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Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 2
February 10, 2013

Human Design transmission

- The Year of the Black Water Snake
- Dysfunctional Family Dynamics
- CCC Special: Only 5 days left!


The Year of the Black Water Snake

I like the Chinese animal zodiac with its twelve year cycle. The Chinese New Year falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice, usually around mid-Aquarius, after the sun has already turned the corner on winter and the days get appreciably longer. This year that's today, February 10.

This is the Black Water Snake Year. I googled and cobbled together the following:

In the Western world, the snake has a reputation for being treacherous and dangerous. Nobody calls someone they like a snake. But in the Chinese Zodiac, snakes are regarded on a more positive note and represent something fortunate. Snakes are intriguing and capable of having a mesmerizing effect on others. They are attractive and well-groomed. They tend to have high standards and are not easily satisfied. They can be ambitious and persistent in pursuing what they want. Snakes can shed their skins (helpful for growth!) They get along best with the Ox, the Rooster and the Dragon. The polar opposite of the snake is the Pig.

In the year of the snake success is likely and windfall luck is possible. Take the chance to set up or develop your business further. Prospects are looking up in your career. Your hard work and talent will get noticed. A pay increase or a promotion could occur. Generally, things will work out well for you. Relationships with colleagues and family members become closer, and you will find that you get along with others.

(Texts adapted from Dinna Chan Vasquez and Joy Lim, photo of black water snake by Akos Lumnitzer, photo of decoration at the Anaconda Bar in Taos by Chaitanyo.)

Dysfunctional Family Dynamics

In my sessions with Shanti (Barbara U. Jones, Ph.D.), I have been struck at how parents and the children of her clients are not always good for each other. This was my inspiration for calling the upcoming February/March Saturday class "Charts Resulting in Pathology." One thing I want to present is a classical psychological case study format that begins with presenting symptoms so that we can all get a picture as to how the chart is playing out. Each of us is the expert even though we might not see from where our own dysfunctional habits come.

The study of families is one of the most beneficial applications of Human Design. This four week workshop is appropriate for coaches or therapists as well as parents who want to understand their own conditioning influence. We will examine the family dynamics to evaluate "conditioning in action" to help us see how we might aid the family or learn when help is not in the cards.

Although this is a fairly advanced class, as an exception, it is open to everybody, not just students of Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness or the old Course in Human Design.

Once again, I leave it up to you to pay what you can afford and are comfortable with.

Charts Resulting in Pathology

Saturdays, February 16, 23, March 2, 9.
11:00-12:30 MST, 18:00-19:30 GMT
lessons are recorded and can be revisited later

$200, full
$125, medium
$50, low

Sign up here.


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