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Human Design Transmission
Volume 21, number 3
May 26, 2014

Human Design transmission

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Now Certification

Zen Human Design CertificationIt is very gratifying to observe the growing number of people who distance themselves from the Jovian cult, start thinking for themselves and realize that Human Design is actually quite a simple and very applicable set of mechanics that is relatively easy to learn and understand, but has just been hidden away behind the vines of one man’s jungle of inventions, suppositions, labels and rules. As we keep saying, you just have to toss aside all that you think you’ve learned from the Jovian clergy, start from scratch, and the real Human Design System will reveal itself to you.

The “tossing” is clearly the hardest part because once you think you are a “Manifestor” or a “Reflector” or some such, it sticks to you like dog poo to your shoe and is almost impossible to get rid of. It’s an immediate, deep infection. That’s because these labels and the attendant behavioral rules flatter the ego and whatever flatters the ego we hold dear and close and is usually here to stay. The best solution, therefore, would be to convince people to bypass Jovianism altogether and go directly to the original Human Design System. It’s a tall order, but that’s the goal of Zen Human Design.

In this task, Zen Human Design needs and wants allies, people who have realized that Jovianism is a devastating, if seductive, trap; people who have managed, or at least make a serious effort, to lose their labels and replace them with genuine knowledge as is offered in the Zen Human Design education program.

You can now also get certified with Zen Human Design, so that you can proudly display correct understanding to your clients and let them know that you have a cult-free, original education in Human Design. 

Zen Human Design Level 1 Certification example

There are four levels of certification:

Level 1: Requires completion of steps 1 and 2 of the education program. At this level, you have a very good understanding of the fundamental mechanics of your own chart and those of people close to you. What you know is totally applicable and very helpful in sorting out what’s going on in your life and your relationships and therefore you can even be of valuable assistance to those close to you. This level alone is way beyond the understanding you would gain from the ridiculous "Living Your Design" program.

Level 2: Requires level 1 certification and the addition of steps 3 and 4 of the education program. At this level, you are capable to confidently read much of a natal chart and be very helpful to your clients if you have them. You would be considered an advanced “Human Design Analyst” elsewhere, except that you’ll actually know what you’re talking about, instead of just slapping labels and rules on people.

Level 3: Requires level 2 certification and the addition of steps 5 to 7 of the education program. This will add some sophistication to enable you to include transits and relationships in your arsenal. We’re still working to complete the education on this level and Zeno is aiming to add a couple of additional classes soon. Stay tuned!

Level 4: Requires level 3 certification. To reach this level, you will work individually with Zeno to become a Licensed Zen Human Design Practitioner who can publicly represent knowledge and philosophy of Zen Human Design. While levels 1 to 3 require no commitment, this level does. We’re still working out the details at this point. Stay tuned!

Upon passing the test on any level, the student is issued a printable certificate and a batch to place on his or her website that links back to Zen Human Design's public list of the certifications it has issued.

Human Designers who have been previously licensed by Zeno in some form, such as through the official Human Design School before 2000 or HDP in later years, can contact her to discuss if and how they could qualify for today's certification.

If you are currently a student of Zen Human Design or are considering to become one, check out Zen Human Design’s education page to see how the education program and certification fit together.


Now Bundles

You can now buy bundles of Zen Human Design classes at significantly discounted prices. You could for example get a complete level 1/level 2 education and certification for less than $1100. At this level you'll have significantly better practical and applicable knowledge of Human Design than a Jovian “analyst.”

Check out Zen Human Design’s education page to see the various bundles available for levels 1 and 2.

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