Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 21, number 1
January 1, 2014

Human Design transmission

- Happy New Year
- New Class: Definition Types, Modes & Bridges
- Are You Prepared?


Happy New Year

We wish a very happy 2014 to our readers and customers and thank you for your patronage and support.

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New Class: Definition Types, Modes & Bridges

I saw a brief clip of The Sound of Music and caught Julie Andrews singing, "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start." So today, January 1, let us start at the very beginning: Definition Types, Modes and Bridges, chapter 1 of Human Design Revealed and step 1 of the Zen Human Design education program.

A chart calculation results in one of five combinations of definition, called Definition Type: No Definition, Single, Split, Triple Split, or Quadruple Split. While No Definition always is a design To Wait, the other four can have either of the two Modes, To Do or To Wait. This results in nine possible combinations.

These original Definition Types were obscured by the introduction of the Four Types (now Five, I think) in 1997 by Ra. (Chaitanyo wrote about this in newsletter 20.07.) Almost everybody nowadays refers to the Types as Manifestor, Generator, Projector or Reflector, which is really a great impoverishment of Human Design, because these labels hide the actual mechanics at play. This is particularly true with the potential complexities of a design To Do.

Recently, I had a client who was enamored of being a “Manifestor,” but had a hard time to understand that in her triple split definition only one of the three separate parts can Do (is a “Manifestor”) and the other two parts must Wait. One of her parts To Wait includes her Personality Sun, her main trait, plus an awareness center; the other involves the Ji, her identity. Yet all of that is obscured by that seductive label “Manifestor.” The person who introduced my client to her chart certainly did her no favor and examples like this are unfortunately all to frequent.

Only recently has it become really clear to me to what extent people’s understanding of Human Design is limited by their addiction to the “Jovian” Types and their ignorance of the original Definition Types and Modes. Accordingly, I’ve decided to beef up step 1 of the Zen Human Design education with an additional class, starting already next Saturday, January 4, looking at charts, just what the Definition Types and Modes are. Hope you can join me and my co-host Hal, even on such short notice.


Definition Types, Modes & Bridges

Saturdays, January 4—25, 2014
11:00–12:30 MST – 18:00–19:30 GMT
Live webinar, 4 weekly 90-minute lessons
• corresponds with parts of chapter 1 (pages 11—19) of Human Design Revealed.
• with reference card
• You can start late or miss live lessons. Lessons are recorded and can be revisited anytime


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