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Human Design Transmission
Volume 22, number 1
November 4, 2015

Human Design transmission

- Dear Zeno
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Greetings Dear Zeno

Recently Zeno received a letter from one of the handful of people who attended Ra's very first classes in the US along with us, back in 1993:

Greetings dear Zeno,

I watch your videos quite often, one every couple of days. I even watch the same ones on many different occasions. This morning was another viewing of "the problem with the Jovian program". I often think back to that original training at that Taos dance academy, as well as the many parties and get-togethers you hosted at your homes.

The first advanced class in the US, 1993. From left to right: Josef, Liz, Zeno, Sarasvati, Ra, Ilse, Chaitanyo, Ivy, Lenny.

I really resonate with all your thoughts, feelings, postulates, etc. At one time this past year I promised to write something describing my unique perspective of having all 9 center single definition composites with you, Chaitanyo and Ra. (What a trip that was!) 

I had a natural pull toward you with our electromagnetic 25-51. And a natural resistance to Ra when he proclaimed, "I'm a materialist man". How could this teacher of an obviously multi-dimensional science, which merged 4 separate discreet metaphysical systems into one unified seamless higher octave presentation, label himself locked in into the third dimension??

When he said that, I knew right then at that moment that this man was chosen as the messenger of a message which he was either incapable of, or not allowed to truly understand!

When he "did my reading" at a house on Agua Fria in Santa Fe, I walked away thinking, what a farce this was. I couldn't help but thinking I just wasted $150. Granted, I am a single definition 50-27, but he used such gibberish in describing each of the 13 conscious and unconscious planets that told me nothing. That was the first 15 minutes. The remaining 45 minutes felt like a hypnotic psychological programming session detailing all of our connections in our single definition 9 center connection. That "I just found the most important person one could ever find in a lifetime". Talk about someone with a "guru complex." He was the poster child of it!

Walking away, thinking “what an egoist, using the rest of the remaining time describing my connections to him.” I vowed to myself right at that moment, when I do readings for people, I will never spend any time talking about my connections with the client. He was interrupted by two phone calls, each taking 5-10 minutes, but when the timer chimed when the 60 minutes were up, he stopped in mid-sentence, "well that’s it".

With my unconscious Jupiter in the 24, I immediately recognized the value of this system when I first saw the poster announcement in the window of the La Fonda hotel. But after attending the classes, I also realized that I was not going to be able to get the true and complete understanding of it from him, no matter how many classes I would take from him, nor matter how much money I would give to him.

So I set out memorizing the gates and channels. I already had a solid foundation of astrology, being able to construct an astrology chart from scratch, which took me about 45 minutes (without a calculator). Then I would have to reverse engineer the design chart (going back 88* or 88 days) which could take another 90 minutes to get it exact. Now with the two sets of astrological data I could construct the Human Design chart.

I also have a strong background in various yoga systems. I started with the Sikhs while I was at the University of Houston in the mid 70's, waking up at 3 am to practice their yoga with them from 3:30 am to 7:30 am. This included the asanas, chanting, meditating, and singing the prayers, all before sharing breakfast at 7:30. I've done others, taking initiations in Jyoti tantra and second level in Kriya. So my understanding of the chakras is definitely beyond the beginner level.

Now, back to the mid 1990's, I worked at Wild Oats on St. Francis in Santa Fe, as the scanning manager. My shift was the 10am to 6pm schedule where I interfaced with both the early shift starting at 7 am and the second shift which started at 3 pm. At its peak, that store had 225 employees. I interacted on a daily basis with a majority of those people. Those days we were transitioning from the hippies to the new agers. How I really learned Human Design was knowing the charts of the persons I interacted with on a daily basis. Observing their behavior (as well as my own) with the knowledge of the daily transits (planetary program) really brought me to a profound understanding of it.

In summation, how I describe the difference between the roles which you and Ra were destined to play out in terms of the human design may seem simplistic, but is important to relate to you. His failure was his inability to either recognize you, or if he did, to fight you and to disparage and to demean you, rather than to encourage you in your endeavor. So, ultimately he may have done more harm to the system he was chosen to introduce to the world. Please know the impact that you have made to this system is indescribable. Without all your (and Chaitanyo's) work and effort (on the graphics, definitions, marketing, etc.) in those early days and subsequently throughout this time, Human Design would be just a sliver of what it is now!!

I can tell from your YouTube videos that your health is declining. I wish you well, Zeno.

In divine friendship
Josef Velten



Zeno on YouTube

Due to a progressive illness Zeno is no longer able to give live classes and those who desire to learn from her have to depend on the large range of recorded classes she gave in the past.

Zen Human Design on YouTube

Giving readings and making short videos and posting them on YouTube is pretty much the only avenue still open to her to express the deep knowledge of Human Design she has accumulated by practicing it every day since 22 years, longer than anyone else in America. You can find dozens of her videos on her channel at Subscribe when you're there so that you'll be automatically informed when she posts a new one!


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