreciation for your patronage, we'd like to offer you this class during this Thanksgiving weekend for 50% off. See below.


The photo shows Uranus in 2004, taken with the Keck Telescope.

2014 Pocket Ephemeris2014 Pocket Ephemeris for the Human Design System

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