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Human Design Transmission
Volume 24, number 2
October 20, 2017

Human Design transmission

- Thank you
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Thank you

The last newsletter with Zeno's good-bye video has generated a lot of responses, most of them heartfelt and very touching. They show how many people she has inspired and encouraged to abandon the immature and useless hodgepodge of beliefs they had encountered in the Jovian environment and its offshoots and start from scratch with the clean, simple and applicable Zen Human Design.

I'm currently traveling abroad and so I collected all the responses in a file and sent them to a friend in Taos who printed them out and read them to Zeno at her hospital bed. She felt touched and sends her deepest thanks for all the support, acknowledgment and love she received.


In the meantime I have been at work updating parts of the Zen Human Design website to reflect the fact of Zeno's absence. There's still much more to do and it will take a while given that I don't have a lot of time on my travels and very often bad internet connections.


I enjoy now offering my readings through Zen Human Design and have already been able to be of service with them. I have been giving readings since 1994, but was much more in the background while Zeno followed her calling of reaching as many people as possible. I'm very much in tune with Zen Human Design's objectives and philosophy and my readings go directly to the heart of your individual design or your composite with someone else. It is likely that you will feel understood and loved and that the results of our conversation are directly applicable in your life. If you're interested in a reading with me, check out the website at Please be aware that a suitable slot for your appointment may be a few weeks away.


As I announced in the last newsletter, I'm now also offering tutoring sessions. If you are a student of any of Zen Human Design's online classes, you are welcome to book a tutoring session with me and discuss points that may be unclear during or after you are studying a particular class. You probably are studying to be able to read charts on your own and that's where I can be of valuable assistance. We can look at a chart together and I'll be able to point out to you where and how you may be stuck so that your insecurities get resolved. It's very much in my interest to find and educate allies who are able to look at a chart in a way consistent with Zen Human Design and it is a pleasure for me to be tutoring. You'll find a link to book on top of the sidebar at


Speaking of these classes, I've learned that many people feel intimidated by the sheer volume of what's available and decide to not even try. Take heart! This is Zeno's entire legacy! You don't have to learn all of what's available to become fluent in Zen Human Design. In fact, I'd recommend you start with just the first two classes. These will give you plenty of profound material and once you've taken it all in and it has settled, you'll be surprised at how much you know and how usefully applicable that knowledge is. At that point it may be time to take the next step with another couple of classes.

Free Tutoring For New Students

To encourage you to start I'm offering you a free tutoring session if you purchase any of the level 1 bundles available at through the end of the year. This should help you to get really into the swing of it.

I'm looking forward to serve many more of you with my readings, my tutoring and with all the classes Zeno has so lovingly prepared and made accessible online. I also intend to continue with Zen Human Design's YouTube account and in a while start to add my own videos there. So, remain or become a subscriber. Zeno's good-bye video is not the end of it.

Remember, you don't have to learn "Living Your Design." You are already living it, since the moment of your birth. You are the expert. All you need to know is how the mechanics of it work and become aware of how they express in your life. That's the task of Zen Human Design.





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