Zeno & Chaitanyo

Ra Moves to Taos

In September, Ra returned to Taos to give another of his marvelous professional trainings. This year, however, he brought his family with him to make Taos their home. We feel deeply honored by his confidence in us and privileged to have him so available. With his advice and support literally “just around the corner,” we look forward to building the center of Human Design and its school here in Taos and to continue the work of building a strong organization to promote the Human Design System in the world.

New Sun Services America is five years old now and we are very pleased with the progress made. Starting from nothing, we managed to establish a large and ever faster growing base of clients, an exciting educational program and a sizable, rapidly expanding inventory of educational tapes, books and tools. We are so busy in fact (still just Zeno and Chaitanyo) that we're looking at adding permanent staff and train our “right hands” by next year. This will allow us time to develop some projects that have been waiting, some for years by now. It's very exciting.

We love this work and its challenges. The Human Design System at the center of our lives has allowed us to be ourselves. This is a lot to be grateful for. We also thank all of you who are attracted to this knowledge for your support that has enabled Human Design to spread and the business to grow.

21 November 1998, Human Design Network Newsletter

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