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Human Design Transmission
Volume 21, number 2
February 2, 2014

Human Design transmission

- Happy Lunar New Year
- New Class: What's On The Chart
- 2014 Pocket Ephemeris

Wood Horse by Digimaree

Happy Lunar New Year

At the time of the lunar, Chinese New Year (January 30, 2014, 21:41 GMT) it’s always fun to contemplate what their traditions tell us what might be in store. In the Chinese zodiac there are twelve signs that cycle through the five elements, earth, metal, water, wood, fire. 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse, which is regarded as a year of quick victories, unexpected adventures, and surprising romances.

In 1993, before Ra showed up with the Human Design System, Zeno and I were publishing a monthly magazine, the Taos Time, and there was a regular column about the Chinese zodiac. So I went to find those precious issues in my archive to see what was there about the Horse. Here’s what I found: First, the hilarious and magnificent rendering of the Horse character in a drawing by the very talented Katya Judith Rice, who was contributing her art to our magazine with much enthusiasm:

Katya Judith Rice: The Hose (Chinese zodiac)

And here’s Zeno’s accompanying text:

The Horse – active, intelligent and attractive

A person born in a Horse year is said to be quick-witted, cheerful and adventurous. The independent spirit of the Horse will push to leave home early. The changeable nature of the Horse may lead him to be rash, stubborn and impatient. The unpredictable spirit will cause the Horse to fall in love as easily as to fall out of love, always considering what is most beneficial at the moment. The Horse needs love and friendship and will move a mountain to get it.

For millennia the horse has been a friend to humanity. The bond can create great harmony (the myth of the Centaur) or cause suffering. Allied to the horse and its power, one can travel distance. Traditions and myths often depict horses as allies. The Horse is also found carrying death on its back.

The Horse corresponds to Gemini. Element is fire. Qualities: loyal, fiery, romantic.
Famous Horses: Neil Armstrong, Barbra Streisand, Paul McCartney, Raquel Welch, Rembrandt, Josephine Baker, Buffalo Bill, Chopin, Newton, Vivaldi, Virginia Woolf, Chaitanyo.

Yeah, that last "famous" person in that illustrious company is me. I was born in a year of the Wood Horse and the Horse has meanwhile cycled through all the other elements to be a Wood Horse again. It's my Wood-Horse-Return! Guess how old that makes me! Human Design has been with me for more than a third of my life by now and I'm really glad that it's here, at least in its original, Zen Human Design, form. It sure allows for way more nuanced characterizations than the popular Chinese zodiac.

Even with the knowledge offered in the very beginning class below, you'll understand more about anyone than you thought possible. And if you are lost somewhere on the "Jovian" track and think a label like "Projector" or something similar describes a person accurately, this is the little class you should take to finally be on the right track.

May you have a smooth ride on the wooden horse!



New Class: What's On The Chart

The most basic level of the Human Design System goes like this: A chart calculation results in one of five combinations of definition, called Definition Type: No Definition, Single, Split, Triple Split, or Quadruple Split. While No Definition always is a design To Wait, the other four can have either of the two Modes, To Do or To Wait. This results in nine possible combinations.

A thorough understanding of these basic mechanics is the appropriate foundation to be able to accurately read a Human Design chart. Start here.

Online video class. 2.5 hours
• corresponds with chapter 1 (pages 11–19) of Human Design Revealed
• includes your free Zen Human Design chart
includes Course 2.1 edition of this class
• with reference card #02


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