Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 24, number 1
September 26, 2017

Human Design transmission

- About Zeno
- 2018 Pocket Ephemeris Now Available
- The Zen Human Design Ephemeris


About Zeno

Zeno's illness has continued to devastate her body. By now there's almost nothing left she can do on her own. Increasingly she has trouble to communicate. She can't write, she can't operate a computer or a phone, and has trouble speaking. In May of this year she lost her house and moved to a care facility in Taos.

I was there for a few months to help her with the transition. As her long-time friend and partner in Human Design from the beginning in 1993, she has passed on Zen Human Design to me, which I will continue to operate with love, care and respect for Zeno's precious legacy.

Anticipating her decline, Zeno has recorded video classes that cover the entire range of her knowledge, from the basics to the advanced. They continue to be available at I will also make tutoring sessions with me available in the near future. This is the only record of the original Human Design System before it was mangled beyond recognition by both Ra and his followers and some of his opponents.

Here's a short video with a message from Zeno (click on image - video opens in YouTube):

Greetings, with love




2018 Pocket Ephemeris Now Available

2018 Pocket Ephemeris by Zen Human DesignFor any serious Human Designer, the Pocket Ephemeris we publish every year since 1994 is an indispensible item. Next year's edition is now available and you can order it, or learn more about it, here.

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The Zen Human Design Ephemeris

Zen Human Design Ephemeris 2001-2025The Zen Human Design Ephemeris covers an entire century, 1951-2050, in four volumes. You will enjoy the overview and accuracy that is only possible with a printed ephemeris. It shows four months of planetary positions on a double page, in intervals of just twelve hours. More.

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