Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 26, number 3
February 24, 2019

Human Design transmission

- Hi, I'm a 2/4 Projector
- Zeno
- Translations and Linking


Hi, I'm a 2/4 Projector

In last issue’s educational intermezzo about using the Pocket Ephemeris, I mentioned that the response to my newsletter 26.01 was quite overwhelming. I still have a little pile left to answer. Almost all of the responses were in support and appreciation, conveying gratitude, relief and hope. But of course, as expected, there were also a few responses from adherents of Jovianism, expressing everything from annoyance and reprimand to arrogant dismissal and condescension. My goodness, if the relatively straightforward and mellow description of the history of Human Design in America and Zeno’s and my involvement in it prompts some Raves to defend themselves like this, I might have to fear for my life by the time I’m going to be more pointed and specific!

Friends, I really look forward to a time when it may be possible to just quietly teach Zen Human Design, without having to mention Raves and Ra, but as long as the Jovian distortions are “mainstream” and continue to lure innocent people into their web I don’t have much choice but to point out what is so horribly wrong with them. And so you’ll just have to bear with me for the foreseeable future or use the unsubscribe link at the very bottom of this email.

To be fair, a lot of the comments I received from Raves are well-meaning and even sympathetic to what I’m saying. But I just can’t help seeing that even those who confess to agreeing with my critical stance in regards to Jovianism are still thoroughly trapped by it. I often liken Jovianism to a very virulent virus that starts to overwhelm your immune system the very moment you first see your Rave chart and read or hear the labels used to describe you and then proceeds to infect your entire being. By the time you’ve gone through the Living Your Design class, you’re generally lost forever, not to mention if you’ve gone even further into that morass, spent a lot of money on it and got a “license.” Truly. And I’m really sorry about this.

The best hope of fighting and recovering from this virus have those who feel an unease right from the start, feel that something is just “off,” and immediately back out. Congratulations! For you there’s hope. For you Human Design can be this beautiful gift from existence that helps you being more comfortable on your ride through life instead of trapping you in a dead man’s claws. But as long as you introduce yourself to me with “Hi Chaitanyo, I’m a 1/3 emotional generator with the cross of so-and-so, and…” I know that you’re infected and in your infection are not quite an ordinary and unique human being anymore, but a “Rave.”

So, dear Raves, you got your hands on my Zen Human Design chart, which presents the simple mechanics of my design, but because you have no idea how to read the mechanics you go ahead and plug my data into your MMI software, or whatever it’s called, so that you can see what it says about me. And it says that I’m a “2/4 Projector,” a “hermit opportunist,” that my “life theme” is “bitterness,” that my “authority” is “Splenic projected,” that my “strategy” is “to wait to be invited,” that my “cross” is the “right angle cross of Rulership,” and so on. Then you complacently conclude that you know who I am, probably better than I do, and that my disagreement with these labels must come from my living the “not-self” and from being “bitter” about Ra’s treatment of me and Zeno. And with all these prejudices you completely miss who I am and what I’m actually saying.

2/4? Yes, of course, there’s some truth in that. The position of your lines do have meaning, but it’s so far down the heap of relevance that it’s pretty negligible. Yet the weighty term “Profile” deceives you into thinking, believing, that this is your main characteristic, like an FBI profile. There are only twelve “profiles,” so mine is in the company of a half billion others, just like my astrological sign Pisces puts me in the company of a few hundred million others. Real Human Design is capable of a lot more subtlety than these commonplaces. And as always in Jovianism, while the pure mechanics usually are accurate, the emphasis, the labeling and the interpretation of them is where the poison is. Hermit Opportunist? Yeah, well, maybe, once in a while, either one, but seriously, give me a break. What a hare-brained, vapid combo of terms to attempt to summarily brand somebody’s humanity with, let alone hundreds of millions.

Same with my “Right angle Cross of Rulership.” While mechanically, there’s certainly something resembling a cross when you look at the two Suns and Earths in the wheel, I object to carrying a cross like Jesus and I’m drawing a complete blank about the “Rulership.” Sure, I could probably pretzel myself to conform to the notion, even muster some pride, could pull up some experiences that might vaguely justify the term, but really, it’s so far from my actual life experience that I have to laugh. And poof, there it goes onto the garbage pile as well.

Authority? True inner authority is formed by practicing awareness, by experience, by risking to be wrong and learning from it. It’s often called character in the real world and not found in the set of predispositions shown in a Human Design chart.

