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Human Design Transmission
Volume 28, number 2
September 26, 2021

Human Design transmission

- Uranus in the Ji
- Ephemerides
- Planets Class and Lecture
- Q & A


Uranus in the Ji

It is a quiet night, no sounds of engines anywhere, no sounds of humans. The persistent clouds have finally retreated to reveal a view of the stars and the eternity beyond. The moon is almost full, fat and bright, straight overhead, with brilliant Jupiter right next to it. Occasionally I can hear the waves of the lake below lapping the shore, whipped up by a gentle wind. Over the shrill trill of the cicadas, an owl hoots softly from a nearby tree. Bats flit by on their erratic trajectories across the moonlit sky. Erratic to me, not to them.


A few weeks ago I’ve finally landed in a place that felt agreeable to my Ji and settled down for as long as the visa allows. My humble, temporary, but gorgeous abode is glued to the slope of a steep mountain above a beautiful lake, the closest neighbor maybe 150 feet away. I go to the market twice a week to buy fresh veggies and fruit, but otherwise have barely any physical interaction with other humans.

The point being, I’m alone with the planets over a longer period of time. There’s little chance of human conditioning interfering with my experience, and if it happens it’s easy to notice.

Chaitanyo's DesignRather than the quick transits of the inner planets and the Moon, which usually kind of fade into the bustle of everyday life for me after so many solar cycles, I’m more interested in the slower, outer planets, those with staying power, the ones we get used to and are then surprised when they move on, like Neptune oscillating on my undefined Personality Sun and Venus for years, and, as of now, recently, and until May 2023, Uranus visiting gate 2 in my natally "virgin" Ji center. These are unique learning opportunities, unique in a lifetime. Uranus won’t be here again until 84 years from now, when my old, worn Personality crystal may reside in yet another body, if by then there are still viable wombs left and Earth habitable.

Right now [2021.09.17], Mars is activating gate 46 in the Ji, defining it with my natal 29, but this is going to be over already next week and and once Sun/Earth have left 46 and 25 as well, my Ji is going to be white again and I'm more or less alone with Uranus.

As I write, the Nodes provide a definition 34-20 to the whole planet until the middle of next January, making everybody a design to do. I’m usually not particularly fond of being a design to do, especially not when the planets provide a definition for everybody and there is this breathless pressure all around, but since I'm mostly alone these days the bustle doesn't affect me directly all that much. And it's the Nodes too, the pure neutrino stream on the 34-20 axis, rather than the interference of a planetary body, and they apparently get me to write.

Over time I’ve realized that when I’m alone with the planets, I’m mostly one of the split definitions, with my single natal definition 44-26 just hanging in there, not connecting to anything the transits effect. On my birthday next year I’ll be a quadruple split definition, with the 44-26 one of the splits and the Ji still miraculously white! This is because it has no activations itself and only 3 of ten possible activations pointing to it. As a result, the planets can’t often define my Ji, simply for mechanical reasons.

But a visit by one of the slow ones demands attention, even if no definition is formed. Uranus, the planet with its orbit between Saturn's and Neptune's, has dipped into gate 2 since the middle of June, but what I initially noticed was not its presence there, but its absence from the Ajna, the relief of not being forced into linear thinking. Life was too busy for me to observe much more until I arrived here at my leisurely hermitage, and so far it's gate 2 that I notice more than any potential Uranian flavor, the primal yin, Earth, ruthless cycles of life and death, deep, dark, churning fecundity, yearning for light.

Uranus photographed in 1986 by NASA's Voyager 2.
This real color image of featureless Uranus was taken by NASA's Voyager 2 probe in December 1986. It's the only probe to ever get there.


I’m not sure who Uranus is. I know the keynotes with which astrologers have endowed it and I understand the reasons for those keynotes: It’s “unusual” because it rotates on an axis that is perpendicular to the rotation of all other planets; it’s “electric” because electricity was discovered around the same time; it’s “revolution” because its discovery coincided roughly with the American and French revolutions, etc., but I'm not entirely confident that any of them apply. Because it has been discovered only 240 years ago (1781), there hasn’t been enough time to form an archetype, unlike the visible planets from Mercury to Saturn of whom humans were aware for tens of thousands of years and who’ve found expression in mythology, the collective, common sense.

