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Human Design Transmission
Volume 17, number 9
June 21, 2010

Human Design transmission

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- A Personal Message
- June 21, 2010, Summer Solstice
- Uranus in Aries conjunct Jupiter
- Casting Seeds
- Dennis Hopper
- My healing journey newsletter

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A Personal Message

Dear Fellow Travelers,

It has been an interesting journey for me with the Human Design System. Only a few of you probably recognize the significance of a material result from the evolution in my old friend and long-time Human Design partner, Chaitanyo, who, I am glad to report, is doing extremely well in his next life stage beyond being a graphic designer. He’s on his path, impassioned. It is so evident how much healthier it is when someone is connected to one’s purpose!

For my part, I have felt for a long time that he had to come to the end of doing what I wanted with Human Design, but the mechanism of habit and conditioning took a longer time to unwind and fade. Each step on the path was taking its own time.

This last quarter has been significant in my experiential unfolding of what it means to not be conditioned by Chaitanyo. I have entered into a state of not doing. Without his 45 in the Throat to my 21 in the Heart center, I did not feel compelled to push myself any further than I already had for the last decades.

In fact, it felt to me that my education in Human Design really matured when I finally recognized what it meant to be conditioned and to act from energy that was not always a beneficial form of being conditioned. This is actually very important to realize, to identify what the difference is when conditioning is loving and supportive versus when it pushes one.

That relationship brought me to a profound understanding and mastery of Human Design. For all those years that I suffered its limitations, I am rewarded and blessed with a profound sense of what my purpose on this planet is and what my role in the Human Design community is.

These last months have been unexpectedly peaceful that I don’t feel to force myself, to slog my wares, to figure out how to make money. It’s not up to me; it has never been up to me, and my main interest is in healing my blessed and beloved body.

Defending myself against the Jovian Goliath has taken a toll on me. I recognize this stress, and though I am mentally strong, I didn’t understand how high a price I was paying with my undefined Sacral and Heart centers. Though my body doesn’t function well, I still feel joyous. The mastery in my work is exhilarating, while the breakdown in my body has been and is a huge teacher for me to finally understand the Sacral center.

In the recent weeks, I’ve been thinking about how to recast the age old story of my relationship with Ra. In the past, I have felt chastised for not being respectful of my teacher, or defensive about my right to practice without his permission. My god, the breath I have wasted in arguments about this! The energy I have consumed in trying to set the record straight! The time used to ask people not to inform me of all their Jovian knowledge.

In the last months when I gave readings or otherwise just talked with people with a smattering of indoctrinating terms and slogans, it gets starkly evident how Ra is able to successfully create memes, viruses of the mind, where people are convinced that type and profile, crosses, etc. are Human Design. No, no, no, dear friends, that’s Ra and his interpretation. He’s confusing you by informing that he is the only one who can authorize its use and that his interpretation came with the revelation.

That’s partly why I’ve been promoting the revelation story (soon to be posted on the home page at, because everything you need to use Human Design is in the revelation and you don’t need anyone’s permission to use it.

If you use types, that’s Ra’s. I just did a YouTube video on why I don’t use types for this reason. I feel just bombarded with this generalization format and would be grateful to everyone if, when talking with me, you see what happens when you just drop those memes, and memes they are. Brainwashing in a way. Mind habits that prevent you from seeing directly. If you are a professional and haven’t paid him for the right to use, think long and hard about this infringement.

See the video here:

The real buttons, though, have to be, strategy and authority. Please, guys, you don’t need a strategy to live your life. It’s consciousness. And you don’t need Ra telling you what your authority should be. You should be your own authority. Kindness and love are the path of the golden way of the Tao.

But the greatest deception of all has got to be “Deconditioning the Not Self.” This one is so tricky. Here are its flaws: Deconditioning - Assumes that you can un-do the habitual patterns of being conditioned. It’s a re-conditioned more than anything else. You need to learn to stay open in those undefined centers, not label them the Not Self so that you can justify your unconsciousness and bad habits. Don’t wall yourself off from what life is bringing you to learn by believing that you have no responsibility; that it’s your Not Self.

Well, I could go on and on, and that’s certainly the nature of my mind to argue my case, but I can’t type well any longer (my left hand gets weak), so I’m taking that as the sign to stop writing.

See my blog posting here:

June 21, 2010, Summer Solstice

The Solstices and Equinoxes are the cardinal points of the compass the Ji center includes. These four points are always cusp hexagrams sharing the hexagram with the tail end of the preceding mutable sign. In this case, the first two, nearly three lines of hexagram 15 are Gemini, but as the Sun progresses into line 3, we are in the sign of Cancer, cardinal water. This is worth noting, as transiting Uranus is now in gate 25, cardinal Aries, conjunct Jupiter, in a square (90°) with the Sun and in loose square with Pluto in cardinal Capricorn. Keep your eyes on  the lookout for more disturbance in this movement that is leading up to the big day December 21, 2012.

