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Human Design Transmission
Volume 20, number 7
June 1, 2013

Human Design transmission

- Manifestors and Such
- Success With Zeno
- Gates in Centers


Manifestors and Such

It wasn’t so easy to see in real time when the Human Design System began its descent into Jovianism, but in hindsight, if I had to point out a relatively clear demarcation, it would be sixteen years ago, on the weekend of May 17–18, 1997. We had scheduled a class with Ra, called the Rave Reading Seminar. After four years of classes in the fall, this was the first in the spring and the second to be something else than the customary annual 8-day Basic and Advanced Trainings combo. We were excited and anticipated revelatory insights into how to read a chart with more competence, accuracy and impact, qualities that were still elusive after all that time.

There were few Human Designers in America then and fewer still remember that pivotal weekend. Most of today’s Jovian clergy arrived at Human Design well after this event and of the 82 people who qualified for the class by having requisite education, only a handful made it into the Taos, New Mexico, classroom to witness the introduction of the “Four Types,” plus the groundwork for what then took another year to turn into the “Profiles.”

At this point please note that these two terms - “Profile” and “Type” – are of such fundamental importance in Jovianism that they are even referred to in their standard introduction to each other, as in “Hi, I’m a Five-One Manifestor!” Then further note that there was a Human Design System for years before May 1997 that knew nothing of “Profile” and “Type.” What happened was that Ra went from offering his report of the 1987 revelation for public evaluation to asserting that now his interpretations of it where the whole and only truth and started to create the elaborate catechism to which his followers adhere to this day.

Human Design tapes published in 1997If Ra was a master of anything, it was the creation of catchy labels. Not necessarily accurate or sensible labels, but catchy. Like the flu. With the “Four Types” he introduced the labels Manifestor, Generator, Projector and Reflector and although they really are gross simplifications and kind of arbitrary and judgmental, boy, did they ever catch on! Even Zeno and I accepted these crutches and only in 2010 were the terms finally removed from Zen Human Design charts and from the Course in Human Design (which thus turned into Human Design Revealed).

Here’s the thing with a label: it is not the thing it labels. In fact, it often actually hides the thing it labels. Take the example of the “Manifestor.” Although it’s a term you have to tell Word to add to its dictionary, it invokes gravity, competence, authority, creativity, success, leadership, surefooted execution of complicated tasks, and so on, sort of a pinnacle of evolution, as opposed to those other types who are supposed to grunt or cower or shadow the moon. The "Manifestor" is the type who is active and initiating and whose strategy magnanimously informs before acting and recognizes whom he or she impacts. (These are straight from the Jovian catechism.)

If you strip away the label and its attendant keynotes, you are required to know how the previously hidden underlying mechanics actually work and then you’ll discover that everything may not necessarily be as sunny in Manifestor land as the label implies. For example, two of the four channels that connect a motor directly to the Throat (and thus make a “Manifestor”) are not associated with awareness, but power, ego and sexuality, and the other two are connections between the Solar Plexus and the Throat where more often than not the resulting action is guided by emotional energy rather than awareness. This means lots of “Manifestors” are capable of manifesting without involving awareness in their doing. They are also forever ignorant of how a Design to wait might actually experience the world, while vice-versa that’s not the case. The label also does not do justice in cases of split definitions, where one part is a Design to do and the other a Design to wait. The label assumes superiority of doing and simply ignores the waiting aspect.

I don’t mean to put “Manifestors” down; it’s just the label that I object to because it hides a whole lot of real life’s possibilities and just doesn’t do justice to a live person. It reduces complex and unique human beings to a shape molded by the opinions of one dead man. And that’s true of all these catchy labels Ra had so much fun to pull out of his hashish-pickled mind.

Cookie cutters: Manifestor, Generator, Projector, Reflector

With Zen Human Design we describe what we see in a body graph like May 1997 never happened. We would say, for example, that someone has a split definition, Solar Plexus to Throat and Head to Ajna. Yes, that’s a few more than just one word and it presupposes that we know the elements of the body graph, but by saying this, we not only know that this person has a design to do (is a “Manifestor”), but also that that energy to do comes from the emotional Solar Plexus motor and is unlikely to act with awareness; that the awareness this person can rely on is frustratingly split off from the doing aspect and has often trouble to make itself heard. And then we also know a whole lot about this person’s conditioning, the vulnerabilities, the pressures to protect and defend, the potentials for dysfunction, the stumble blocks, the challenges, and on and on and on. And we learned all this by just hearing a few words and haven’t even seen a body graph yet, least a whole chart. Really, “Hi, I’m a Five-One Manifestor!” is just not on par and certainly no substitute.

What we do at Zen Human Design is real Human Design, not some sort of parlor game. The way we look at a chart is useful and applicable. It truly helps people because it’s informed by real life, theirs, and not cookie cutters.