Uranus photographed in 2000 by Hubble telescope.
This near-infrared image was shot by the Hubble telescope in 2000. It shows its faint rings and a few of its moons. Uranus rotates sideways, perpendicular to the rotation of all other planets. The pole is on the left.

Sure, as a character in their pantheon Uranus was known to the ancients, but not as a planet, as an observable factor in the skies. In Greek mythology Uranus is the personification of the Sky, both the son and husband of Gaia, the Earth. So it is certainly poetic that the Sky now visits his mother and wife's home in the body graph (gate 2, the yin) and activates it for everyone over a period of almost two years.

I prefer to approach Human Design without taking refuge in keynotes, ancient or modern, but I’m open to the possibility that any of them might apply. So, it’s just Uranus and my Ji and we’ll see what happens, day after day. It's a splendid opportunity to learn, about Uranus, the Ji, and gate 2.

See for yourself! All you need for this is an ephemeris, a table showing you where the planets are at a given time, and some knowledge of the mechanics of your chart. Then you can explore on your own and figure out what effects, if any, the planets are having on you and your particular design. Everyone is different, every design a dynamic uniqueness, never the same after that initial birth imprint captured in the chart.




Uranus will retrograde from 2 back into 24 on October 25. It will return to gate 2 on April 8, 2022 and remain there (more or less) until May 2023. See an ephemeris for details.



Singular: Ephemeris, plural: Ephemerides
A calendar of planetary positions to observe planetary conditioning.
The 2022 Pocket Ephemeris Zen Human Design Ephemeris 2001-25

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The Planets Class

The Planets Class by Zen Human DesignWhen in 2013 Zeno was recording her legacy classes, each following the chapters of Human Design Revealed step by step, she came to chapter 5, the planets, and realized that, just like me, she honestly didn't have much to say about them.

The choice to let astrologers have a say, the very people who have been observing the planets since thousands of years, came therefore easily. The result is an assembly of seven experienced astrologers and two Human Designers who came together to share what they know. Inspiration for your own exploration.

Online video class, 12 hours in eight lessons


See details.

The Planetary Archetypes

Another jewel is a beautiful lecture by esteemed astrologer and cultural historian Richard Tarnas, recorded at the HDP Symposium in Taos, 2008. Richard brings the planetary archetypes to life with simple and gripping language, music and a lot of feeling.

Online audio lecture, 4 hours, 23 minutes





Q & A

I spend much time answering emails from readers, clients and students. Some of my answers may be of interest to more than one. I may have slightly altered statements/questions and answers to serve this public purpose.



"I like your perspective on Human Design and signed up for your Facebook feed, but now I’m confused because on Facebook you say how important Authority and Strategy is and many other things contradict what you say in your newsletters."

In the past few years I’ve heard a few times about someone named Chaitanya who apparently has a lot to say about "Human Design" on Facebook.

It's easy to miss the difference between our names. I have heard of other cases who were inspired by my writings, then signed up for Chaitanya's feed and ended up thoroughly confused.

So here’s to clarify: I’m Chaitanyo with an “o” at the end and have zero relation to Chaitanya with an “a” at the end. Since more than a decade, it is impossible to find me on Facebook or any other “social media” platforms. I don't feed anyone. I don't go for likes. I don't need to dazzle. I'm no showman. The only way you can hear me talk Human Design is in my sporadic newsletters or in person during a session.


Zen Human Design Keynotes

"You should publish an ephemeris with Zen Human Design keynotes!"

No. Of course not. There’s no such thing as a Zen Human Design keynote. I’m not going to put words in your mouth. That was Ra’s mission. I’d prefer you to see for yourself, be your own light, to paraphrase Buddha, and perhaps come up with your own words.



"Jovian even has dictated that 2027 be the end of the world as we know it …"

Ah yeah, prophecy, the smoke screen deployed by every charlatan in history: Lose yourself in a future that may or may not happen and forget about the only present you have.

Relax. The world as we know it ends every moment we live.



"My truth is different from yours."

Aw, come on, that’s lame since at least 2500 years. By definition, there can only be one Truth. Your perception of truth may differ from mine, but that doesn’t make truth itself subjective.


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