Strategy? Look, I respond to life and anything it throws at me according to the necessities of the moment and based on my intelligence and life experience. I don’t limit myself with a pre-cooked and rigid strategy invented by a manipulator. While I certainly know the value of waiting, of patience and reflection, of taking the time to look at an issue from various angles, I don’t “wait to be invited,” and certainly not by a “manifestor,” the most limited and handicapped of all the “types,” if there were such a thing as a hierarchy. Wait, wait, did Chaitanyo just say that? Yes, yes, he just did and he means it, too. If you are looking at the mechanics, without being guided by Jovian blinders, it’s really obvious. But my explanation will have to come a little later, when I get to kill another of your holy cows down the road.

So you really think that I’m of a “type” whose life theme is “bitterness,” along with another billion of “projectors?” Have you actually read what I’ve been writing? If you’d check in with me, rather than with your catechism, you’d see that I have a beautiful and satisfying life, everything is going exactly my way, I have no complaints, and I am a happy man. Sure, once in a while I’ve experienced episodes of bitterness like probably everyone else, but I see no evidence of it being a life-theme. And to slap that label, any label, on a significant part of humanity is just ridiculous and breathtakingly irresponsible.

None of these labels ring a bell for me and I have lived a long and pretty self-aware life, dedicated to figuring out who I am. To be sure, the discovery of Human Design did help me a lot on my path, brought much clarity and relief, but it was not the manipulative version imposed after 1997 and especially in the 2000s, but the original, the version Ra taught when he still had a modicum of humility and actually confessed, at least in private conversations, that he didn’t quite know what it is that he received and that we would have to figure it out for ourselves with a scientific approach of doubt and experiment.

Don’t believe me? Well, I sure hope you don’t, because belief is a poor substitute for knowledge. I have this video, however, of the second introduction lecture Ra gave in America in 1993. It was recorded by one of the attending guests and given to Zen Human Design a few years ago. Perhaps watching it might convince you that I’m not trying to bamboozle you. It will confirm what Zeno and I have been telling you all along, that Jovian Human Design has very little to do with Ra's original revelation. The video is 74 minutes long, though, and you might want to put off watching it until you have sufficient space to digest.

This is a nice lecture, the closest to the revelation and the most genuine you'll ever hear and see Ra. Enjoy! Yes, there's already a little bit of his grandiose and vain puffery, indicative of what's to come, but that's not the point at this point. You will notice that in the entire lecture there’s not one word to indicate any of the terminology that today is at the core of Jovian Human Design. No types, no profile, no authority, no strategy, no crosses. Not a word. What he was describing at that time was the mechanics, definition type and mode, and he kept his interpretation to a minimum, although he had already started to cover up the channels with a bunch of names and keynotes and indicated that his "Rave I Ching" was the only thing you'd ever need.

This was the lecture he kept repeating almost word for word during the subsequent 30 or so introduction events we organized for him in the following years and then backed it up with more details in his eight days of teaching "the entire Human Design System, as it was revealed to me." Only in that Taos class in spring 1997 I keep mentioning did he come up with the types and the rudiments of profile, authority and strategy. Our alarm bells went off, yes, but little did we know then how thoroughly he would soon cover up the mechanics with these interpretations he cooked up in his permanently hash-pickled mind, trying to legitimize them with statements like that the revelation was still ongoing.

Notice how he concludes his lecture that he would “never, ever present a belief system to you”? I do think that this was genuine, at least initially. But then, increasingly so as the years passed by, he needed to present himself as the chosen one, this incredible genius, with an IQ of over 200 (!) and an eidetic memory, far superior than anyone else, and how could his poor students ever hope to live up to that and humbly prove the accuracy of Human Design to themselves with their own life experience? And so most of them didn’t and left it all to Ra. And out the window went the scientific approach and he went ahead and answered all the questions anyone could ever have, now and in the future, and created that vast Jovian catechism. The tragic thing is that by internalizing this catechism you end up thinking you know, when all you actually do know is what Ra thought he knew and repeat him like parrots. Your knowledge is second-hand and second-hand knowledge is not knowledge, but belief.

That’s why I call what the Raves are practicing Jovianism. It’s a belief system, a religion, a cult. It has squandered the beautiful opportunity the Human Design System offers to explore aspects of the nature of form, directly, with an open mind and an open heart, with a simple and effective tool in hand, and has replaced it with sophisticated and weighty dogma. I know you think you’re experimenting and exploring in your Facebook groups, but all I can see you doing there is reinforcing each other’s beliefs and prejudices in bubbles of likeminded “friends,” clamoring for them to click the Like button. Facebook inherently creates giant inbreeding grounds, and we all know what happens in villages who inbreed, right?

