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Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 13
December 28, 2013

Human Design transmission

- Solving The Puzzle
- The Relationships Bundle
- Are You Prepared?


Solving the Puzzle

As a human being you likely are puzzled by what’s going on in your relationships with other people and make an ongoing effort to understand them better and possibly improve them, at least those that are closest to your heart.

The Human Design System is a very potent tool to decipher the mechanisms in play in any relationship and because it’s so graphic, it’s also kind of easy. But you do have to understand the basic rules of Human Design and that’s unfortunately kind of rare nowadays, when, as we point out over and over again, the basic mechanics of Human Design have been “officially” replaced by keywords and terms that are sexy and easy, but in fact hide reality.

By knowing that you are a “Manifestor,” for example, you know the static and obvious and it makes you proud, but when you know instead that you are a “triple split definition, to do” and understand what that means, you end up having a far more nuanced, balanced, honest and useful picture of yourself that's in tune with your dynamic reality.

The same applies to relationships, which so often are “analyzed” either with children’s rhymes or esoteric sophistry or not at all. No wonder then that most people are clueless about the real potential of Human Design to illuminate even the most complex relationships in very simple ways. If you understand how the basic mechanics of the system work in a person, you’ll have no trouble understanding the dynamics within that auric entity that comes into existence when two persons meet.

Chapter 7 of Human Design Revealed, Zen Human Design’s brilliant summary of original Human Design, presents the basics of composites graphically, while step 7 of the Zen Human Design education provides the meat, so to speak, that makes these concepts come alive and applicable in your daily life. Currently, four classes comprise step 7 and as a year-end gift to you, we offer you the complete bundle for a short time for only $280, a value of $488! Read below for more details on the classes included.

This offer is made only to readers of this newsletter and not available on our website. Please use the button below to make your purchase und you’ll get access to all four of Zeno’s classes on relationships, with over twelve hours of materials to help you solve the puzzle and competently see what's going on in composites. Offer expires January 2, 2014, 12 noon Eastern Time (17:00 GMT).

All four Relationship classes for only $280 (save $208)

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The Relationships Bundle

The following four classes are included.

1. Relationships

How Composite Connections Work

Everyone wants to know how relationships work. Whether it's a new sweetheart, your difficult child or long-term misunderstandings with your partner or a parent, this is usually something everyone wants to figure out!

Human Design is the perfect tool to explore and understand the mutual conditioning happening in relationships. This class presents the basic rules of composite connections.

Online video class, 1 hour 9 minutes
• corresponds with pages 83–90 (chapter 7) of Human Design Revealed
• with individual and composite charts



2. Conditioning: People

A collection of real-life examples

You need to practice to implement the composite rules learned in the Relationships class. In this recording of a live class you'll find many real-live examples examined. This shows you how relationship analysis in Human Design is practically done.

Online video class, 4.5 hours (3 + 1 lessons)
• corresponds with pages 83–90 (chapter 7) of Human Design Revealed
• replay of a 2012 live webinar (3 lessons)
• plus Course 2.1 overview of conditioning by both planets and people


3. Family Dynamics

Chart constellations resulting in pathology

Everyone knows the one or the other of those family relations that seem cooked up in hell, whether that's between siblings, in-laws, or parents and child. While we can pick our friends, we can't pick our family members and so it is helpful to have such a splendid tool as Human Design to understand what's going on.

In this class, guest Barbara U. Jones, Ph.D., a long-time student of Zeno's, shares charts and experiences from her practice as a Life Coach and discusses with Zeno where the pathologies can be seen in the body graphs. This is a very revealing relationship study.

Online video class, 6 hours (4 lessons)
• complements pages 83–90 (chapter 7) of Human Design Revealed
• replay of a 2013 live webinar (4 lessons)


4. Kate & William

An Entertaining Composite Chart Case Study

Kate Middleton has captured the hearts of royal watchers everywhere and her relationship with her husband Prince Willliam is under much scrutiny. Is it strong? Will it last? Find out what Human Design has to say about this, as Zeno walks you through the couple's charts and explains the dynamics these two have together.

Online video class, 23 minutes
• an adjunct to chapter 7 (pages 83–90) of Human Design Revealed
• with individual and composite charts



All together for only $280 (save $208)

Until Thursday, January 2, 2014, 12 noon EST (17:00 GMT)

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Are You Prepared?2014 Pocket Ephemeris for the Human Design System

The new Pocket Ephemeris for 2014 is available!

With an easy printed monthly overview, see what the planets are up to and how you are going to be influenced. This is a handy, practical and effective tool, beloved by many since twenty years!

booklet, 32 pages

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