Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 17, number 1
January 1, 2010

Human Design transmission

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- 2010: Do You Know Your Transits?

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Momentous Transit

Here’s the transit chart for my own personal application of Human Design. Transit study is so helpful when you have significant episodes, as I did this past November 19. Hard aspects were in effect; Saturn in 46 square Pluto in the 10. These transiting powerhouses activated Ji gates, about identity, direction, the Source and totality. They came into definition in my chart, as I have South Node in Sacral gate 29, the Abysmal, connecting to Saturn and Neptune in Spleen gate 57, part of a channel definition with my natal Design Mercury and transiting Pluto.

The transiting Moon was exactly conjunct Pluto in 10.4. Saturn in the 46 defined the Sacral center that found expression through the channel with Venus (balance) and my natal Mars in gate 1 forming a definition with transiting Earth in 8.

I stumbled and fell, propelled into a row of magazine racks, which did not budge, but my left hand weaved through the wire racks before I came fully crashing to the ground with my hand still trapped. This was a real stop from going on with the rest of my day or week or even month. I couldn’t get up.

For the first time in my life, I was in an ambulance, went to the ER, was admitted to the hospital for surgery on the following day for my wrist that now has a plate and 12 screws. A small bone in my pelvis also cracked, making it completely impossible to stand or walk.

After some days in the hospital, I was transferred to a short-term rehab hospital where I learned to navigate with the help of a platform walker. The platform was so I could use my left elbow instead of the hand. In early December, I returned home to make my lovely house handicapped accessible. What a thing to just turn on the floor heat and not make a fire. Keeps the temperature very comfortable. Really nice!

This is a transformation of my identity as I embrace a walker to move about. It brings me into the Now as an unexpected benefit that just getting the daily life together is an accomplishment. My great friends shop for me, drive me to appointments or help me with household duties and encourage me in healing. I spend afternoon hours to soak up solar radiation and use the scalar wave laser to help the bones heal. It is a melting into deep relaxation; the body, unwinding, mending bones and muscle. The bone in my wrist has mended and I no longer require the platform.

More healing is on my agenda for this new year. I will now start on the PT and personal training, continue with super blue green algae and energy healing, meditation and miracles. I'm trying to avoid the use of Wishes or Hope so: May you have a stupendous year and all things that come to you, may you accept with grace. May we appreciate the divine in all its forms in our lives. Love.

Zeno with walker
This is the platform walker I use to balance and walk.

2010 intensifies these transits as Uranus enters Aries, squares Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Saturn in Libra. These three powerful planets in cardinal signs will have hard-aspect relationships to each other, forming squares and oppositions, even a three-planet cardinal T-cross. Squares and oppositions indicate challenge aspects, and the combining of those energies can be quite volatile, also potentially creative, if you can channel the extra energy rather than having a meltdown.




About skipping the first of my new classes because you’ve had other classes so you think you know the basics, sorry, you don't. You learned one structural set of assumptions as to what a Human Design chart shows, but that's not where I start at all. This class is completely different from all others. It's one you haven't had. It’s not a repeat. Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness is the foundation and a prerequisite for all my other classes. 

This one powerful class gives you the tools you need for entering into your own journey of self-knowledge. It is possible to see directly in, to see what's important to you.

January will find me at the gym and my physical therapy appointments, so am postponing classes until further notice. I will teach private students in the meantime. Contact me to learn more.

The free webinar will be scheduled again, so for those of you who signed up, I’ll contact you soon with more details.

Zen Human Design uses Human Design to help you become more peaceful with yourself and the planetary transits. It is the path of consciousness and virtue. It is Human Design as a waking up meditation.


Final Michael Jackson Installment

This will be postponed until I can start a blog discussion, so everyone can participate. If you haven’t read the others, you might want to (Transmissions 16.03 through 16.09). His chart is a great study.

The last installment is the Heart-Solar Plexus definition. You maybe know enough to see the evidence for this theme in his life. Consider his support for so many different charities. Do you have the sense that his family leaned on his ability to be the money support?

the extended Jackson family



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