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Human Design Transmission
Volume 16, number 8
November 5, 2009

Human Design transmission

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- MJ - A Study in Conditioning - Part 5 - Throat Center
- New Webinar Classes
- New Web Site
- 2010 Pocket Ephemeris now available

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MJ - A Study in Conditioning - Part 5 - Throat Center

The Throat centerMichael Jackson (chart) is an excellent example for seeing an effect of the undefined Throat center, his design to wait, being conditioned to do and not controlling manifestation in his life. His foundation gains extremely well posthumously. Back on the top of the charts, his estate recovers from massive debt that accrued over years of not performing, not doing. From what I learn from various sound bites and magazine articles, it’s fair to say that he felt attacked on all sides. He suffered, couldn’t sleep, was dependent on heavy narcotics and couldn’t protect himself, needed others to manage his life.

Since his death, I’ve been watching all the news tabloid reports and rehashing from the last years to seek out tidbits for this Human Design series. The image that struck me most powerfully for the undefined Throat was him holding a press conference during the intense time of being accused of child molestation. He was sitting alone and said “these charges are utterly false” (or words to that effect). Or “how can anyone believe this?” Seeing this image gives a very strong impression of how useless it was to try to be convincing or to be believed.

Michael Jackson - This is itI went to see This Is It, the documentary about the rehearsals for MJ's last show. It opened with a text saying he hadn’t performed in a decade. The entire movie left an impression on me of him really letting go of the conditioning to be driven or to push himself, that he was saying I’ll do one more performance, and that’s it.

It revealed a man who was not particularly energetic, you could recognize the undefined Sacral center that he’d dropped out of pushing; he stated the need to save his voice (undefined Throat) and made a point of including the cast as well as the audience, saying “We’re all One.” I am really looking forward to getting to his definition, but will continue next time with the undefined mental field (Ajna and Head centers).



New Webinar Classes

Zen Humanm Design webinarsDecember 1 begins a series of online classes to take you through the mechanics of Human Design and deep into the personal application of the mechanics in your own life. The first of the series is called Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness. This six-part class will be held as 90-minute webinars twice a week beginning Monday, December 1. To learn more, click here.

I highly recommend this class for everyone. It's great for beginners. It will be fun, engaging, consuming as you enter into your own journey with Zen Human Design. Also very refreshing and liberating for those of you with more experience. This class will give you a very strong foundation based on experiential knowledge. It will teach you how to grow your understanding based on your own experience.

Each week in January, I will continue with the basic structure and mechanics of intermediate Human Design beginning with Definition Types and Modes, followed by Composites (how charts combine), then Transits, The Ephemeris and Planetary Conditioning. To see more on this, check here.

Space is limited. Book now to reserve your place!

How To Do A Reading is for advanced practitioners who have a solid grasp on the material previously presented. This three-part class will be held January 26, 29 and February 1.  See more here.

I am very excited to do this class. It introduces the essential component of listening to find out what the client seeks to use the chart to address those concerns rather than simply downloading a box you think your client belongs in.

Open Up to Your Own Inner Knowledge

My classes liberate lovers of Human Design from constraints and self-imposed biases to see the chart without the aid of terms and labels that appear to be essential but are not. They just distract you from looking at how the mechanism works. The mechanics themselves are much more powerful than the prevalent "official" interpretation.

So many people are convinced that there is only one true authority of Human Design, and that’s how you have to learn it. If you believe that, then indeed, that is your authority. That style spends a whole lot of time dazzling you and taking you off in all kinds of sidetracks that seem very important, so you look at something relatively insignificant and have loads of terms but can’t actually see what the chart shows you. You don’t get the gestalt of the body graph, only lots of parts.

Have you ever had that experience where you’re told something and try to repeat it, only to have this Huh? sensation of not getting it at all? This is one way to recognize the distortion-confusion of hitting a wall and you can’t figure out what something means. The reason it feels like a wall is because it is. It is an absolute. There is no reference. There’s no way to know for yourself to see what’s wrong with it.

Instead, look for what’s right, the kernel, the essence, that attracts and is spot-on, and figure out why it’s right.  Those labels and names from the original interpretation are about 70% useful. The rest is great-sounding filler, fluff. Allow in the information that some of what is said includes errors. Trust yourself when you feel that.

This is a time of deep planetary transformation. It’s time to wake up to being our own authorities, not give it away. I look forward to sharing with you what I have discovered and uncovered on the path of waking up in Human Design. Join my classes!

I recently added two posts on authorities to my blog.


New Web

When the web site came online in 1997, it was the first and only Human Design site for a few years. Meanwhile, it's one of many and started to show signs of aging in the rapidly progressing digital world. Time for an update.

Since a few days, a brand new version is online, offering information, education, history, services and products with a secure shop that seemlessly integrates digital products with the services and tangibles offered.


2010 Pocket Ephemeris now available2010 Pocket Ephemeris

See what’s coming up in the year ahead with this handy pocket ephemeris that gives a clear table of daily activations in a convenient monthly format.

The year ahead will see Uranus leaving Pisces, entering Aries, Pluto still going through the early degrees of Capricorn and Saturn in Libra. These are three of the cardinal signs (the fourth is Cancer) and there will be many exciting lessons to observe and experience in the year ahead. The most convenient way to easily reference when something noticeable is going on.

• softcover, 4x6", 32 pages, $12, buy



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