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Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 1
January 27, 2013

Human Design transmission

- Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness
- Charts Resulting in Pathology
- Volume 20!


Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness

It's been while since I felt like typing. Even now, I feel quite fat-fingered but I am improving every day and lots of things are coming back, like swallowing (this choking issue is the main reason I thought I might just get yanked out of the story on earth), digesting, balance, and standing. I shake less (yeah!) and have more overall energy now with the help of this power chair. I still get a lot of help, including someone who cooks fantastic, energy-rich healing foods, and this is why I think I finally start getting better.

Taos Mountains by Chaitanyo

It's exciting to have a renewal during this time, well into 2013 and an unwritten future. It's exciting for me to have a renewed interest in life and teaching those who are seeking to bypass or drop weakening crutches like type or profile.

When I listen to someone in conversation using this kind of language, I think that person doesn't know his or her chart at all! I had a very telling conversation with a woman who reported that she has been studying design for a year and a half. After informing me that she knows I don't use the common labels, she still felt so identified with her type and profile that I finally asked her what it told her about herself, what she'd learned. After I suggested the 6 in her "profile" was Fool on the Hill, she corrected me and explained that her main issue was because she is a Role Model (another label that can be applied to the 6), and that's the reason people get resentful or jealous of her, not her defined Heart center. She got zero meaning from me telling her about getting defensive or reactive with my undefined Heart center. It just meant nothing to her. She couldn't see the tricky nature of the ego and how completely off the hook she is for taking any responsibility whatsoever.

That Role Model profile is a static thing, a label that says "You’re This" and there's no learning or growth or change. If your Human Design education consists of Profile, Type, Authority, Strategy, etc., you are without any foundation to actually start looking at how these charts work the way I want to teach you. This is the reason why I ask you to be a student of Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness as a prerequisite for participating in my live Saturday classes. (If you are a student of one of the precursors to the CCC class, the Course in Human Design versions, you are also welcome.)

I want to teach what I have to teach and it's very hard for me to simultaneously keep an argument going with folks who don't yet know how conditioning works. Those students and teachers who continue to see the "Jovian" interpretation as a cherished reality don't benefit from studying with me.

Zen Human Design asks that you observe yourself, 'fess up to the ego inflation or deflation and come into an authentic view of yourself by understanding what you attract and what's attractive to you as a conditioning. It's not nearly as instant as applying all those profiles, types, authorities labels because it asks you to reflect on yourself, contemplate the conditioning that made you the person you are and recognize dysfunctional habits.

In my Saturday class series, I just finished four weeks about the Channels and am about to start another concerning Charts Resulting in Pathology (see below). I am going to open it to everyone to share with those counselors or therapists who use HD but have yet to take the CCC class. This is an exception to the rule so those of you who are interested in my work can see what I can see just in the body graph. (Realize that I will not use the "Jovian" style at all.)

If you want to have a better understanding, but still lack the Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness education, we want to make it a bit easier for you: use coupon CCCCLASS upon checkout and get the class for $50 less. This offer expires February 15.




Charts Resulting in Pathology

February-March Saturday Webinar

Probably most of us have met one of those unfortunate souls who have been conditioned to think ill of themselves. That's not good! When I look at a chart, I want to see the path of staying awake to the conditioning. But most people don't. This can even be exacerbated by irresponsible Human Design. Sometimes, case studies highlight family dynamics that can lead to pathology.

This should be a very exciting look at charts in action! Join me for a four week immersion into family dynamics and their charts with special guest, psychologist Barbara U. Jones, PhD, and co-host Hal Bahr, for a thoughtful look at how children can be so unconsciously misunderstood by their patents as conditioning forces.

Saturdays, February 16, 23, March 2, 9.
11:00-12:30 MST, 18:00-19:30 GMT
lessons are recorded and can be revisited later

$200, full
$125, medium
$50, low

Sign up here.

As an exception, this class is open to everybody, not just students of Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness or the old Course in Human Design, but please respect my wish that you abstain from using "Jovian" jargon in class. It's good for you and you'll benefit more if you are a CCC student, though! Use coupon CCCCLASS upon checkout and get the CCC class for $50 less. This offer expires February 15.


Volume 20!

This is now the 20th year that we publish a Human Design newsletter. Nothing in the short history of Human Design has ever been as consistent for so long.

Did you know that you can still read all 163 of them here? Not that they're all worth your time, but some of them certainly are very interesting.

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