The Raves who recognize their infection and are sincere about wanting to heal and become human again might wonder by now what I’d suggest they do. The best advice I can give you is to just forget about Human Design for a while, drop out of those Facebook groups, uninstall your MMI, and leave all that you thought you knew behind amongst the other garbage along the road. I know that’s hard and will feel like withdrawal from a drug. But it’s the only way I can see. You’ve got to clean the slate and start from scratch. Be tough and determined. Forget all and live your life totally unencumbered and enjoy. That’s what I did. I’m grateful for Ra slamming that door and leaving our house. It was tough, yes, but it eventually allowed me to come back into my own.

After a year, or two, or five, you may come back and look at your chart again. Make sure it’s a Zen Human Design chart, showing only the mechanics, not a Rave chart or similar, showing all that addictive poison trying to usurp your thinking. Completely ban any memory of those labels. And for a long, long time do nothing but look at the image. Forget all about the numbers, all about the planets, all about the I Ching, just consult the picture. It contains all you need to learn for now and can entertain you for years, without ever needing even a glance at the row of numbers underneath. The picture contains all the relevant mechanics. What do the centers mean? What does it mean when they connect? What does the color mean? What does the absence of color mean?

For a while you might just draw a blank and that’s ok. Take your time. Be patient. Sooner or later your common sense will start to kick in, your own life experience and your own intelligence. Remember that, like everyone else, you have lived your design your entire life, even before encountering Human Design. Nobody has a choice but to live their life every moment and always exactly the way it’s designed. That’s where your genuine knowledge is. You are the expert. You do not need a deceptively named class Living Your Design to learn to live your design. All you need is to know the mechanics and the awareness of how your life played out within the confines of these mechanics. And this will generate first-hand knowledge of Human Design.




Ra in Santa Fe, 1993



Many of your responses included appreciation and well-wishes for Zeno and questions about how she’s doing. Thank you very much!

As you know from newsletter 26.01, I’m permanently traveling and the last time I saw Zeno in the flesh was in May 2017. I try to keep in contact, but that has been getting increasingly difficult as her dexterity and her voice continue to deteriorate. Our regular Skype calls are a thing of the past since it is impossible for her to operate her laptop by now. She also regularly fumbles her phone and is unable to pick up or call me back. And when she does manage to answer I often have trouble understanding her voice.

All that said, though, I’m happy to report that for our last couple of calls I noticed a marked improvement in the clarity of her voice and we were able to communicate until she got too tired to talk or hold the phone. That was very nice for both of us. As always, she’s in impressively good spirits, although meanwhile she’s entirely confined to her bed. A bed in a care facility is a very small world and her main entertainment are the TV, three weekly visits of her beloved little dog Sweetie, who isn’t allowed to live with her, and occasional visits of a few friends.

One of those friends sent me the following nice, little, but telling report:

I went to visit Zeno on Valentine’s Day and we had a beautiful couple of hours together. While I was there the hospice chaplain, Julie, came by. 

Do you know her? She is very wonderful, kind and present with Zeno. Zeno was in good spirits as usual, laughing and telling her stories. She is inspiring to be with, as she is so accepting of where she is in her life stage and her circumstances. She had just had a bath and was quite pleased to be all shining and clean....the small gratitude’s of life!

She mentioned you may be coming back to visit next spring. I am not aware of where hospice thinks Zeno is with length time for her life, or capacity to talk etc., but I do know that she sounded happy with how Human Design is progressing in your hands. What a gift for her to feel that her work continues through you.


Translations and Linking

A few people have asked whether they could translate my newsletters into their native languages. Thank you for asking! You are certainly welcome to do that, provided you meet a few conditions:

1. Your English skills must be excellent, so that you understand my subtleties and humor and can translate adequately. Otherwise I’d prefer Google Translate, which generally does a rather good job nowadays.

2. You translate the entire article without adding anything or leaving anything out.

3. You credit me as the author.

4. You add a link back to the original newsletter. The best way to find the appropriate link is to click “View as web page” in the top right corner of the newsletter and then copy the link from your browser window.

Another couple of people have asked whether they could translate our book Human Design Revealed. The categorical answer to this is No. Despite its relatively simple language, every single word in Human Design Revealed is carefully selected and honed. It has layers of depth that are not accessible to the casual reader. Only advanced students of Zen Human Design can hope to understand that depth. If there’s ever an advanced student with excellent English skills willing to work on a translation, an effort will be made in very close, step by step cooperation with me.

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