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Human Design Transmission
Volume 29, number 2
November 20, 2022

Human Design transmission

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Sincere seekers are often attracted to Human Design, but soon start feeling uncomfortable because "something just feels off." That's because most of the major terms of Jovianism are appropriations, taken from disciplines older and more mature than young Human Design, their meaning then slightly altered with Human Design jargon, claiming “synthesis.” From Rave to Mandala to I Ching to Genes to Type to Not-self to Authority and Awareness, it all seductively resembles the original, but just isn't quite it. This creates kind of a parallel, cultish world, slightly offset from reality, amplified through "social media."

If you really know what a mandala actually is, for example, you’ll no doubt also know that the Human Design wheel is a mandala only by a stretch of the imagination and that calling it so is a disservice to both the Human Design wheel and the mandala. It sure sounds sexy, but muddies real understanding of either.

So it is with all these appropriations. They muddy perception by seducing to substitute Ra’s limited perspective for the real thing. Substituting Awareness for cognition makes you think awareness is confined to three centers, but essentially the old yogis differ: Awareness is not only possible in all the chakras, it is necessary for "Kundalini to rise." Thus gets the meaning of “awareness” corrupted and responsibility for it shirked. And so on.

Authority, as Ra and his followers understand it, is just a substitute description of the definition someone has, weighted to fit his hierarchical caste construct. Hence, in their view, I’ve got “splenic projected authority” because my Spleen is defined and it’s valued higher than the also defined Heart in their hierarchy. Zeno had “emotional projected authority” because her Solar Plexus was defined, which again seems to rate higher than her also defined Root, Spleen, Ji, Throat and Ajna centers.

Chaitanyo Zeno


And obviously, we must have had our authorities all along, because definitions are with you from birth to death, they are what you can rely on and never change, your strength, your haven, life’s box of gifts that’s always there for you. But what is familiar and comfortable and doesn’t change isn’t the same as authority.

If that were the case, a baby would have inner authority. A still delightfully innocent toddler certainly already displays reliable traits based on definition, but I’ve never met one with inner authority. On the other hand, I’ve also seen plenty of older people without a trace of it.

Authority is earned, you’re not born with it. It is a product of personal growth, of the practice of awareness, of maturity, of wisdom. Good karma. It is not a given and not everybody earns.

Ra’s misunderstanding then leads to such baffling conclusions as that people without definition “have no inner authority,” which I find to be one of the most ridiculous assertions of the Jovian faith, right up there with the “informing, “being invited” and “responding” scams. In my experience and observation, authority most often is earned exactly in the two thirds of the body graph that remain un-activated and undefined and therefore white, which would give people without definition mechanically the greatest chance at authority.

The white territory of the body graph, what Jovianism so conveniently ignores with its appropriated version of the "not-self,” is where the work of personal growth happens. It’s where your shadows are, your vulnerabilities, your crossed wires, your buttons pushed. It’s where fear and pain and despair lurk. It’s not easy to look at and not easy to be aware of, easier to look away and keep hidden or decorated with deception. Looking requires and forms character.

Authority comes from how you approach your challenges, the uncertain and the unexpected, from your stance in the face of change, from the way you handle your insecurities and upheavals, the mistakes you make and learn from, your integrity, the attention you pay to yourself and the other in relationships, how aware you are of the impact of your definition. Your inner authority is proportional to your maturity, responsibility and awareness.





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Q & A

Answers to select questions from readers, clients and students.


Being invited

"I'm a Projector, but I don't understand my stategy."

When you write to me and want me to know who you are, please share your birth data and I'll have something real to work with. I don't care that you are a "projector" and what your supposed "strategy" is. This tells me only that you're ill with the Jovian virus. Like all the other "types," it’s just a blinder swindled upon your perception, manipulating you to feel separate and special, yet in cozy good company.

Other than occasionally being invited to a party or a meal, which is nice for everyone reardless of caste, it hardly matters whether “you are invited” or not. Invited by whom? To what? It's just entirely contrived, a useless treadmill. You justifyingly don't understand because it sure doesn't make sense.

Even the saintly notion that you’re “invited by existence” or the “universe” is a farce. Of course you are “invited,” that's why you're here! Everybody is, even the other Jovian castes. Why make the obvious a "strategy" for just one of them?

Without any invitation, without any permission, free of any caste, you are fully capable to live this life!


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