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Human Design Transmission
Volume 19, number 6
April 9, 2012

Human Design transmission



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Various links

Check out the simplest and clearest lesson on the Premises of the Human Design System.


Beverlee Cannon sent me this very positive movie trailer that poses the suggestion that we humans are here to celebrate our lives and we are much too often mired in all kinds of concerns that bring us down or at least fully engaged in our pain bodies.
This movie trailer is illuminating and worth the time it takes to watch it:


Editing so that you only see your own bias?:


Flyer for a May Venus transit event in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

Half-Price Sale on Course ManualThe Course in Human Design 2.1

People have often told me that the book is too expensive. In my defense (undefined Heart center), it does represent the only full report of the revelation mechanics. So it's extremely helpful to anyone who practices Human Design.

As a gift for my 60th birthday, on sale now through end of Aries, April 19th, half price! Wow, cheaper than ever! Don't miss the chance. Only $49.50!!


I have been very interested in Neptune in hex 55 as it transits through the gates of the Solar Plexus.

Let's take a moment to recall Ra's comment of the evolutionary result of the nine-centered body graph that indicated that this is the time for humans to become emotionally aware. He said that at the time (in the nineties) that there was no emotional awareness, just the motor's energy. Many sannyasins, including myself, felt that Osho's Buddhafield was definitely a "we are One" emotionally aware experience.

It has brought to mind the early lectures I heard about the New Man that will emerge while the Old Man will die out. The throes of this old man dying seem to give enormous prominence to the machinery of money, politics and power, and though there is a growing movement of feminine consciousness and increasingly better parenting, we also see completely stupid actions like the Trayvon Martin shooting (transit chart).

Let's dissect that for a moment to energetically identify what you know.

George Zimmerman is/was a volunteer neighborhood watch person with a "stand your ground" permit to carry a weapon. Being a neighborhood watchman is by definition about defending.  If we look just at the energetics of defending, it should tune you into the Heart center. That's where you'd want to check to see what is going on in any context.

The Heart center is about protecting and supportive. It's also possessive oftentimes. It relates to the third chakra with its attributes of war, warriors, heroes in our common language, a means to elevate someone who risks everything (one's life) in support of one's country or religion or neighborhood.

Right now, the number one movie is Hunger Games, a story of a dystopian (don't you love this word? Not Utopian) future where children are "reaped" (drafted) to fight to the death for their district and food for their families. Only one of 24 can survive. I read the books with great enjoyment and must say it brings important questions to the foreground, like why is it that this country and others justify sending our young people to kill another youth or at least try to. I don't get it and am constantly nauseated at the incessant stories on the news about our military "heroes."

Did you read Plato's Republic? The warrior is not at the top of the hierarchy. Justice is.


New Class!

New 10 week class, Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness begins in June. See details next time.

I am just in the midst of shifting the training around to group together various topics as having basic, intermediate and advanced topics. What I did originally was to outline the whole study and build on more basic concepts. Now, I include advanced topics as options for one to go more deeply into the subject.

While I have repeated many times that I had no plans to teach this year, as I outline the recorded classes, I will want to get a better recording of the Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness class as the flagship training for all levels of study. Recently I spoke with a very sharp student who was advising me not to give her too much credit; that she's still sorting out various centers. Well, give yourself at least a year for that subject! Yes, it's possible to add some I Ching reading and planetary activations of lines, but the main thing and the one thing that will continue to reveal ever greater insight is to viscerally get how you experience the centers.

In a conversation yesterday with a new student who has been doing his best to understand design by reading Chetan's book and listening to the free Jovian audio, I was motivated to do a better job offering something for people like this fellow. What I think you need to recognize is the underlying concept of No Choice that permeates Rave Human Design. What you learn and see as yourself might be your beauty, good luck or grace, but more likely involves the habitual result of acting in a selfish manner that you can find justification forever more not to grow, not to learn how to become in balance in relationship, but to be certain you are like this (maybe a jerk) but it's you by design.

This is truly the tragedy of the original interpretation, that you're stuck being a jerk or whatever, but it's your No Choice and this permits you never to address the reactive nature of the ego. Look carefully at ego energy. This is central to Eckhart Tolle's theme of the pain body. Unless you really want to elevate the ego and the dysfunctional (egoist) Heart center, then it's time to understand why you want to more deeply recognize conditioning. Each of us gets to take care of the Whole.

I just made an ad for Osho Viha, a magazine devoted to sannyasins (disciples of Osho) that I attach here. I share this because I want to communicate to other travelers on the path that the path of enlightenment is the same no matter who your master is, presuming of course, that we are talking of enlightened masters.

Of the gurus out there, Eckhart Tolle is enlightened as was Osho. Probably Neem Karoli Baba was, but not Ra. Ra elevated the ego as having divine right to take no responsibility. He had his own wish, probably sincere, to make Human Design easy for students with a problem-centric, one size fits all approach that is unfortunately superficial to the extreme.

Beautiful Osho text in my blog.


doTerra Breathe
doTERRA oil sample for April

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