Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 26, number 5
September 22, 2019

Human Design transmission

- 2020 Pocket Ephemeris Now Available
- The Zen Human Design Ephemeris


2020 Pocket Ephemeris Now Available

2020 Pocket Ephemeris by Zen Human DesignThe 27th edition of our beloved and indispensible Pocket Ephemeris is now available and you can order it, or learn more about it, here.

To get some hints on how to use the Pocket Ephemeris, read Newsletter 26.02.

booklet, 32 pages
$13.50, includes shipping worldwide
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Please note that we ship the booklet as a US Post First Class letter. If you order more than one copy, each will arrive in its own envelope, sometimes a day or two apart.



The Zen Human Design Ephemeris

Zen Human Design Ephemeris 2001-2025The Zen Human Design Ephemeris covers 150 years, 1926-2075, in six volumes. You will enjoy the overview and accuracy that is only possible with a printed ephemeris. It shows four months of planetary positions on a double page, in intervals of just twelve hours. More.

What's the difference between the Pocket Ephemeris and the Zen Human Design Ephemeris?

The Pocket Ephemeris covers a year in a handy, small format and shows one month on a double page. In addition to a noon GMT check of all planets, it displays the Moon changing gates down to the minute, plus its phases. It is suited as a daily companion and allows for brief notes.

The Zen Human Design Ephemeris is less handy in letter format and each volume of 25 years displays four months on a double page. The planetary positions are displayed every twelve hours. This includes the Moon which is therefore not as detailed as in the Pocket Ephemeris. The Zen HD Ephemeris is suited for long-term, overview exploration of past and future.

Zen Human Design Ephemeris
, 8.5x11", 164 pages
1926-50, $42, add to cart
1951-75, $42, add to cart
1976-00, $42, add to cart
2001-25, $42, add to cart
2026-50, $42, add to cart
2051-75, $42, add to cart

Use coupon ZENEPH at checkout and save 25% when buying more than one volume together.


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