Eric Francis (, always great to read, says of this powerful Uranus story, that the Gulf Oil spill is just a first sign of the changes coming and there’s no going back to “before.” It marks big changes in our lives.

Speaking of all things dire, I just watched a movie “Collapse” I recommend, if you can handle reminders that the vast corporate/political machinery is beyond your control. We all get to practice forgiveness and peacefulness in our own lives. Watch, tolerate, have compassion and be thankful that yours is not the job to try to plug that oil volcano.

What is ours to do is to feel grateful for our life on earth, as we take a ride on Mother Gaia at this most cosmic of moments on our planet.

If you’re wondering what is in store for you in the next months or the year ahead, what about booking a reading with me to ask your questions? It is my joy and privilege to be at your service.


Uranus in Aries conjunct Jupiter

I like to read what astrologers write about for such potent transits. The most consistent theme is get ready to be shocked out of complacency.

This is from Lynda Hill in Australia (

"As stated in previous newsletters, Jupiter and Uranus are together on the first degree of the zodiac - Aries 1: A Woman Has Arisen From The Ocean, A Seal Embraces Her. As previously stated, this is a time for finding your feet and your unique voice (mermaids have to do this in order to come on shore and take human form). This is a dynamic combination in a dynamic sign and on a dynamic Sabian Symbol and it could be a case of full steam ahead for many people with their new plans firmly in place. However, without wanting to be a wet blanket, it is prudent to point out that very soon both planets will go retrograde and dip back into the oceanic realm of Pisces. No worries, this is a time of going back over what you really want to be doing or where you want to be or with whom and why. 
The 'Karmic Condition' of Venus is Cancer 27A Violent Storm In A Residential Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes. Of course, everyone's home is 'valuable' and the day before the new Moon could see some shifts, challenges, dramas or changes of some kind that need careful management so that things do not get out of hand. No matter what the intention, some may find the lead-up to this new Moon rather challenging emotionally, physically or mentally. The trick is to have things fall into their rightful place after the initial stirring up of energies. Being thankful will work wonders to restore a sense of calm and peace. For many, right before the new Moon, there is likely to be a big shakeup where things are thrown into the air in some way and come back down in a different shape, order or combination of factors. Staying calm in the eye of the hurricane is the trick here while knowing that all will be OK….

To sum up, it seems that this new Moon shows us the need to relax and celebrate with loved ones and to take a break from the usual chores. Before we do that though, we may have to sort through some difficulties that life has thrown at us. The important thing here is gratitude - that above all else will bring the rewards of bounty that are inherent in this new Moon."


The following is from Brenda Black, Phoenix AZ

"…[D]uring these current times we have had an echo of the 1930s and the 1960s.  Uranus is now in Aries for the first time in 84 years and it pinpoints a crisis in global consciousness and is shedding light on the pioneering efforts that are needed to move culture and society toward modern global functioning.  The positive side of these times is that quietly in labs around the world there are new cures and formulas being created to assist with this world transformation.

We are freeing ourselves from the known, old conditionings and structures that no longer work for us and walking away from tasks and duties that have no further relevance in our lives.  We are moving toward a deep connection with our higher truth and a clearer understanding of our psychic abilities. Many of us are experiencing breakthroughs in consciousness and personal healing.  More people are beginning to take charge of their lives to become more self-sufficient.  A phase in time is over and we are all heading into fresh territory.  Never seen before technologies are flourishing and major scientific and archeological discoveries could challenge everything we thought we knew about our past history and ourselves.


On early Saturday morning, June 26, 2010 we will have a partial eclipse of the Moon around 4:30 AM PDT and 7:30 AM EDT.  It will be at 4 degrees of Capricorn.  This Full Moon forms a grand cross with Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all within 5 degrees of the four cardinal points.  This eclipse is part of Saros Cycle 146, which began in 1541 AD.  At that time modern astronomy was accepted and this eclipse can bring about a greater understanding of the universe and our role in it."


Casting Seeds

If you are interested in Hua-Ching Ni’s preferred means of casting a hexagram (page 208-9 in his I Ching), I bought some and will happily send you a pack for $4 plus postage, $1 for US residents. $3 International. This is not going to be a product in the shop, so if you want one, please send me an email to be sure that I still have one to send you before paying with PayPal.


Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper of Easy Rider fame, recently died and was buried right here in Ranchos de Taos, NM where I live. He bought a house here after coming here during that movie shoot. How can you his bad-boy attitude in his chart? Look here.


My healing journey newsletter

Interested in my healing journey newsletter?

I will be setting up a new email service. If you are interested, please send me a note.

Happy Trails and Summer!



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