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Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 3
March 9, 2013

Human Design transmission

- Living Your Design
- Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness Live!
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Living Your Design

During the 1990s, basic Human Design education was simply called the Basic Training and took two days. (In the beginning Ra insisted that Human Design could be learned in just eight short days, so the Basic Training was followed by a six-day Advanced Training.) Since we own the teaching materials we developed for the Human Design School, he needed to come up with different materials and a different name after our collaboration ended in 2000. The result apparently was "Living Your Design."

It is very telling that this name was chosen. It exposes a fundamental misunderstanding that ever since permeates “official” “Jovian” “Rave” “genuine” Human Design and its followers and makes it obvious why Zen Human Design sets itself so clearly and distinctly apart.

Here lies the core of the misunderstanding: Of course you are living your design, always have been and always will be. You cannot help but live your design. You have no choice. Whatever plays out for you is exactly the way it's supposed to be, as you're designed to experience life. Why else would it happen the way it does? You may not like it, you may not understand it, but you are born with your design and nothing but death will possibly prevent you from living it.

A Human Design education that is based on the idea that you first have to learn to live your design will inevitably mislead you. The “official” Human Design School, whatever it’s called these days, leads people astray by telling them that they have to become something they aren’t yet, that they need to learn to "live their design." It’s just like the old game of religion, convincing you first that you are fundamentally flawed and then selling you the remedies needed for your redemption. There’s wealth and power in that game! And many are willing to become believers because for many life is more burden than joy and the assumption that one hasn’t learned to live yet seems not so far-fetched.

Since more than a decade now, Zeno and I have encountered so many unhappy people who struggle to conform to the labels the “Jovian” doctrine attaches to them and who bend over backwards to follow the supposed strategies to overcome the supposed shortcomings of their designs. How gut-wrenchingly horrible!

"Jovian" Human Design
The Nightmare, a 1781 painting by Swiss artist Johann Heinrich Füssli.

This kind of “Human Design” is so, so far away from the original “the analyst doesn’t tell the client what to do” approach with which we first started out with Ra. What he and his cohorts concocted in the past dozen years has simply no longer much to do with the real Human Design System. The great potential for self-knowledge and liberation has degraded into its opposite, self-delusion and enslavement. We’ve been full-time witnesses for the past twenty years. We can see. Human Design is a great, wonderful tool, but not what has become of it in these incompetent hands. With our uniquely privileged perspective, we're working to correct the errors and return Human Design to its brilliantly simple and useful original state.

Zen allows you to relax in the knowledge that you have always been and will always be the person you are born to be. There’s no distance between you and the truth. There’s nowhere to go. There’s no need to become. The only need is to be aware, an ability to witness your own life. Therefore, Zen Human Design doesn’t offer you strategies to become a more successful person, just a tool to better reflect and see yourself and your environment, a tool to be a more aware person.

Zen Human Design

Take a deep breath and observe the truth of what happens in your life, in real time, from moment to moment, without interference or judgment. With awareness, your life, your experience, your reflection in those you meet, are your infallible teachers. And yes, your Zen Human Design chart, correctly understood, will be an enormously helpful mirror. You will not be able to change the gifts and limits of your design, but your growth in awareness is what truly matters and will make a difference in life.

Zeno's Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness class is the foundation of a sane and useful, orginal Human Design. Join her for what may be her very last live iteration of it! Coming right up. See below.



Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness Live!

CCC class liveMarch–May Saturday Webinar

Starting March 23, for ten consecutive spring weeks, Zeno will dedicate her Saturday classes once again to Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness. She thought that last year's edition would be the last live version of it, but, as she says, she wants to reach as many people as possible with the basics one more time.

This is Zen Human Design's flagship class, the foundation of your understanding of the Human Design System.

So this is your opportunity to get a solid foundation in Human Design. A Human Design that makes sense and is useful. Particularly recommended for beginners to start their journey on the right foot, but also for students of previous classes and even old-timers, as Zeno uncovers new layers with each iteration. Excellent also for "Jovian" refugees to start their deconditioning process.

You can read more about this class here.

Saturdays, March 23–May 25, 2013
11:00–12:30 MDT . 17:00–18:30 GMT

Live webinar, 10 weekly 90-minute lessons
• corresponds with chapter 2 (pages 20-31) of Human Design Revealed
• Start late or miss live lessons. Lessons are recorded and can be revisited later
Plus you also get access to:
the 2012 CCC class (approx. 15 hours)
• the CCC e-book

$390, full
$280, medium
$170, low
At checkout you may choose between full, medium or low price. (?)
If you really want to take this class and, despite an effort, can’t even afford the low price, please say so.

Unbeatable value! Will never come back.
Medium and low prices available only until March 22.

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Here's what Zeno says about her pricing: "Because I have been cash-strapped much of my life, I want to honor anyone's desire to study Human Design with me affordably, so I offer three prices for my live classses and you can decide what you can afford. Please understand that I am always glad to have your support if you can pay full, but less is also support and fantastic."

Praise For Zeno's Work

These all came in just the recent weeks.

"I love how your explanations are simple and seem almost common sense. The system you describe is very workable and is a path someone can walk."

" appreciation for another great class."

"I also wanted to report for whatever it's worth, that we just finished a wonderful visit with my daughter-in-law. Your work with me on her HD was so helpful to begin to imagine her world from her point of view and what I might be able to bring to it in a positive way. I have found myself feeling more and more for her and totally enjoyed her this trip. She told my husband that this was the 'best time ever.' I can't tell you how good I feel about that. Thank you."

"You have a very big heart, and are extremely gifted in understanding and explaining these concepts."

"I was hitting a wall with Jovian HD and not feeling great about sinking more money (that I don't readily have) into searching more...and possibly not finding the end of Ra's rabbit hole (may he rest). After reading your site and watching your videos I can see that your strength to keep plugging away at a simplicity that you finally found is what I have been looking for. I appreciate your effort."

"Your a powerfully sweet soul...I know doing the videos is not easy for you...but once you get in the message you rock it authentically and that comes thru loud and clear."

"Really appreciate the opportunity to put what I remember about my family members into the understanding you provide through Human Design, making it all so much more accessible and even to the point of creating a resolution of healing. I feel you are teaching a sort of mind set which is very important in wielding HD as a tool."

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