If you are new to Human Design, it is recommended that you start on the right foot and complete steps 1 and 2 of the Zen Human Design education. If you thought you knew Human Design but realize that the Jovian angle might be skewed, it is recommended that you change to the right foot and complete steps 1 and 2 of the Zen Human Design education.

By the time you’ve successfully completed step 2, you’re really quite advanced, know your own design and are basically capable of confidently reading a body graph and saying competent things about it without having to play the labels game. It's just a matter of practice now. With step 3 you’ll then add the sophistication of the hexagrams of the I Ching, the theme of a live webinar with Zeno coming up in just a week (see Gates in Centers below). With the hexagrams it’s the same as with the centers (step 2): once you know the relatively simple mechanics, you’ll be able to read what happens on your own without having to resort to picking and assembling prefabricated labels or quoting a “Rave” I Ching from the same mind that brought you the "Types."



Success With Zeno

The last live Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness class with Zeno and co-host Hal is over by now and we're preparing for the next round, the Gates in Centers live webinar starting Saturday, June 8 (see below). This is part of our ongoing efforts to complete the Zen Human Design education program with Zeno while she's able to teach.

Class with Zeno is not necessarily easy. She has a unique style, her illness sometimes makes her fumble or unable to speak, and she asks you to work, to explore what she says in your own life experience, rather than take her word for it. Students who just come along for the ride and invest themselves are richly rewarded by finally knowing Human Design! Check out these following excerpts from actual student mail arriving in the past two weeks:

"I love your classes.  I love the way i have been able to understand my charts through your explanation of the other students. You are a very clever teacher and i am honored to be in your class and learning from you."

"Very much enjoying this material - it is really creating many 'A-ha!' moments."

"Much love, thank you again so very much for the teaching. You've completely changed the way I look at the synthesis. I don't have the words to express my gratitude, but hopefully just saying this will get part of the way :-) Thank you!!!!!"

"All the information I got through the Jovian approach fell short. It was like Ra handed me a box of Christmas tree ornaments, all flashy and captivating... for a time, until I realized I had no Christmas tree to hang them on. Now, thanks to you I am seeing the tree take shape, and it has room for many different kinds of ornaments. ... I can't thank you enough."

"Lots of love to you and thank you for these wonderful classes!!!"

"Loved the class. 'Coins dropping,' will take some time to re-integrate. LOVE the simplicity. Truth is simple, things can hide in complexity!"

"HD is beginning to finally make sense thanks to Zen HD. Originally I could feel the truth in HD, but Ra's Jovian agenda was just painting me into a corner. Alternatively the ZHD approach builds a sound foundation upon which anyone's interpretations can be laid out for examination, rather than being just stuck with trying to make sense of a bunch of one kind of interpretations. Now I am beginning to actually feel the mechanics of HD. With the Jovian way I was required to trust one set of interpretations, and to do it via memorization! All the while that guy would keep squawking, "I'm awake!" HAH! Not a chance. No, I'm sticking with Zeno & Company :)"

"I want to say how grateful I am for this class. I have loved the way HD has been revealing itself to me through your guidance."

"I have really enjoyed this class, Zeno, and look forward to the next one."

"I am finding that something you present may sound so simple and common sense; then as I think about it in all its potential ramifications I realize how insightful and 'brilliant' it is and want to think about it some more."

"This has been a wonderful class, Zeno, thank you!"

"Couldn't stay for the whole class today as I had a client booked. So just finished listening to today's recording and wish to add congratulations. The insights are invaluable and I feel so grateful to be able to hear them. Over the past few weeks my conscious comprehension of why I felt moved to Zeno's class is getting more clear."


Gates in Centers

Gates in Centers -Zen Human Design Live WebinarCenters exchange information and energy through the channels connecting them. The gates in the centers on either side of a channel are the valves controlling this exchange. Each gate is associated with a hexagram of the I Ching, which means that each channel has the particular flavor of the combination and interaction of two specific hexagrams, which in turn nuances the centers.

Understanding the hexagrams may look like a daunting task, but in fact is much easier when you grasp the relatively simple underlying mechanics of the trigrams (there are only eight of them). This class will make the I Ching approachable so that you can integrate it authentically with your Human Design knowledge. The logical next step after the Centers, Conditioning & Consciousness class to add another dimension to your understanding of the centers. With Zeno, supported by Hal Bahr.

advanced Coming up live!

Saturdays, June 8–July 27, 2013
11:00–12:30 MDT – 17:00–18:30 GMT
Live webinar, 8 weekly 90-minute to 2-hour lessons
• corresponds with chapter 3 (pages 32–38) of Human Design Revealed

• with reference cards
#07 and #08
Plus you also get access to the:
• Course 2.1 edition of this class (1-hour-45-minutes overview of the material)
• Lessons are recorded and can be revisited anytime

$320, regular
$240, low
$160, lowest
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